DIY Coffee Station Ideas for Small Spaces

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Coffee stations are all the rage these days, and it’s easy to understand why! Today, I’m sharing some fun and perfect diy coffee station ideas for small spaces!diy coffee station ideas for small spaces coffee station with coffee maker mug stainless steel canisters pumpkins cake plate with coffee accessories

So, if you love coffee and/or tea, raise your hand!

Okay, if you’re reading this in line at the grocery store, don’t raise your hand, ‘cuz that would just be kind of embarrassing.

But, I don’t know too many people that don’t love a nice cup of (insert your warm beverage of choice) while scrolling through Pinterest or reading your favorite-ist blog (insert My Wee Abode here). 😉

And, having that hot cup of whatever is even better when it’s easy to make!  Enter the ‘coffee station’!


The Desire and the Dilemma

Coffee stations have become a much wanted (and often needed) space in many homes.

I didn’t think it possible to accommodate my desire for a coffee bar in My Wee Abode because, let’s face it, there are more important uses for “surface real estate” in a tiny house than creating a place to make a cup of coffee.  (Well, I kept TELLING myself that anyways!)

Learn more about the pros and cons of living in a small home HERE.

And, if you’re trying to talk yourself out of a cup of coffee here-and-there because of the caffeine, you might first want to take a look at the benefits of caffeine.

Unexpected Solution for a Small Coffee Station

Do you have a tiny counter space that makes you think, “What in the heck am I gonna use THAT area for?”

Well, I do… and it’s right between my fridge and a wall!   Nope… can’t do nothin’ with that!

Exceeeept, maybe make a mini coffee station!  And here’s the not so pretty area I started with…diy coffee station ideas for small spaces granite look countertop with white wall

Yep… pretty sad.

DIY Coffee Station Ideas for Small Spaces

Figuring out what is needed/wanted in a coffee station is fun, but a bit tricky, especially for a small space.

Let’s look at some products that are perfect for a mini coffee station, then we’ll look at the set-up. (Warning… this post is longer than normal, but I think you will find it well worth the read!  I hope you enjoy it! It was super fun to put together!)

This post may contain affiliate links, at no additional cost to you.

For more information, see my complete disclosure HERE.

Coffee Makers, a must!

In small space coffee bars, a coffee maker that takes up minimal surface area is a must.  It must also make a good cup of coffee, and be relatively quick about it!  Here are a few suggestions, including the one that I love!

The Black & Decker Single Cup Coffee Maker is the updated digital version of my coffee maker.  This coffee maker doesn’t use pods or k-cups, but enables you to use loose coffee with a built-in mesh filter.  Saves money and is eco-friendly! The slim silhouette and taller cup capacity was something that I found extremely helpful! (Update: Here is my original version, now available!)

The CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer has really great reviews, has a footprint about about 4.5” x 7.5”, comes in several colors, and uses pods or k-cups.  The only down side it MIGHT have… some reviews says it takes  about 3 minutes to brew a cup.

The popular Kuerig brand has its K-Mini Plus.  It’s super tiny, and brews an 8-12 ounce cup in about a minute.   In many of the reviews, the complaint is that the coffee is warm, not hot (I have found this to be true for another small Kuerig model I purchased for my mom, but she liked the “cooler” temp.)

And finally, my coffee maker!  Though this is becoming an obsolete model, I’ve had this Black & Decker Single Serve Coffee Maker for 2.5 years now, and I still love it!  The small footprint (I just measured mine, because the Amazon description, and even the reviews, note the wrong measurement) of 6” x 6” makes it a great space-saver!  I use #2 filters, instead of the mesh filter, as this gives me a smoother coffee taste.  And it brews in one minute!

Cute Coffee Containers…of course!

If you use ground coffee, like I do, some pretty canisters to store your coffee in (one for leaded, one for unleaded) are a perfect solution.  And if they are stackable, that’s even better!

