23 Best Quiet Toys for Kids in Big Church

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Lots of children are being introduced to ‘big’ church these days, whether by choice or because of recent happenings in the world. Today, let’s look at some great options to help acclimate your child with these 23 best quiet toys for kids in big church.


kids quiet toys wooden toys and blocks

Today as I sat in church, I was thinking about just how many kids we have in our service right now.

Not just kids… we have toddlers and babies, too!

kids quiet toys family leaving church

In our little church, this isn’t the norm. Usually, we have nursery and children’s church up to 3 years old. At three, the children start coming into regular worship service.

But because of the world’s recent events, we have babies and 1 and two-year-olds, too!

Does that sound crazy to you? I think it does to a lot of people.

Introducing Toddlers to Big Church

It’s really NOT that crazy, though. Let me explain how some our church families might do this.

A few months before the toddler turns three, the parents start talking about how wonderful that they are getting bigger… big enough to go to big church!

Then, when the child’s third birthday rolls around, one of the exciting things they get to start doing is going to ‘big’ church with Mommy and Daddy and their older siblings!

Now, celebrating this milestone in their life does not make for a perfect toddler in church! Far from it!

Acclimating Toddlers to Big Church

While the toddler is learning how to conduct themselves in the worship service, parents and their families usually sit at the back of the church during this adjustment period.

If When the toddler has an outburst (or three) that can’t be quickly handled in their seat, one parent takes the child out of the service for some one-on-one training, and then returns to service with the toddler.

church family sitting on pew
Normally, I would post pics of my church family, but because of some (good) family circumstances going on right now, clipart will have to do! πŸ˜‰

During this time of acclimation, our church family at large is very understanding. After all, most of them have been in the same season at one time or another!

Pack a Bag with the Best Quiet Toys for Kids in Big Church

One of the things that many families find handy and helpful is a backpack of low-noise toys (say that 5-times fast) that the children take to church with them. These special toys are only taken to church so they remain. well… special!

So, let’s take a look at some toys that make very little noise, and will help your toddler or young child to be quiet in church, as well!

Oh… and don’t forget, these toys are GREAT for road trips or even plane trips. My adult kids often take my grands to visit extended family in Colorado. While on the trip, they use many of these quiet toys. Next time they visit, they need to use this list of things to do in Colorado Springs with kids from Explorer MaMa!

On a side note: If you mamas are helping to plan a women’s retreat or Bible study group, here’s a great colorful candy icebreaker game that your church family will love to kick-off the event (you can even use it at a men’s event)!

Quiet Toddler Toys for Church Service

First, we’ll look at some toys for the younger side of toddler-hood.

Fabric Quiet Books

Fabirck books are not only quiet, but many of them can go in the bath, too! (But wait until you get home for that!)

And with lots of themes, you can find one that works best for your toddler! This one works on fine motor skills!

kids quiet toys felt book

Action Figures for Toddlers

Toy figurines always seem to be a fave with children who like to play pretend. Just remind your little one that they toys can’t ‘talk’ in church either! πŸ˜‰

plastic childrens toy figures

Toddler Puzzles with Large Pieces

These little puzzles are only about 5-inches square, but the pieces are large enough for a two-year-old to work with.

You may want to think about how to transport these, and that you may have to help corral pieces while trying to listen to the pastor. πŸ™‚

kids quiet toys puzzles

Construction Trucks for Toddlers

My 5-year-old grandson would have loved these cute little construction truck toys at 2, and would STILL love them now!

Trucks are easy to move around on your lap and chair during church without making any noise (well, again, some coaching may need to happen here).

toddler construction truck toys

Princess Cars for Littles

Well, if we have construction trucks for toddlers, we HAVE to have princess cars, too! πŸ˜‰

These sweet little girlie cars are a great ‘quiet’ toy, for the same reasons as the trucks mentioned above.

kids quiet toys princess cars

More Softy Books

These softy books are easy and fun to look at for your 1-3 year-old toddler. And they won’t tear, either!

