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The Best Spice Storage Solutions for Your Tiny Kitchen

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Want to learn about some space-saving spice storage for your home?  Today, let’s look at some ways to store your spices and save space, including what I think is the best spice storage solutions for your tiny kitchen.

space saving spice storage nutmeg labeled spice tin on counter with measuring spoons and towel


You’ve heard me say it before.  Living in a small home has its unique challenges.  Specifically, storage challenges!

Where do I put my Tupperware? (Aren’t all plastic containers called Tupperware? C’mon, tell me I’m not alone!)

Where should I store my Christmas decor?

Where do I store my two-sizes-too-small clothing (just keepin’ it real here, friends)?

But most importantly, where do I store my spices?

Okay, finding the best way to store your spices may NOT be on the top of your list.  But in a tiny kitchen, you soon come to realize that cabinet and counter real estate is always at a high premium.

Here are some ways you can decorate your tiny kitchen on a budget!

Small Kitchen Spice Storage Dilemma

Again, I’ve mentioned before that MWA is a whopping 400 square feet.  Most of the loft apartments in my townhouse community are considered studio apartments.  However, my landlord decided to convert my sweet little apartment into a one-bedroom tiny home.  As a result, the wee kitchen comes in at 10 x 10 feet. That’s 25% of my home! I don’t know why I’m complaining… that’s HUGE! 😉

Needless to say, finding space for my spices was actually frustrating in my huge-tiny kitchen with its minimal counter and cabinet space.

So, today I’m going to share the best (and most affordable) spice storage solution for my tiny kitchen, plus a few other space-saving spice racks (say that 5 times real fast) that could work for your kitchen, as well.

Oh, and did I mention that this unique spice storage is pretty, too?  Win-win!

The Best Spice Storage Solution for MY Tiny Kitchen

The best location for storing spices in my tiny kitchen is the refrigerator!

It’s easy-peasy to simply label some magnetic spice tins and then arrange them on your fridge!space saving spice storage

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Affordable Spice Tins

These cute little magnetic tins were a steal at Michaels’ dollar bin area. I ended up getting white enamel as well as some silver-toned tins, and I like how it ties together the white fridge and the stainless pieces on the coffee station right next to it!space saving spice storage spice tins on refrigerator

space saving spice storage coffee tins on white counterIf you want something similar, you can get these Bekith Magnetic Spice Tins that are quite affordable, and they even have some extra features that are super helpful!space saving spice storage spice tins on refrigeratorThe tins have magnets on the bottom (duh!)

Creating Labels for Spice Tins

The chalkboard labels were purchased at Michael’s as well. Here are some similar chalkboard labels.

(Tip: Be sure to measure the lids of your spice tins before purchasing your labels.  You’ll want to be sure they are the correct size!)

white tin and lid sitting on chalkboard labelsIf you are blessed to have a daughter (like me) or a friend that can do hand-lettering, ask them for a favor and have them write you spice names on the labels.space saving spice storage nutmeg labeled spice tin on counter with measuring spoons and towelIf you don’t have a friend or fam member to do hand-lettering, I’ll be sharing next week how to create these labels in a few different ways!

By the way, I love how these open and have a wide mouth to easily access the spices with a measuring spoon!

Keep it Uncluttered

If you are like me, you like an uncluttered refrigerator.

I don’t keep tons of photos, invites, or different magnets on my fridge.  A few simple hand-painted magnets (tutorial coming), a gifted Magnolia timer, and my spices are about all I keep on the fridge. This clutter-free area helps to keep a tiny kitchen looking neat, clean, and more spacious.space saving spice storage refrigerator with spice tins and coffee station next to itUnless your grandson gives you his first watercolor painting… of horses!  Yep, and he has a name for each one (color)!  Then you HAVE to display it, at least for a while. 😉space saving spice storage watercolor painting on refrigerator door

More Spice Storage Solutions for Small Kitchens

Here are a few more of the best spice storage solutions I found on Amazon:


In case you don’t want to use your refrigerator, these would work great on wall space (for spices and/or knives):


And some different options for space-saving spice storage:


Now It’s Your Turn

What do you think? Are these some space-saving spice storage ideas that are new to you? How do you store your spices?  Let me know in the comments! It makes my day when you share!


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  1. I have those wonderful magnetic spice tins — they’re the best. Thanks for a link as the place I bought mine no longer has them!

  2. I do have a small closet in my small kitchen that I converted into a pantry with shelves. It has a door and I have a rack screwed to the inside of that door holding my spices in bottles. It seems to work well. I do like the magnetic containers and have entertained the idea of eliminating the spice rack, replacing it with a metal sheet and using the containers that you indicated.