This Stainless Steel Canister is very similar to what I purchased.  I love the clean look and polished finish!  (I’ll show you a cute ‘personal’ twist later in the post!)

This Clear Acrylic Canister has a very similar look to the stainless steel… except it’s clear, enabling you to see the pretty coffee grounds in the canister, which can actually add some natural ‘texture’ to your coffee station!

But, it you want to have the convenience of using K-cups and pods, this Under Cabinet K-Cup Holder is a GREAT diy coffee station idea for a small space! (Remember to measure your area to make sure this will fit!)

Thinking vertically is also very helpful for small spaces (and not just for coffee stations).  Like this K-cup Carousel that holds 35 pods!

Another ‘vertical’ option to hold K-cups is this Three Tiered Storage Drawer.  An extra perk (see what I did there) to this container?  Keep on stacking… placing your coffee maker on top may be an option, and will save even more counter space!

Coffee Mugs, and more!

There are LOTS of options for storing coffee mugs in a small space!  Take your time to figure out which option is best for you, and consider the following:

  • Make sure your mugs won’t ‘crowd you out’ of the small space (my mugs would look so pretty under my ‘coffee cubby’ window sign, but I would be knocking into them all the time with my hands/arms while making my coffee)
  • If using cabinet type hooks, whether under the cabinet (measure under the cabinet to make sure the hardware fits and your mugs will fit comfortably, too!) or over your cabinet (does your cabinet have an ‘edge’ that prevents you from sliding anything over it?), make sure the hardware will work with your cabinetry.
  • Be sure to not ‘overcrowd’ your coffee station. Using too many organizational tools can end up looking disorganized! (Ask me how I know this… I’ll show you below.)
  • When in doubt, use the obvious.  You usually can store your mugs in a cupboard above or below your coffee station.

With that said, these beautiful Insulated Stackable Mugs may be a great option!  Don’t you think coffee or tea just seems to taste better when you drink it from a glass mug?

This Under Shelf Cup Hook slides onto a shelf and into your cupboard (see point number two above).  This is pretty slick, if you ask me!

 This Under Cabinet Hook screws directly under the cabinet.

This Wrought Iron Kitchen Rail is my favorite solution!  You can find this in stainless steel, too! (This is the option I wish I could use.)

Extra Special Coffee Accessories

One of the biggest issues I had with my coffee station was the lack of light!  I won’t bore you with all the details of how dark my space was, but here is a photo of it in the middle of the afternoon…diy coffee station ideas for small spaces

The most amazing and affordable solution was the OxyLED Motion Sensor Closet Lights, Wardrobe Light USB Rechargeable Under Cabinet Lightening.  Perfect amount of light, motion sensored, and super easy to install! (I know this isn’t a coffee accessory, per se, but it was a necessity for my wee coffee cubby!)

This is the after shot… (BTW, these pics were obviously taken several months ago, as my counters have been updated (with ‘contact paper’ not less) and so have my photography skills! Praise God!!! LOL!)

And, obviously, this was what I meant about ‘too many organizational tools’!diy coffee station ideas for small spaces cluttered coffee station with under cabinet light

Don’t you love a nice coffee scoop?  I don’t know about you, but I like ones that feel ‘sturdy’ in my hand (I know, I’m weird).  This Coffee Scoop Set comes with two different measurement spoons, so you can measure out the exact amount of coffee for the different ‘tastes’ in your home!

Sometimes a tiered tray or cake plate is a great option for extra vertical storage, but they can often be too big or too expensive!  So, why not make your own Pedestal Tray?diy coffee station ideas for small spaces white cake plate with linens and aqua bowl with sugar and bread boards in background

I use mine to hold my filters, tea bags, and my Bialetti Moka Express espresso maker.


