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10-Minute Fall Decorating with Coordinated Pillows

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Want to add some pops of fall color to your home in a snap? Today, we’re going to do some 10-minute fall decorating with coordinated pillows.

10-minute fall decorating with coordinated pillow sets in yellow and aqua


Pillows are the easiest way to add a punch of color to your home.

You might even say they are one of the most affordable ways to decorate your space.

And, pillows are easy to store… really they are!  I promise!

Also, I don’t know of a quicker way to decorate your home than to throw a few pillows on your sofa or chair. Or dare I say, both?!

Let’s take a look at adding some quick pops of color to your home with pillow sets.  Along the way, you’ll learn some quick tips on how to choose, store, and care for these wonderful, fluffy, and comfortable decor items.

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Fall Decorating with Coordinated Pillows

Rust and Navy Fall Pillows

Rust, navy, and cream are a classic color combination that is perfect and gorgeous for this cozy time of year. Welcome the fall season with these warm tones that fit into any style home!

coordinated pillow sets in blue and rust

Geometric Embroidered Pillow Set || Cotton Linen Tree Leaf Cover || Navy Velvet Tassel Pillow Cover Set

Pillow Tip: Purchase pillow inserts that are made from down or a down alternative, like trillium.  IKEA has inserts for just $6.00 and they are wonderful!

Orange, Black, and White Pillows for the Fall

These colors definitely say autumn (and maybe even a bit of Halloween?).  Using black, orange, and white really packs a punch… and would be a perfect addition to a mid-century modern or even a modern farmhouse style home.10-minute fall decorating with coordinated pillow sets in orange and black

Black Velvet Pillow Cover Set || Faux Leather Plaid Cover Set || Orange Velvet Lumbar Pillow Cover Set

Pillow Tip: When purchasing pillow covers, always be sure the covers are two inches smaller than the inserts.  This creates the fluffy, full pillows you see in all those wonderful shots on Instagram and Pinterest!

Fall Pillows in Yellow, Aqua, and Grey

This year, the fall season seems to be hollering ‘yellow’ to this gal. How ’bout you?  Adding yellow and aqua has been my ‘go-to’ colors.  You can see exactly how My Wee Abode is showing-off these colors in my Fall Home Tour

(Did y’all notice I’m really loving velvet this fall, as well?)

coordinated pillow sets in yellow and gray

Yellow Velvet Pillow Cover Set || Grey Corduroy Corn Stripe Lumbar Set || Fall Floral Pillow Cover Set

Pillow Tip: Be sure when purchasing covers that you pay attention to these details: size of the pillow cover(s), is the detail/accents on one side or both, type of fabric used to make the cover, and how many covers are included in the price.

Blues and Greys for Autumn Pillow Sets

These colors are a bit more on the pale side, but don’t you just love the big florals and leaves on the printed pillow? And the texture on the solid blue one with the cozy sweater grey pillow cover will add just the right amount of comfort to a room.

10-minute fall decorating with coordinated pillow sets in blue and gray

Blue Sunflower Cover Set ||  Grey Knit Sweater Lumbar Cover Set || Moonlight Blue Texured Pillow Set

Pillow tip: Buying covers separate from the pillow inserts means you only have to store the pillow covers! You can fold the covers and put them in a drawer and use the same pillows over and over again.  Simply change out the pillow covers for the season… or any time you want!

Green and Yellow Fall Pillows

What did I tell ya?  Yellow is just feeling so autumnal to me.  This yellow and green set with touches of aqua and rust are more pastel, but still give a cozy seasonal touch to any sitting area.

10-minute fall decorating with coordinated pillow sets in green and yellow

Jacquard Striped Pillow Cover Set || Faux Linen Yellow Cover Set || Jacquard Leaf Lumbar Cover Set

Pillow Tip: Poly-fill DOES have its place when it comes to pretty pillows.  When the corners of your pillow cover just refuse to be filled by the insert, take a handful of poly-fill and stuff it into the corners.  You’ll have perfectly full pillow corners every time!

You can find even MORE fall pillow inspiration by clicking HERE.

Now It’s Your Turn

So, there you have it! 10-minute fall decorating with coordinated pillows!  If you like these sets, it will take you all of 5 minutes to purchase and 5 minutes to place them on your sofa/chair when they arrive at your door!  Easy, affordable, and pretty fall decor in just 10 minutes!

My hope is that you have at least been inspired to add some quick color to your home!  Let me know if pillows are a part of your home decor… or if they WILL be now! 😉

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  1. I am loving the yellow, aqua and grey. Pillows can make a big difference in any room. I never thought about it only takes about 10 minutes to change up a look. And thanks for the pillow tips. Very useful and some I didn’t know about.

    1. Yes, I can understand wanting to feel the fabric. I usually look at the fabric content, then the close-up and then the reviews. 😉 It’s worked pretty well! Thanks for the sweet words, Loren.

  2. I’m such a pillow addict. Nothing beats the way they can instantly change the mood and style of a room. Thanks so much for all these great choice Julie. My heart missed a little beat when I saw those bold black and orange one 😉

    1. Yeah, Michelle, those orange and black pillows are not my norm, but I thought they were kind of amazing… would look amazing in a mid-century modern home!

  3. You did a fabulous job styling the pillows. I will definitely shop there when looking for pillows for my sofa.pinned

    1. Same here, Janet… when I saw it, I was like, “Ohhhhh, I’m using that one!” Not my norm, but very ‘cool’!

  4. Great pillow set ideas! They are the easiest change you can make for a big design impact!
    Happy fall,
    Ps. please share this post on my site at You’re The Star blog hop.

  5. Love your pillow ideas, Julie! It’s crazy how a pillow can change the look of a room so easily. I am definitely getting those Ikea pillow forms! Thanks! Pinned!

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