Tuesday Turn About #257 Great Outdoors

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Tuesday Turn About #257 Great Outdoors: The party is live and we are all about the great outdoors this week!


Last week, we celebrated the dads in our lives.

The party is HOT this week… literally!

We are featuring all things ‘outdoors’ and, it’s a good thing. We NEED to be outside here in So Cal because things are heating up!

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Yep… we have started our hot weather… already! This week, we aren’t dipping below 80, and we are headed for 86 degrees on some days. Whew!

Super thankful for a trailer-home that has AC!

So, this week, I thought it would be fun to celebrate the outdoors. Whether it’s recipes, printables for an outdoor get-together, gardening tips, or even some etiquette (yep… read on), we’re going OUTSIDE for this party!

Abode Adventures

Ya’ll… I had an adventure this weekend that you would not believe.

It has to do with my black tank (sewer tank). I’m not even gonna share the details with you (though I might in a future post). Suffice to say, I’m praying that things are now resolved.

Plus, my jury duty stint was a bit crazy, as well! The Center for Justice building was literally a half mile away from the parking structure. No big deal, right?

Well, I decided to use my (walking) GPS to find the building. I should have trusted my gut instead.

After a humid forty-five-minute, I finally arrived in the jury assembly room with approximately 300 other potential jurors. We had about an hour before they started calling jurors to courtrooms. Just enough time for me cool down and stop glowing… sweating. Plain and simple, I was sweating. (Lesson learned… don’t trust the walking GPS.)

I was the 5th person to be called. Out of 300! So, I collected my laptop and started up to the courtroom. After waiting for an hour in the hallway, we were finally called in.

The parties had settled, and we were excused.

Jury duty served! I was home by 10:30am!

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My Wee Finds

Late last night, my dear friend and trailer-neighbor, Peg, alerted me to the fact that the backpack I purchased for my Hawaii trip (and all my traveling) is 50% OFF!!! Make sure to select the 17″ backpack for this great deal! (Others are on sale, too… but only a few colors are 50% off.)

Having an older home or camper trailer means you have some repairs and updates. Having a good set of power tools really is a must. This past week, I purchased a set of Dewalt tools for a STEAL! But, you better hurry if you want this great deal!

Remember my search for the best hand vacuum? Well, after a couple of purchases and returns, I decided to bite-the-bullet and pay a little more than I originally planned. Well, my bullet-biting was rewarded with the wonderful Dewalt Cordless 20V Handheld Vacuum. It’s EVERYTHING I wanted… small, powerful, and lots of attachments including a very nice hose! Oh, and I can use the same batteries that came with my drill set for the vacuum! Woot-woot!

Weekly Household Tip

It’s mosquito season, and I’m allergic to the little boogers’ bites! My blogging bestie, Crissy from First Day of Home, suggested I try ChiggerEx for the incessant itching that comes with those nasty chomps. It’s a game changer! (BTW, if you need it NOW (like I did), you can pick it up at Walmart, for a couple dollars less!)

Weekly Blogging Tip

When creating a Pinterest pin, add a little ‘call-to-action’ button at the bottom of the pin (near your link). I’m testing this out now on a new pin I created this past week. See how it works for you!

Now, grab a cup of your fave beverage, sit back, and enjoy this week’s features!

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tuesday turn about 257 great outdoors collage of trailer projects

21+ Color Palettes for Your Home or Trailer Renovation //
Easy DIY RV Window Screen Repair

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DIY Mini Wood Lantern

This cutie-patootie mini wood lantern reminds me of some that I used to own. So pretty and versatile, and Steph Creates Things is sharing how you can DIY the same decor!

black lantern with candle and flowers in window

Grand Summer Fun

Want some fun outdoor projects to do with the kiddos? Laurie and Laura from Our Grand Lives are sharing three different garden projects to do with the littles AND olders!

tuesday turn about 257 great outdoors collage of garden projects with banner

Upcycled Storage Bin Planter

This DIY storage bin planter is so pretty, and such an easy upcyle, too! Kristin from My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia is sharing the ‘how-to’, along with a bit of a scary story!

black wooden planter box on rocks with pink flower in foreground

Herb Tips and a Lunch Recipe

Thrifting Wonderland is not only sharing tips about some of her fave herbs from her garden, she’s showing how she’s using them in a yummy salad sandwich! Such a fun post!

tuesday turn about 257 great outdoors closeup of herbs

Summertime Gardens Tablescape

This lovely tablescape shares the outdoors inside! Take a look at all the lovely cottage figurines that Sandra from Dinner at Eight is displaying on her table! So pretty and fun to look at!

tiny cottage figurine

Basket O’ Herbs

You think we have a theme going on today? Not just the great outdoors, but there are a LOT of herb features! Kim at From Farmhouse to Florida is showing us how we can grow our own DESSERT herb garden in baskets! What a great idea!

tuesday turn about 257 great outdoors herps in basket with pink flowers

Free Printables for a Summer Al Fresco Dinner Party

Wendy from WM Design House is sharing tips on how to put an outdoor dinner party together. Also, she’s offering 7 FREE printables to compliment the party that include a red-white-and-blue theme!

outdoor buffet in red white blue

Anchors Await on the Table

Give me all the nautical decor during the summer! And anchors are especially significant to me as they remind me that the Lord is the Anchor of my life. 🙂 Beth from Whispers of the Heart is sharing her lovely anchor tablescape, and she showing us how to put it together for our own summer table.