And, this is my mini-coffee station, all dressed up and ready to party!diy coffee station ideas for small spaces coffee station with coffee maker mug stainless steel canisters pumpkins cake plate with coffee accessories

Much more simple, clean, bright and airy! And, I’m starting to add a bit of fall decor to the kitchen, too.diy coffee station ideas for small spaces coffee station with coffee maker mug stainless steel canisters pumpkins cake plate with coffee accessories

And one of my fave signs, that shares biblical truth as I make my coffee!diy coffee station ideas for small spaces black and white sign

Here’s the personal twist I talked about earlier.  Shout out to my BFF daughter, Nika!  Nika has a gift for lettering, and I’m glad she shares it with me.  My chalkboard labels look perfect on these coffee canisters!diy coffee station ideas for small spaces coffee station with coffee maker mug stainless steel canisters pumpkins cake plate with coffee accessories

This coffee mug was a gift from a sweet friend… I love the way it feels in my hands, the color, the graphic and how it preaches more Truth to me!diy coffee station ideas for small spaces coffee station with coffee maker mug stainless steel canisters pumpkins cake plate with coffee accessories

My coffee cubby sign finally has ‘company’… no more tiny, empty space!

BTW, you can learn how to Make Your Own Window Sign HERE!diy coffee station ideas for small spaces black and white sign

One last pumpkin shot, ‘cuz I love me some punkins!diy coffee station ideas for small spaces coffee station with coffee maker mug stainless steel canisters pumpkins cake plate with coffee accessories

And one final full view!diy coffee station ideas for small spaces coffee station with coffee maker mug stainless steel canisters pumpkins cake plate with coffee accessories

So… pretty long post, but hopefully you have some helpful DIY coffee station ideas for small spaces that you can use!  Does this make you rethink your space?  Do you think a coffee bar is in your future?  Let me know what you think in the comments below!

hugs and three hearts with signature Julie

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  1. This is the cutest coffee bar! Excellent idea and used a space in your kitchen that was just made for this coffee bar.
    Love,the added pumpkins. I also love pumpkins. Will use mine until after Thanksgiving. Be blessed as you write a great blog for us to read and cute ideas.

  2. How cute. I need to check into battery operated under the cabinet LED lights that stick on.
    If you have absolutely no space and have gotten lazy in your old age like me, I love coffee that comes in tea bags.Two companies make them and it’s under $5 for 19 bags. Also perfect for office use.

    1. Hi, Nyrna! So glad you shared your idea of the coffee bags! I saw those in my research, but didn’t include them. It’s a great option, especially in coffee makers like mine! So economical, too! Welcome to the My Wee Abode ‘family’! 😉 (and those under cabinet lights are amazing!)

      1. Sorry I hit the wrong key. It’s Myrna LOL The coffee (in tea bags) don’t need a coffee pot. I heat water in my measuring cup in the microwave. The pods can be used with or without a pot.Someone gave me a trial pod of Barnie’s White Christmas. You put it in a container/pot and let it soak overnight for cold brewed coffee. Getting lazy in my old age !
        Still need the cute canister for pods and bags. All of these coffee stations are getting prettier.

  3. Your coffee station came out great Julie. Also great ideas for those that don’t necessarily have a small space but that use a more minimalist approach.

    1. Absolutely! I often forget that minimal living and small home living have quite a bit in common! Thanks for reminding me of that! Wish you lived closer! Hugs!

  4. So pretty! I have a very small kitchen too, but I did make room for our coffee station. It is so convenient in the mornings to have everything in one place. You showed that they don’t have to be so utilitarian either, they can be a bright spot in your kitchen. Love the light too, such a great idea!

    1. Thanks, Laura! Having a tiny home doesn’t mean you have to give up all of the extra ‘fun’ things! I love that you have a coffee station, too! Hugs, sweet friend!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing these Julie. We have a teeny tiny kitchen, well it’s probably more of a kitchenette thingy and I’m always looking for new ideas on how we make it more functional without compromising the limited space we have. Your little coffee is ideal because it frees up so much valuable counter space and it looks gorgeous too

    1. Aw, Michelle, thanks for the sweet sentiments! I love when others share about their tiny homes. I didn’t remember that you were in a small place! Thanks for coming by, and sharing! Hugs and hearts!

