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The Best Summer Decor That Will Make Your Home Lovely

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This year, My Wee Abode is being spruced-up for the summer season.  So I thought you might enjoy a little green and yellow summer decor guide to help you add some summer freshness to your home!

green yellow summer decor guide living area with green and yellow decor

Hope you all have had a lovely week!  And, may I just add a personal note here?

Thank you…

You are so wonderful, and I appreciate you joining me on this blogging adventure!

This blog is here to help YOU, and without YOU well, it just wouldn’t be near as fun.

So, thank you!

Now, let’s get down to the helping part today!

The Best Summer Decor That Will Make Your Home Lovely

My Wee Abode is getting touches of green and yellow decor (and maybe just a weeee bit of aqua) for the summer season, along with the regular neutral foundation colors I love.

In the past, green and yellow (together) have often gotten a ‘bad rap’. But I think, if you use the right elements, green and yellow, along with some neutrals, can really add some bright, fresh, “airy” accents to a room.

Just a hint… add more greens than yellows.  Adding green decor (think green glass and natural textures like plants and florals) to a neutral color pallette really enriches a room.  Adding just a few touches of yellow (again, flowers or some pillows) brings a feeling of freshness to a living area.

Green Yellow Summer Decor Guide

Sometimes it can be difficult to search and find a place to purchase curated items in the colors you want for a room.  It’s not always fun wading through the sea of green and yellow decor that may come up on Google or Amazon.

So, I thought it might be helpful to share some green and yellow summer decor in the form of a curated buying guide. These are items that *I* think are the best, and I would purchase… all of them.  If only I had enough room in my wee place!

However, YOUUUU may have enough room! 😉 So let’s see what we have in this green and yellow summer decor guide!

Adding green and yellow to my summer ‘faux’ mantle was a breeze!

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Green Yellow Summer Decor Guide – Rugs

Adding a little (or larger) area rug that has a bit of color is a great way to bring in a bit of summer to your home.  You may want to keep it cool with a cotton rug, or add a bit of cozy with something a bit more ‘luxurious’.

Remember, don’t be afraid to layer rugs.  As you know, the living room in MWA has a large rug that covers the not-so-pretty gold carpet.  The rug is neutral, but to add some color, a smaller green or yellow rug will be added very soon.  More to come on that!

Also, you can go bright or light, simple or sassy! Add your own style!

Just click on the items to get more info!

Green Rugs



Yellow Rugs



Green Yellow Summer Decor Guide – Throw Blankets

Adding summer color in green and yellow is pretty simple with a throw blanket.  Yes, the evenings can get cooler in the summer, so having a lightweight throw blanket can come in handy!

Green Throw Blankets



Yellow Throw Blankets



Green Yellow Summer Decor Guide – Decor Items

We’re talking those little extras… some call them ‘tchotchkes’.  Yep, tchotchkes.

For those that aren’t sure what that word means, “a small object that is decorative rather than strictly functional”.  Well, people… sometimes, you gotta just have some pretty decor items that are there to just makes things… pretty!  But, we’ve got some function, too!

And this is where a little aqua and coastal flair just may make its way in.  You can actually add touches of aqua with green and yellow if you use a light-hand (don’t go overboard, people).




Green Yellow Summer Decor Guide – Pillows, pillows, PILLOWS!

Last, but most definitely not least, pillows add the best bang for your buck.  Pillow COVERS add even more affordable color to your home because you only have to store the covers, not the pillows.  Use the same pillow inserts over-and-over, and simply change the pillow covers to whatever suits YOU!

Want to learn more about pillows? Check out these pillow tipsthese fall pillow colors… and more pillows for summer!

Green Pillows



Yellow Pillows



You can add FREE SUMMER PRINTABLES to your home, too!

Now It’s Your Turn

Now, I hope this green-yellow summer decor guide is helpful to you. It’s definitely some of the best summer decor that will make your home lovely!  What pieces would you add to your home?  Will you be shopping to add some summer freshness to your living area? Let me know in the comments!





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  1. Hi Julie funny you brought up yellow. I just added lemons to the kitchen along with Lavender. Always Lavender in our home, my favorite.

    Hope you had a great 4th


    1. Thanks so much, Lori… I’ve not always liked green and yellow together (reminds me of an old commercial! LOL!), but I think adding touches of it definitely adds freshness to a home. 😉

    1. Thanks for visiting, Barbara! I need to go get a few pieces for myself (I really need a layering rug!)

  2. Green and yellow are such fresh and sunny colors for summer! They are the colors I use for the decor on my deck each summer so they always herald the gorgeous warm weather for me!

    1. I agree, Janet! Never thought I would use yellow and green together, but it just depends on HOW you use them!

  3. So many pretty things you’ve selected Julie! I love the fresh colors of yellow and green! Thanks for shairing and for having the TTA link party – I joined with only five hours remaining 🙂

    1. Yes… love those items, as well. But, give me all the aquas! LOL! 😉 Missed you this past weekend, girl!

    1. Thanks, sweet Bev… just saw this as I was gone to Haven (“what happens in Haven, stays in Haven”~ Penn Holderness) I’ll include what that means in my upcoming post! LOL!

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