tuesday turn about 257 great outdoors white anchor centerpiece with aqua accents

5th Wheel Home Tour

Well, I can’t rightly pass up a post on trailer living, now can I? Melynda from Scratch Made Food is sharing a tour of their tiny home… on SIX acres of land! The post is a great read!

trailer with blue truck

Summery Watermelon Recipes

Watermelon just might be my favorite fruit? What about you? Jenna from The Painted Apron is sharing FIVE different recipes using this mouth-watering melon!

tuesday turn about 257 great outdoors strawberry salad

Japanese Denim Koinobori Windsocks

Claire from Pillar Box Blue is the denim recycling queen! Take a look at these DIY Japanese Denim Koinobori Windsocks! They are so cute, and a great outdoor decor item!

fish flying flags in denim

American Flag Etiquette

In case you didn’t know, there are some definite guidelines to follow when displaying and using Old Glory. Tina from The MapleStone Home is clueing-us-in on what we can, and cannot, do with with the American flag.

tuesday turn about 257 great outdoors potted plant with two flags on table

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  1. Julie,
    I need to play catch up on your posts which I will be doing shortly…I have to go through our storage room and decide what tools I am keeping and which ones I am passing forward to family…We are in a heat wave that is supposed to last 6 days!!! Of 90+ degree temps.! I will be in the house with all the shades and windows closed and the AC on…I hope the Summer is not going to be like this….I can not physically take the heat due to my auto immune disease…
    Thanks so much for hosting this charming party!! I really appreciate the time and effort that goes into it along with visiting all the links!!
    Debbie-Dabble Blog

    1. Yes… we are having a heatwave here, too! 90s today, and no break in sight! Argh! Stay cool and healthy, friend!

  2. Hi Julie, thank you very much for adding my mini lantern to the list of features. I appreciate it so much. I hope that everything is resolved with your sewer tank. Also, I completely agree about the walking GPS; it’s happened to me too, haha. I’m glad you were able to make it and cool down before they called you in. My husband and I were called to participate in a trial, and they ended up needing only him. We decided that I would drop him off. It worked out because we were both dreading the parking, especially after the coordinator let us know that parking would be quite a hassle. I hope your week goes well. Again, thank you for hosting this lovely linkup each week. ♡

    1. Thank you Steph… sewer tank is JUST about resolved. I have a deep cleaning happening on Friday, and then starting an improved maintenance system I’ll be sharing soon! Sounds like our jury duty had similar issues! 😉 Crazy how they make it harder on those that are doing their part.

    1. Yes, those are adorable lanterns! Loved your post this week! So happy to be featuring at tomorrow’s party!

  3. Julie, thank you so much for adding my post Welcome, come and tour our 5thwheel home! to your line-up! To be honest, for the longest time I kept is quiet we lived in a 5thwheel (not shame in any way, just quiet about it) but your post on purchasing and living in a trailer gave me the push I needed to speak up and share our journey from NPS volunteers to land dwellers! Have a great week ahead, and thanks for the link party each week.

    1. I’m so glad you were inspired to share, Melynda! I’m sure we will be learning from each other! 😉

    1. Yes, I think I will need to be watering more, as well. So glad to have you with us this week, Rita! LOVED reading your post!

  4. Good Morning, Julie! Such varied and fun features this week… we are thrilled to be included! THANK YOU! I appreciated your recap of your Jury Duty experience . I begin my duty on Monday and I’m hoping it will be short and sweet – so sorry your’s was a bit sweaty! Wishing you a good week ahead!

    1. We are safe. My nephew is part of a wildfire team waiting to be called. He just finished training. We are proud of him, and also praying for his safety!

  5. Another round of great features Julie, and I can’t wait to read your post about painting your trailer. I’m fascinated about how you’re maing such a small space beautiful! Glad your jury duty was short and sweet, even after all the extra exercise! Thanks so much as always, for hosting. Hope you have a lovely relaxing fun week!

    1. Thanks, Barbara… Yes… there is so much to do, in such a tiny space! But, I’m having fun. The repairs have even been rewarding!

  6. Julie, I will try not to snicker that your temps are in the 80’s. That sounds like heaven. We’ve been in the 90’s the past 10 days and it’s no big deal. BTW, I’ve learned from many Pinterest gurus that PINs should almost always have a call to action in the text. I do that on almost every Pin. I know it helps. Good job on yours!

    1. Yeah… we hit the 90s today. No fun. It just came so fast and there is no break in sight. Summer is my least fave season. :-/

  7. Julie, love the features and thank you for hosting and having me over weekly. Wishing you a super fantastic week.
    I visited you via Tuesday Turn About. My entries this week are numbered #53+54

  8. Julie, thanks so much for including my summertime gardens tablescape among your features. I’m honored to be in such great company! I hope you have a wonderful — and cool — summer. We hit 99 on Saturday!!! I won’t even talk about the humidity.

    1. You are so welcome, Sandra. Yep… summer came fast and furious here! It was in the 90s today, as well. No real break in sight. Womp, womp!

  9. Hey there Julie! How are you? And how is your summer going so far? All’s well here. Thank You so much for hosting and your warm hospitality.
    Linked up at #65,66&67.
    Have A Great Week Ahead.

    1. Hi, Paula… doing well, but it is so HOT here. Summer came suddenly and with a vengeance! I was not ready! So glad to have you with us. I’ll be featuring one of your posts at this week’s party!

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