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Light and Airy RV Renovation Kitchen Design Board

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Light and Airy RV Renovation Kitchen Design Board: Today marks the first step in My Wee Abode’s RV kitchen renovation journey! Creating a mood board (or design board) for a tiny kitchen remodel is a fantastic way to kick off the process and envision a beautiful space in your travel trailer. Let’s get started on transforming your kitchen into something amazing!

RV Renovation Kitchen Design Board

Well, today’s the day!

I’m excited to share my initial ideas for the travel trailer renovation here at My Wee Abode!

The kitchen is the heart of the home, even in a stationary travel trailer. At least it is for me! So, that’s where I’m starting!

You might be a bit surprised by my choices, but maybe not.

RV kitchen renovation design board

If you’ve been here at My Wee Abode for any time at all, you know that I enjoy a light and airy aesthetic in my home. The apartment I shared with my mom was also more minimalistic in style and ‘vibe’.

living area with fall decor sofa cabinet and coffee table

Read on to find out what will change and what will stay the same at MWA 3.0.

Tiny Travel Trailer Kitchen – Before

This is the first REAL peek at the current state of the My Wee Abode trailer kitchen!

As you can see, those dark cabinets keep following me wherever I live! LOL!

before picture of dated trailer kitchen

The wallpaper border and wall color will be saying ‘bye-bye’, as well. Lots of changes planned, but those cabinets are the worst!

Benefits of Creating a Design Board for a Kitchen Renovation

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the renovation details, let’s take a look at WHY a design board is an important tool for any home renovation.

Visual Clarity

  • Visualization of Ideas: A design board helps to visually represent your ideas and concepts, making it easier to see how different elements will work together.
  • Color and Texture Coordination: It also allows you to see how colors, textures, and materials complement each other.


  • Centralized Information: A mood board serves as a central location to gather all your design ideas, samples, and inspirations.
  • Categorization: Utilizing a design board helps in categorizing different aspects of the kitchen design, such as cabinetry, countertops, appliances, lighting, etc.


  • Creative Spark: A design board can serve as a source of inspiration and creativity, helping you explore different styles and trends.
  • Mood Setting: It sets the mood and tone for the kitchen, guiding the overall aesthetic direction.


  • Material Selection: Sometimes, the items on the actual board will slightly differ from your actual options. A design board helps in making informed decisions about materials, finishes, and fixtures by comparing them visually.
  • Budget Planning: Assists in budget planning by visually organizing high-end and cost-effective options. What do you want, versus what is budget-friendly.

Time Efficiency

  • Streamlined Process: A mood board can often speed up the design process by having all ideas and plans in one place.
  • Eliminates Guesswork: Reduces the time spent on second-guessing decisions, making the design process more efficient. This doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind on design elements. But, it can help to keep you on track!


  • Functional Layout: Aids in planning the functional layout of the kitchen, ensuring practicality and usability.
  • Spatial Awareness: A design board helps in visualizing the spatial arrangement and flow of the kitchen space. This is especially important with tiny homes and RVs.


  • Easy Adjustments: Using a mood board allows for easy adjustments and changes to the design before final decisions are made. (I know I said that before.)
  • Experimentation: Enables experimentation with different design elements without any permanent commitment. (You can always adjust a mood board, too. Using PNG elements in your editing tool for the actual creation of the board, you can delete, add, and move the design items at any time.)

By using a kitchen design board, you can create a cohesive, well-thought-out kitchen design that meets both aesthetic and functional desires, while also streamlining the entire design process.

The Details: RV Renovation Kitchen Design Board

Now, here is the design board for the travel trailer kitchen renovation:

RV kitchen renovation design board

What do you think? Are you surprised?

Remember in my camper trailer color scheme post I had mentioned which color palette inspired me the most?

travel trailer living area and bedroom in greens and neutral tones

Holli from farmhouse.chic renovated her travel trailer in lots of whites, some green, and touches of black and grey. I almost purchased the exact same camper floor plan as hers, too! Almost.

However, THIS is the inspiration for my kitchen design…

kitchen with sage cabinets white counters and silver accents
If anyone knows who this image belongs to,
please let me know.

Gorgeous, right? Now, I KNOW I’m not going to be able to make a RV trailer kitchen look like this, but I’m gonna give it a good old college try!

Let’s talk about the details for My Wee Abode’s kitchen, shall we?

Color Scheme for a Light and Airy Camper Trailer Kitchen

Here is the color palette I’m going with in the kitchen… along with the rug style that is being used in the whole trailer.

RV kitchen renovation design board close up

The walls will be painted in a bright, pure white. If not Sherwin Williams High Reflective White, it will be something very close to it.

The cabinets are the star of the show in the inspo photo, don’t you think? Mine will be painted as close to that color as possible. An earthy green… kind of like a succulent green. Sherwin Williams Waterscape is definitely a contender, but I’m also looking at Rainwashed. I’ll paint a swatch on the cabinets and check which one photographs best, because I like both colors!

The appliances will not be replaced (at least not at this point), so black will need to be part of the palette, as well. I really don’t want to paint my appliances. We’ll see what happens!