    1. Sounds like a great idea, Pat! Small kitchen owners, unite! 😉 Thanks for sharing about your spice rack, my friend.

  3. Those are adorable! I can see all kinds of uses for them in kitchens, playrooms, craft rooms and more. Pinning for future. I need these.

    1. Oh wow, Patti! Hadn’t even thought of craft rooms… or even bathrooms! I may need to update my post a wee bit! LOL!

    1. Yes, Roxanne… we definitely have some of the same challenges in our homes! Hugs, sweet friend. Missed you at Haven!

  4. Good idea, Julie. I have a magnetic chalk board on the inside of my small pantry, and I could keep the little tins on it. The lettering caught my eye as well.
    Pinning it!

    P.S. Have a wonderful time at Haven!
    I really wish I could be there.

    1. I wish you could have been at Haven, too, my friend! Let’s hope for next year, for both of us! Thanks for the pin!

  5. I think these magnetic tins are so adorable! And practical too since it is easy to find what you need! I found a two tier vertical pull-out spice rack for my upper cabinet a year or two ago and it was transformative to be able to see what I had at a glance! And could your original horse watercolor be any cuter?! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Janet… I do love my spice tins, and your spice rack sounds amazing! But the painting? Priceless, right?! *happy sigh*

  6. What a perfect (and stylish) solution! My kitchen isn’t much bigger than yours and I am always on the lookout for practical and inexpensive storage solutions. I like how these would be right at your fingertips!

    1. Thanks Maureen! I especially love how they have a wide mouth opening… no spillage with these! 😉

  7. Love your new spice jars and their cute name tags, Julie!!! I have also been looking for the spice jars you shared down below and I’m totally interested in the clips which go on the back of the door. Our spice cabinet could be so much better organized with these products! Talking to Hubby when he gets home about whether we should order… 😀

    Thank you for sharing your kitchen!
    Barb 🙂

    1. Well, I’m so glad this post helped! I think you could even put your own ‘french’ twist (lol) on it with some embellishments and the appropriate font! 🙂 Have fun shopping!

  8. These are great ideas for small kitchens, my friend! Yay, the Amazon products are such a great addition…so nicely displayed to make it easy to shop! Regardless of the size of a kitchen, these space-saving tips are really useful to reduce clutter. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Your. Comments. Are. Amazing! I’m so thankful to call you a BBB (best blogging buddy), and a dear friend!

  9. What a great idea and I love that you can put them on the side of the fridge! These are so perfect for a home with limited storage solutions! Thanks for sharing! I hope you have a wonderful week! 🙂


    Tee @ Teediddlydee

    1. Aw, thanks, Tee! You know, I think I would probably do this even if I had a larger home. I like how user friendly they are and I think they are quite pretty, too! 😉

    1. Suzy!!!! Thanks for stopping in! Thanks for the sweet words! I’m so blessed to have met you this past weekend! We need to chat some more, very soon!

  10. What a smart idea, Julie! I never would’ve thought to store spices on the side of the refrigerator. Thank you for sharing at Celebrate Your Story! I miss you already my friend.

    1. Same here, Rebecca! I am so thankful and blessed to have had you and Lynne and Jess as roomies. Spending the evenings together and processing together was so wonderful! Hugs, dear friend!

    1. Girl…seeing you visit here made my day! And you were one of the first people/visits I shared with my daughter and sister when I got home. You were a blessing to me, sweet friend! I heard that you had new material at your class… wish now that I had gone! I’m going to visit the link! 😉 Thanks for the kinds words here, too! BIG hugs!

    1. Yes… I would never try free-hand writing… but there are several ways to do them (including A Maker’s Studio stencils, right?) You were a highlight of the Haven trip for me, Carol! Hugs!

  11. Such a clever space saving tip Julie.
    Thank you for sharing your spice storage space saver at Create, Bake, Grow & Gather this week. I’m delighted to be featuring it at the party tomorrow and pinning too.

    1. Oh… thank you again, Kerryanne! Always am thrilled with being featured at your party! Definitely give me a nice little bump in traffic! 😉

  12. Great idea for spices. The wide opening would be great for convenient measuring. The star of this show, however, is the colorful art! That is one that I would frame and keep; it is really nice and you know and love the artist! We have a few things like that from our granddaughter and they do not get old!

    1. Oh, I’m glad it is helpful, Donna! I still love this way to store spices. I’m getting ready to add more jars, too!

  13. These are so cute! I wish I hadn’t bought 1000 glass bottles for my spices😖 oh well, I guess I could sell them..lol! Love this idea! Not so sure I’d use the knife magnet but maybe a full sheet type magnet. These would actually work better in my space so now I’m seriously rethinking things. The white ones are my favorite look but either will do.

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