    1. Thanks, Michelle. It is so perfect for my little place, and just the right amount of room for one or two people! Love ya!

  6. Julie can you believe we don’t drink coffee? Well, I have plenty of family and friend who do and you have given me so many great ideas. With the holidays coming soon this will be a big help for gift giving. Pinning!

    1. Thanks, Patti, for your comment AND pin! 😉 Do y’all enjoy any hot beverages? Hot chocolate? 😉 Hugs!

    1. Thank you so much, Melan! You are such a blessing to me! Missed you yesterday… Jared’s b-day! 😉 XO

  7. Great tips, Julie! We use a K-Cup holder that fits around a wall socket on the wall so it doesn’t take up counter space. #gamechanger And cheers to another coffee lover!

    1. I have never heard of a holder that fits around the wall socket, Jenn! Where did you find that? Cheers right back at ya, sweet friend!

    1. Thanks so much, Roxanne! It’s an adventure being in a small home, but it’s fun! How big is your place?

    1. Thanks so much, Mary! Would love to see a coffee station in your wee area. 😉 The cake stand has come in very handy! Hugs and hearts, sweet friend!

  8. This is the cutest little Coffee Spot in Town!!! I will be over for a cup in a second : ) That would be the fastest cross country trip ever lol!!! Hugs!

    1. *tapping fingers on table*… Where are you? I’m waiiiiiting! 😉 If only it was that easy! Then I would have your AND Marissa BOTH over for coffee, as long as you would look past my craft-hurricane-hit-my-living-room-of-a-mess right now! 😉 Hugs back, friend!

  9. This is a great little coffee area. I especially like the addition of the lighting. There is nothing worse than not being able to see in the corner of a cabinet.

  10. Sorry I kept you waiting lol!!! I am usually ON TIME!!! lol!!! Well I know that Marissa and I would love to have coffee with you and I will bring the Canoli’s ! We probably wouldn’t even see the crafting mountain… so use to it it all kind of blends into the decor : ) Have a GREAT ONE!!! Hugs!

    1. Thank you so much, Dorothy! I love living in a small space… the challenges are actually quite fun! 😉 Hugs!

  11. These are awesome ideas, Julie! Definitely pinning, G+, tweeted ~ I added a couple of hashtags, too, to grab some interest of others who might like these Small Space Storage/Prep solutions. Thanks for more great ideas! <3

    Barb 🙂

  12. This little coffee corner is adorable, Julie! I love that you were able to fit it in even in a tiny kitchen; I know all about “real estate” space in those;) And that hand lettering on the canisters is just the best:)

    1. Thanks so much, Tiffany…Yes, we both know about tiny kitchens, that’s for sure! My daughter’s lettering talent has come in handy several times so far! I have labels for my door decor I’m waiting for from her. 😉 Hugs, sweet friend!

    1. Dianne!!! Thank you for coming by! And thank you for the kind words! Hope things are going well for you! Message me on FB when you have a chance! Hugs!

  13. So, so cute! I just love this little space for all things coffee! I just redid my coffee space in our new kitchen and I hope to reveal it when I do my Fall Kitchen reveal post later this month. I’m thinking about a new coffee machine, though. Love that you suggested some in this post!


    1. So glad you found inspiration in this post, Carrie! Can’t wait to see your reveal! Love seasonal tours! Hugs!

  14. Great minds must think alike! I made a little coffee station in my kitchen this week too – and posted about it! I love yours and enjoyed all your tips. We have downsized to a smaller home for retirement so I plan to follow your blog to see what you do to make a smaller space work! Have a great weekend! -Cheryl

    1. Oh, so nice to meet you, Cheryl, and thanks for coming by! Just went and visited your coffee station, as well! Looks like we are both coastal ladies, too! 😉 Look forward to getting to know you! Hugs, and have a great weekend!

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