Tuesday Turn About #258 June Home Tips

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Tuesday Turn About #258 June Home Tips: We’re talking about all things home this week at the party!


Last week’s party was all about the great outdoors!

Welcome to this week’s party!

And welcome to the first party of the summer!

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This week, we are visiting posts about tips, tricks, and ideas for home. We’re talking garden, recipes, decor, and even aluminum.

Yep, aluminum!

Abode Adventures

This weekend, I was staying at my son’s home and taking care of my jelly beans while he, my daughter-in-love, and oldest grand went to a wedding.

And yesterday, I drove home (1.5 hours), cleaned my trailer tanks, did laundry, and wrote this post!

Needless to say, I’ve had a busy week and weekend, so Finds and Tips will return next week!

So, let’s get to the party!

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Light and Airy RV Renovation Kitchen Design Board //
Apartment Balcony Container Gardening for Summer

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Adding a Covered Porch to a Cottage

This summer, you might want to add a covered porch or patio to your home! Take a look at how Libbie from A Life Unfolding added value to her cottage with a covered outside living space.

covered patio with summer furniture and decor

Cottage Garden: 3 Year Update

Rita’s garden has had my interest piqued since she and her husband first moved into their cottage over three years ago. Take a look at how the garden has matured, and get some inspiration while you’re at it, via Panoply.

tuesday turn about 258 june home tips collage of hydrangeas

Creative Cooking Tips

Feel like you might be in the doldrums with your summer cooking? Well, Pam from An Artful Mom is giving us some tips on how to get creative with our cooking… for summer and all seasons!

wood table with veggies and red gingham napkin

Tips for Using Aluminum Foil

Whether you call it ‘tin foil’ (my dad called it ‘tin’, and he was from New Mexico) or ‘aluminum foil’, Robin from Fluster Buster is sharing 33 tips for using the shiny, crinkly stuff! I learned several new tips!

tuesday turn about 258 june home tips wadded-up aluminum foil

Summer Hoosier Use and Decor

Penny’s Treasures is sharing her lovely Hoosier cabinet all dressed up for summer! And she has a lovely decorative window hung inside her actual kitchen window that is a perfect summer touch!

hoosier in kitchen with summer decor

Repurposed Wrist Watch

My mom always had watches that had stopped working… probably because they weren’t that expensive to begin with. But, she never wanted to part with them. I wish I had known about this pretty little trick that Fresh Vintage by Lisa is sharing today!

tuesday turn about 258 june home tips watch repurposed as gemstone jewelry

Updated Wooden Crate

Lee Ann from Creative Moments is showing us how we can add some ‘pizazz’ to a plain wooden crate! It’s lovely!

decorative wooden box with houseplants

Decorating with Coffee Table Books

I love all the styling that Missy from Sonata Designs is sharing today, and it all includes coffee table books! So creative and inspirational!

tuesday turn about 258 june home tips vase with lambs ear on design books

Florida Beauty (It’s a Plant!)

Have you ever heard of a Florida Beauty plant? This is the first time I have! Take a look at some tips and tricks how to raise them from Paula at Grace Filled Moments.

gold and green houseplant in terra cotta pot

Journaling for July

If you are a journaler, or even a blogger, these prompts for July from Julie at Filling the Jars are super helpful for creative writing!

tuesday turn about 258 june home tips cup of tea and journal with pen on desk

Plans for Building a Modern Outdoor Sectional

How ’bout some furniture for your outdoor living space? The husband/wife team from Charleston Crafted are sharing plans and how-to for a modern outdoor sectional. Look comfy!

blue patio sofa on deck

Easy Breezy Traveling Wardrobe

Looking to travel light this summer for vacation? Whether you like navy/white or khaki/white, Pamela from Style Yourself Confident has just the ticket for your plans!

tuesday turn about 258 june home tips women in navy and white garments

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  1. Such fun features this week, Julie! I’m always amazed by how creative people are! I learned some new ideas for ways to use aluminum foil! Fun! As always, thanks for hosting us all! Have a great week!

    1. Yes, it’s always a blessing! I just visited your blog and read about the Mermaid Parade. So fun! My jelly bean #5 would LOVE that! He is all about sea creatures and can even tell you what type of shark he’s looking at (he’s just 2.5 years). I hope you are linking up here at the party!

  2. Another great link party! Thank you so much for featuring my “Decorating with Coffee Table Books” post! I appreciate it! ~Missy

  3. Julie,
    Great features…I have to check them out especially the tin foil one!! Sounds like you had a busy week!!
    Thanks so much for hosting!! I really appreciate the time and effort that goes into it along with visiting all the links!!
    Debbie-Dabble Blog

    1. See! You say tin foil! So interesting how names of items change depending on where you live. Like soda, pop, and coke. That post intrigued me, too! I learned a lot! The celery one is a definite ‘going-to-try’.

    1. So glad to have you here, Linda! (My daughter’s mother-in-love, who happens to be one my closest friends, is named Linda Johnson. I always need to take a double look when I see your name!)

  4. Julie, thank you for all the lovely inspiration! I hope it’s okay to ask you this. I visited the Hoosier cabinet from Penny’s Treasures. I want to subscribe to her Blog but there doesn’t appear to have a workable link to do so. Are you able to provide a link to subscribe to her blog site? Thank you.

    1. So glad you dropped in, Nancy. I see where you can subscribe, but it doesn’t seem easy. I’m asking Penny if there is any easy way. How it looks is that you would have to subscribe through a platform… you’d need to sign up for the platform, then add her to the platform to see her new posts. I’ll let you know.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing my repurposed wristwatch ! I appreciate you so much.
    I’m so glad I can join the party! Thank you for hosting.
    xo Lisa S

  6. Julie, sounds like your week was busy in the best way. Thank you for featuring my garden update and tips, it was very exciting to see it here.
    I’m looking forward to spending more time reading blog posts now that the heat is full on and my planting is done for the season. Watering happens in the early hours so I can enjoy reading in the afternoons.

  7. Thank you for such a welcoming party Julie and for always attracting such diverse posts! Home, garden, cookery and a bit of fashion – just what every woman needs!
    Thank you so much also for featuring my holiday capsule post from last week. Have a great week ahead!

  8. Sounds like you stay busy no matter what. I think that’s great! Keeps you young. 😉 Thanks for letting us share our posts. Hope you have a great and restful weekend.

    1. Of course! And yes… always something. I have a tech coming to do a deep cleaning on the tanks tomorrow. Had issues with my propane tanks yesterday! But, the Lord resolved it! So thankful!

  9. Oh yeah, and I loved Libbie’s new porch! That sofa is amazing! And Rita’s garden always makes me smile (and a little jealous). Great features!

    1. Thanks, Cindy. Yes, Rita’s garden is sigh-worthy, and Libbie was featured a LOT this week! Fun for her!

  10. Thank you for featuring my porch this week! After a visit with my own little jelly beans, this is where I will be hanging out. ZZZZZZZ 🙂

  11. You have been VERY busy! You do such a good job of managing everything. Thanks so much for featuring my cooking post! That makes me so happy!

    1. Oh… I’m pretty sure I DON’T do a good job managing everything. I still have a goal to get three posts out a week, but it’s not happened regularly yet! 😉 Thanks for the encouragement, Pam!

  12. Glad you had a fun time with the grands, Julie! But I’m sure it’s tiring; there’s a reason we have kids when we’re young:) Thanks for hosting. Have a great weekend:)

    1. Yes, I have said that many times myself, Lora, about why we don’t have children at our age. All part of God’s ultimate plan, right? So glad to have you at the party!

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