73+ Gifts for a Travelling Woman

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73+ Gifts for a Travelling Woman: Looking for perfect travel gifts for her? Here’s a comprehensive gift guide for your favorite lady traveler!

76+ Gifts for a Travelling Woman

Do you have a favorite lady in your life that loves to travel? Or even HAS to travel for business?

Whether you’re seeking an anniversary present for your “jet-setting” spouse, a Mother’s Day surprise for your adventurous mom entering her golden years (I’m raising my hand here!), or even a super special gift for your adult daughter embarking on business trips, I’ve got you covered with the ultimate guide to gifts for a travelling woman!

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The Pandemic Let Me Travel! Gifts for a Travelling Woman

Mentoring in Washington

The summer of 2020, the Pandemic was still going strong. To travel, you needed to wear a mask, and a mask was required almost anywhere you went. You remember that, right? (Who could forget!)

The Haven Conference was going to be virtual, and I was a mentor for the first time. It wasn’t the perfect scenario, but curious influencers from all over the country happily joined via Zoom.

My blogging buddy, Jessica Welling, invited me to her beach house to “attend” the conference together. For only $100, I hopped on a short flight to the Seattle area. We had a wonderful time and managed to stay healthy during our visit too! 🙂

Visiting in Virginia

“Two hundred fifty dollars round-trip to Virginia???”

Ya’ll, I could hardly believe my eyes when I started to look for tickets to visit my dear friend, Paula. It was the fall of 2020, and that price was amazing! Thanks to the pandemic, travel had unexpectedly become more affordable. (Never thought I would be thankful to the pandemic, let alone broadcast it on the blog!)

I booked the ticket as soon as I could! Pandemic prices had made it possible for me to visit my sweet blogging buddy who was fighting cancer. (Paula went home to be with the Lord 1.5 years later. I have the Hope I will see her again!)

Perigrinating in Pennsylvania

Yes… that is a word. Google it! 😉

Then, just a little over a year later, I was invited to Lancaster, PA in the fall, for a visit with my dear friend, Yvonne, and her hubby, Bobby.

“What??? $450 round trip?!” Booked!

Phoenix Here I Come

Next, off to Phoenix the following April to visit part of my church family that had moved there to retire. Teresa and her hubby, Jeff, were awesome hosts, and we had a wonderful time. Price? $137 round trip!

More Larks in Lancaster

And back to Lancaster, PA, for snow and holiday decor to visit StoneGable at Tanglewood and the Pratts, again! Only $450!

Aloha Hawaii

And, even though prices have increased since 2020, DeeDee and I still were blessed to be able to visit Hawaii in March of 2024. Take a look at our sister-trip to Oahu in the spring Part 1 and Part 2!

BTW, our Hawaii plane fare was just $400, round trip!

Best Gifts for Women Who Travel

Suffice to say, in the last four years, by God’s grace and blessings alone, I’ve done more traveling than I have done in my whole life!

So, I kinda have a wee bit of experience on travel products that most women would love!

Want to see my collection of travel gifts for women? Read, and CLICK, on!

Here’s a tip… To peruse the items, just click on the gallery arrows on either side of the items pictured. Then click on the photos of the great travel gifts for women that pique your interest! There are even some gift suggestions that work for women who DON’T travel! 😉

I’m featuring lots of pink and rose gold tones for these travel products because, after all, they are for her! But remember, most of these items come in an array of colors and even printed fabrics!

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Affordable and Lovely Luggage Gifts

Using affordable and pretty luggage is not just practical, it’s like adding a sprinkle of joy to your travel routine!

Picture this: amidst a “sea” of standard black suitcases on the baggage carousel (maybe a few colored ones are there), your favorite lady’s luggage stands out with its distinctive design or color. Not only does it make spotting her luggage effortless, but it also adds a touch of personal style to her travels.

Purchasing reasonably priced options means that if it gets damaged via an airline employee that’s in a hurry to get to lunch, it can be replaced without breaking the bank. So, why settle for bland when your favorite female can travel with luggage that’s both practical and visually appealing?

Travel Totes and Laptop Bags for the Female Traveller

When it comes to the best travel laptop bags, functionality meets style is the perfect blend.

While your travelling woman is navigating through bustling airports or crowded streets, a laptop bag not only keeps her precious device safe but also protects everything she would carry in her purse!

Look for features like padded compartments to safeguard her laptop from bumps and shocks, as well as multiple pockets for organizing chargers, cables, and other essentials. A lightweight yet durable material ensures easy portability without compromising on durability.