Lots to choose from, so you can rotate them out each week.

stacks of cloth books

Dimpl Toy

Yes, that’s spelled correctly! The Dimpl Toy features 5 vibrant silicone bubbles built into a plastic frame. Push and pop them, poke and grab them; a perfect, portable sensory toy!

My 2-year-old granddaughter has a mini version of this toy and calls it the ‘bloop’ toy. She has consistently played with it since she was a baby!

kids quiet toys plastic toy held by child

Sensory Buckle Pillow

And one last toddler toy that I couldn’t pass up. This Sensory Buckle Pillow features motor skills activities that your toddler will love.

Do you have to tell your child to stop touching the buckles on the shopping cart? Well, this allows your little one to buckle to her heart’s content, and then some!

sensory buckle pillow

Quiet Children’s Toys for Big Church

Even older ‘littles’ may need some help with the fidgets during the worship service.

Here are some toys that produce very little noise that your 4-7 year-old might enjoy!

Fidgety Sensory Toys

What better way to quietly get out the fidgets in big church than with this Fidget Sensory Toy set?!

Again, this set has so many pieces, you can bring a ‘new’ one to church each Sunday by rotating through them.

sensory fidget toys collection

Magnetic Matching Game

My 5-year-old grandson loves playing matching games! And this one is perfect for church because it’s magnetic… no falling pieces!

kids quiet toys matching game

Dinosaur Herd for Keeping Quiet in Church

Well, this set of plastic dinos would be great for all ages! Again, my 5 year-old just asked for a set of these for his next birthday. He doesn’t realize that Christmas is WAY before his next birthday!

Fun fact… my almost 3-year-old grandson can name just about any dinosaur you show him! He’s been able to do this since he was TWO!

dinosaur collection

IQ Challenge Set

This is an interesting set for your older kids to play with while staying quiet in church.

What do you think? Is this IQ Challenge Set something a 5-7 year-old might enjoy?

kids quiet toys puzzles and brain game collection

More Toys to Help Children Adjust in Worship Service

There are lots of multi-age toys that children from 2-7 would all enjoy! Take a look!

Magnetic Sketch Pad

What child doesn’t like to draw in church? Use this Magnetic Sketch Pad and the kids (and you) won’t be tempted to use the bulletins or tithe envelopes to keep the kids busy! πŸ˜‰

magnetic sketch pad with directions

Monkey Noodles

More sensory toys, but these will work for youngers and olders.

These Monkey Noodles will help your kids to stay quiet, but also may help them concentrate on what’s being said from the pulpit!

kids quiet toys stretchy noodles

Puffy Sticker Farm Play Set

If you aren’t familiar with the Melissa and Doug line of toys, hop on over to Amazon and check them out!

This On the Farm Puffy Sticker Play set is just one of many in the Melissa and Doug Puffy Sticker set line. Even though this says ages 4+, your two-year-old may enjoy this while sitting in church with you (I know my granddaughter does!)

puffy sticker farm set

Noah’s Ark Magnetic Play Set

Again, both my 5 and 2-year-old grandchildren love the magnetic playsets. There are lots of pieces, but because they are magnetic, we haven’t had any go flying into the next row at church… yet!

And, there’s lots of magnetic playsets to choose from, too!

kids quiet toys magnetic toy set

Lacing Cards

Do you remember these from when you were a child? I just re-discovered these and my grandkids love them!