Cabinets and Hardware

The current cabinetry will remain and, as I just mentioned, they will be painted a natural green color.

close up of design board cabinets and hardware

The original hardware will get a pewter look… at least that is the plan. If they still look dated after that, they will be replaced with the hardware I used on MWA #1. (Whether they will fit the cabinet door or not is another story!)

Backsplash and Faucet

The backsplash will get a peel-and-stick treatment, similar to the one pictured. There are SO many designs to choose from, but I like how this one looked in completed kitchens.

RV kitchen renovation design board with faucet and tile

Replacing the faucet is a dream. And, of course, I love the polished nickel look. Not sure what I will be doing with the sink… there are a couple of options rolling around in my head. Have you ever heard of painting a sink??? 🙂

Flooring and Lighting

Have you used luxury vinyl plank? It’s all the rage these days. I think it’s lovely, and I even used it in the bathroom reno in the loft apartment.

I’ll be hiring someone to install LVP throughout the trailer. You gotta know your limitations, and laying LVP in the trailer is one of mine! The light vesinet oak is a perfect finish for the trailer… warm and neutral.

design board elements with swatches and light fixtures

The countertops will get a DIY adhesive vinyl treatment, just like the original MWA. The marble look will go best with the rest of the aesthetic, don’t you think?

The light fixture above the kitchen might be replaced, but I’m not sure about using the fixture that is on the design board. Good thing I can change my mind, right?

Miscellaneous Design and Decor Elements for a RV Kitchen Renovation

Last, but not least, there will need to be some decor elements that lend texture, warmth, and an overall ‘zhuzhing up’ to my teensy kitchen!

Cutting boards are already near the kitchen stove, but I might replace them with something a bit warmer in tone and color.

RV kitchen renovation design board decor elements

There just might be enough room in the corner, behind the sink, to add a wooden vase with some eucalyptus stems or any seasonal stems that might add some interest and color!

A wall organizer will be a definite must, and there should be plenty of room for it on either wall.

Finally, white roller blinds have already been installed throughout My Wee Abode, and I’m thrilled with them! Can’t wait to share more about the window coverings with you soon!

If you want even more small home solutions and stationary travel trailer life, plus immediate access to the FREE printables library, simply click/tap on the button below!

all the freebies!


Get instant access to the My Wee Abode FREE Printables Library!

So, what do you think about using a design board? Would you like a tutorial on how to create one (or more) of your own? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I love all your design board inspirations and I’m sure they will look terrific in your new WeeAbode! Looking forward to following your blog entries as you let us walk through your progress with you. Anne

    1. Thank you so much, Anne… for the kinds words AND for commenting! It means so much to me. So glad to have you along for the ride, and I hope it inspires you, too!

    1. Okay, Rhonda… I think it would be helpful to the MWA family! 😉 Thanks for commenting. It made my day!

    1. Thank you, Josee! Always love hearing from you! Appreciate you support being a long-time MWA fam member, too!

  2. Julie, I love your light, airy color scheme! Light & bright makes any space feel larger! And because it’s a neutral palette, you can easily decorate for the seasons with various colors! You have some great ideas! I’m anxious to see your space be transformed into a sweet and peaceful Wee Abode!

    1. Oh, you are so sweet, Nancy! I’m so glad you are following along! Hope you are being inspired, too! Thanks for commenting… it means the world to me!

  3. I think you’ll love either of the green colors you’ve chosen. Both are so airy and light. You have great ideas for the rest of your kitchen too! Nice color scheme – keep us updated.

    1. Thanks, B… I think I will like both, as well. Just need to see which photographs best! After looking at the inspo photo again, I’m thinking that Rainwashed might be a better choice! So glad you stopped in, and I appreciate your comment! Hugs and hearts!

  4. We had our tub painted one time. We almost had to move out for a day or two as they have to treat it before painting. I do not think I would tackle it on my own but it was less expensive than a replacement. I love your colors and can’t wait to see the finished kitchen.

    1. Thanks, Fernie. There have been a couple bloggers I know that have painted their RV sinks. So, I might try it. I can always replace it! 😉

    1. Thanks, Debra! I’m looking forward to being able to have green cabinets. And, if I don’t like them, I can change them!

  5. Like the green. I’m seeing more and more greens that I like –I’m not a green fan. The view out the kitchen window–I’m not sure what you see, but it looks like it needs a bit of color or ???Is it possible to put something there to look at?

    1. LOL! Dianna, you have a sharp eye! My views are not the best, and I def has some ideas for the windows. 🙂 Glad you like the green. Green has been a fave color of mine for many years. My car is even green! So good to hear from you! Appreciate you taking the time to comment! Hugs!

  6. I love your design/mood board and your inspo photo is divine!
    We met at the Haven conference held in Charleston SC whatever year that was – the only one held in Charleston. Do you remember? I’m a Christian women’s fiction author but tried my hand at blogging. I decided novels are my thing and blogging is only to support/market the novel writing. I’m amazed by all y’all professional bloggers do.

    1. OF COURSE I remember you, Diane! And I remember that we chatted back and forth afterwards, too! I have thought about you several times over the past several years. I’m off to visit your blog now, and learn about your writing.

    1. Thank you, Michelle. I just discovered that I will need to fill the wood on the cabinets. I’m procrastinating doing it for that reason! :-/

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