Additionally, adjustable straps and ergonomic designs offer comfort during long journeys. Be sure to a laptop carry-on bag also has a back luggage slide strap, so she can easily manuever both bags with just one hand. Oh, and large cup holders on either side of the bag are a huge bonus! (My bag pictured above has all of these features and more!)

Luggage Accessories for Her

Luggage accessories are thoughtful and practical gifts that she’ll appreciate on her next adventure.

Consider pretty (and practical) TSA locks to keep her belongings secure while breezing through airport security with ease. Personalized luggage tags add a touch of style and help her quickly identify her bags on the carousel. Luggage scales ensure she never exceeds weight limits, saving her from unexpected fees at check-in.

Even an elastic bag strap is super helpful and makes adding a tote (that doesn’t have a slide strap) easy to attach to the top of her carry-on luggage.

These thoughtful accessories not only enhance her travel experience but also show you care about her comfort and convenience wherever she goes.

On-the-Plane Comfort Gifts for a Travelling Woman

Searching for the perfect gift to enhance her comfort during those long flights? On-the-plane comfort items are thoughtful and practical presents that she’ll love.

Treat her to a plush sleep pillow, providing neck support for much-needed rest during her journey.

An electronic screen stand ensures hands-free entertainment, allowing her to enjoy movies or read without straining her neck.

Airplane pocket organizers keep her essentials like passport, phone, and earbuds within easy reach, preventing the hassle of rummaging through her bag mid-flight.

Comfort items like these will show her that you care about her well-being during travel as well as ensure she arrives at her destination feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Electronic Accessories She Will Thank You For

How ’bout a present for the tech-savvy woman who’s always on the go, especially for business trips? Electronic accessories are both practical and thoughtful presents that she’ll appreciate.

Consider gifting her a collapsible all-in-one charging station, keeping her devices powered-up and organized while on the road.

European outlet adapters ensure she stays connected no matter where her travels take her. And flat-folding screen stands for cell phones and iPads offer hands-free convenience for video calls or presentations on the fly.

And why not add a fun touch with a compact selfie stick/phone tripod combo, perfect for capturing memorable moments during her travels?

These electronic accessories cater to her tech needs and make her business trips more efficient and enjoyable.

Travel Toiletry Bags for Every Woman On-the-Go

Searching for the perfect travel toiletry bag to complement every woman’s style on the move? Look no further than these stylish and pretty options that cater to every feminine taste.

From chic floral patterns to sleek minimalist designs, there’s a toiletry bag to match her unique style. Opt for soft quilted materials that are even waterproof or fresh cotton fabrics for both durability and elegance.

Multiple compartments and pockets ensure efficient organization of her skincare essentials and makeup must-haves, while compact sizes make them perfect for tucking into carry-on luggage or weekender bags.

Also, remember to include functional and sturdy reusable bags for containing items prone to leaking in her luggage!

Whether your fave lady prefers classic sophistication or girlish charm, these travel toiletry bags combine fashion and functionality to accompany her on every adventure!

Pretty Toiletry Bottles for the Female Adventurer

Why not add some pretty and reusable travel toiletry bottles, the ideal companion for the lady traveler’s overnight bag!

These charming bottles not only add a touch of style to her packing routine but also offer eco-friendly convenience (and they have great reviews!). With their compact size and leak-proof design, they’re perfect for storing her favorite skincare products, shampoo, conditioner, and toiletries while on-the-go.

Say goodbye to single-use plastic and hello to sustainability with these delightful travel essentials.

Haircare Travel Storage for Her

While we’re on the topic of hair products, let’s explore a selection of items designed to keep her hair tools neatly organized and protect the bathroom countertops in her accommodations!

Pretty and practical, right?

Pampering Gifts for Her While She’s Away

Spoil the mom, spouse, or adult daughter in your life with thoughtful gifts that bring a touch of indulgence to their travels or time away from home.

Gift them with luxurious shower steamers, transforming any hotel bathroom into a spa-like oasis. Cozy slippers provide comfort and warmth after a long day of exploring new destinations.

A travel tealight candle adds ambiance and a familiar scent to their accommodation, creating a sense of home wherever they go. Encourage reflection and creativity with a pretty journal, perfect for capturing memories and moments on their journey.

So many special items to pamper that special lady in your life, whether away or at home!

Miscellaneous Travel Gifts for a Travelling Woman

Finally, don’t forget these essential yet easily overlooked small items when searching for the ideal travel gifts for her.

Did you find this comprehensive gift guide useful? Keep in mind that many of the items are available in various colors, and some even come in different fabric prints. Additionally, double-check the sizes of the items to ensure they’re the perfect gifts for the travelling woman in your life!

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