Lacing cards teach fine motor skills and the kids feel a sense of satisfaction using them… even if they are laced ‘wrong’.

lacing cards in cow shape

Magnetic Dress-up Doll

Even though we talked about magnetic sets earlier, I just had to share this cute little magnetic dress-up set… I think this is going into my Amazon cart!

kids quiet toys magnetic travel game

Water Wow

Another quiet toy from Melissa and Doug. Water Wow! is a reusable water coloring book. Just fill the water ‘pen’ before you leave for church, and remind the kids that when the water is gone, there’s no more until after the service! πŸ˜‰

Again, lots of themes to choose from!

water coloring sets

Books to Take for Children in Church

Of course, you HAVE to bring your children’s favorite books to church with you, whether they be the ones mentioned earlier, some of your faves from home, or some of these suggestions…

My First Bible Memory Books

Want a set of books that will help your child to memorize the Word of God? The My First Bible Memory Books do just that.

I’ve read the “Be Still” book to two of my grandkids several times, and they both now have the verse memorized! “Be still and know that I am God”.

The illustrations are wonderful and they love just looking at the book, too!

be still childrens book

Toddler Coloring Book

Here’s a simple coloring book, perfect for a toddler, and so sweet!

kids quiet toys toddler coloring book

Truck Coloring Book for Older Children

Don’t you think this truck coloring book is so fun and perfect for an older child?

truck coloring book

Don’t Forget the Crayons

The Crayola brand crayons are always my fave… How ’bout you?

kids quiet toys crayons

Bonus Quiet “Toys” for Kids in Big Church

And you might just wanna give a learning app a try (just make sure to turn the sound off during church… hehe!) Why not try a 30-day ABCmouse trial?

If you have time on the way to church or on the way home in the car, try these ‘funny would you rather questions for kids‘ to get some interesting conversations going.

If Christmas is on the horizon, be sure to check out this wonderful post for toddler boy stocking stuffer ideas.

After Church…

After church, you might just want to go for a picnic to get the wiggles out of the littles. Maybe even invite some of your church family with little ones to go with you! And be sure to try some of these outdoor activities for kids.

So, there you have it! 23 of the best quiet toys for kids in big church. I hope these ideas help you with the adjustment time of taking your children into worship service!

What ideas do you have for helping toddlers and older children acclimate to being in the sanctuary? Be sure to share them in the comments!

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  1. Hmm. I can’t decide if I should share this post with my daughter–or wait until after I’m done shopping. πŸ™‚ I think you’ve made two little grandsons very happy with this post–either way. Thanks, Julie!

  2. I love this post! We have always kept our kiddos in with us. Now, we have a family-integrated home church, I keep a basket of board books for the little ones. I may need to up my game a bit though! You have some great options here!

    1. Thanks, Jenn… Yes, I brought my kids in at three, even before our church had the three-year-old limit. πŸ™‚ I just thought it helped bring my kids to early maturity. πŸ™‚

  3. My granddaughter loved bringing her baby doll and blanket to church; it was so lifelike that one day when she dragged it in by an arm, a lot of the old ladies “OHHED” till they realized it was only a doll. I loved the Ronald MacDonald plastic glove puppet (and took NO room in my purse, puppets, and finger or glove puppets. Finger games like “Here’s the church, here’s the steeple was good for a while, too. Coloring books worked, too. I had to teach my kids that it was OK to yawn, but they couldn’t make ANYnoise–so embarassing–especially during the sermon! Same for the foot kicking (the bottom of the pews)! I always found that it was good to plan at least 3 dfferent things as attention spans at that age are so short. A roll of Life savers or soft candy that can’t be crunched wasn’t a bad idea either!

    1. Too funny about the baby doll, Kathy! LOL! All great ideas! My daughter def brings a snack for the kids during church. πŸ˜‰

  4. We have been enjoying church at home because since opening church back up, there’s no “little village” for the kids. It’s a huge distraction for me so I’m good with doing the live at home. All of your ideas were great. Except for duct tape. I’ll let you decide how to use it.

  5. I got that little felt activity book! Juni’s still a little small for it but it’ll be great to practice with her and I want it ASAP. XD

    1. Oh, super fun, Bekka! I’ll have to add to her bag as she gets older. I have to say, she is the quietest out of all the children at church, and she’s the youngest! πŸ˜‰

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