Tuesday Turn About #204 Red White and Blue

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Welcome to the party… It’s Tuesday Turn About #204 Red White and Blue!


Last week, the party was all about summer gardening!

The party has started for this week! Welcome!

We are just a little over a month away from celebrating our country’s birthday! Are you ready?

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Well, this week I’m sharing some fun projects and ideas to prepare your home and family for the patriotic holidays that are still on the horizon!

And, if you’ve been around MWA for any amount of time, you know that RWB (red/white/blue) are NOT necessarily my fave colors to decorate with! And here’s my take on why.

However, I just HAD to share these patriotic posts this week! And I think you’ll love them, too!

Also, be sure to check out all the features from the party…

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Update on Cleanse…

If you’ve been following along my cleanse ‘adventure’ for the last three weeks, you’ll know that this past Sunday officially ended my 3-week purification.

Here are my takeaways from the three weeks:

  • It’s actually not hard to get down 100 ounces of water each day… even in the latter half of the day. Once you start, your body adapts and craves the water. This is good!
  • Taking 30 pills a day for the first half of the cleanse, and then 13 pills the last half was the hardest part to do, and to remember! But, taking them throughout my meal made it easier.
  • Since I love food in general… the healthy and the not-so-healthy, it was easy to enjoy the vegetarian meals the first half of the cleanse. Plus it was really yummy, and a fun challenge.
  • After having such bad habits for so long, I still have moments where cravings pop into my head. At those times, I either drink more water (which actually really helps me), or I eat a piece of fruit.
  • Organic foods DO taste much better, and organic produce lasts WAY longer in the fridge (like three times longer)!

Total weight loss…

My total weight loss in the first 3 weeks was 14 pounds!

  • Week One: 9 pounds (due to water and inflammation weight)
  • Week Two: 1.8 pounds
  • Week Three: 3.2 pounds

As so many dieticians and health advisors suggest, I would like to lose between 1-2 pounds per week because this often helps with keeping the weight off. Slow and steady wins the race!

Future plans…

I plan on continuing this eating style, slowly introducing some items I didn’t eat the whole three weeks, such as eggs. I’ve also added an 8 ounce cup of decaf coffee in the morning.

Dairy may be something I need to stay away from because I believe it causes inflammation and headaches for me (I didn’t have one headache the whole three weeks!).

Also, I KNOW that inflammatory oils are a no-no for me. I visited a ‘healthy living’ restaurant last week, and everything was good for me, except the oil they used on the grill to keep things from sticking. My digestive system was wrecked that night!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or leave your questions in the comment area below. I’m pretty much an open book.

Weekly Household Tip

Do you have issues with squirrels or rodents eating your garden? I sure do!

Last spring/summer, my whole container garden was a feast for the rodents. This year, I don’t see any droppings, so I think the managers have that under control.

However, I caught a squirrel digging in a pot filled with dirt. After scaring the critter away, I added coffee to the pot. No more squirrels.

Coffee and mint…

The container garden for my upcoming summer balcony tour is just about finished. In addition to coffee, a large part of the garden includes pretty Mojito Mint plants. They have a stronger mint smell than your standard mint plants and squirrels don’t like the scent of those plants at all. So far, no animal are bothering the garden!

Do you use mint and coffee to ward of varmints? What do YOU use?

Weekly Blogging Tip

Week before last, I promised to get you more info on converting to GA4 (the new Google Analytics).

And more info I have!

Here’s a setup video for GA4 from Grayson Bell of iMark Interactive. And also a video to take care of pop-up screens that continue to come up after setup.

Now, I still need to use these videos myself, but I have utmost confidence in Grayson Bell and his tutorials, as I have used other tutorials of his in the past! Let me know what you think if you use these videos!

Okay, time to party!

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My Wee Abode

tuesday turn about 204 red white and blue collage of patriotic decor projects

DIY Patriotic Wood Bead Garland with Stars //
How to Tone-Down Red White and Blue Decor

My Family Thyme

collage of light blue hydrangeas, white stock and red carnations in a white iron stone picture, small candle, and blue gingham napkins on a kitchen table and red white and blue floral wreath

Simple Patriotic Summer Decor // DIY Patriotic Floral Summer Wreath

Reinvented Delaware

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Easiest Homemade Greek Yogurt // DIY Ideas for Upcycled Planters

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Red-White-and-Blue Decor Ideas

Jenna from The Painted Apron is sharing a plethora of patriotic decor ideas you might want to incorporate into your home! I love the al fresco tablescape she shares!

tuesday turn about 204 red white and blue al fresco tablescape with river in background

Add a DIY Patriotic Pillow

This pillow is so pretty, and I love that you can use the fabric of your choice to truly make it ‘YOU’! Whether it’s a bright RWB pillow, muted vintage RWB, or even a pastel pink-white-and-sky-blue, this patriotic pillow tutorial from Carol at Bluesky At Home is a winner!

patriotic pillow with red white and blue stars on patio chair

Patriotic Trifle Recipe

Do you love a trifle dessert? You better believe I do! And this simple patriotic trifle recipe from Jen at Cincy Shopper is sure to be a hit at your patriotic BBQ or potluck! (Make it with organic fruit, and it’s even better!)

tuesday turn about 204 red white and blue trifle on table with gingham napkin in red

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Summer is just around the bend! And even though I’m NOT looking forward to the heat and humidity, I AM looking forward to your summer decor, DIYs, tablescapes, crafts, and recipes!

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  1. hi Julie! Thanks so much for the party and for featuring my red white and blue decor post this week! Much appreciated! I loved your tip about using coffee in your pots to ward off pesky squirrels~ they are constantly digging through my flower pots! Do you use fresh coffee grounds mixed in with the soil? Thanks and have a great rest of the week!

    1. You are so welcome. I’ve been using fresh grounds, mainly because I had some that I don’t like (LOL!), and neither do the squirrels. I have just sprinkled it on top of the soil. After watering a few times, I’ll probably add more, maybe scrape off the top layer of soil, add more and then add more grounds. Haven’t gotten there yet. I’m hoping the mint might be the biggest deterrent, and I won’t need to do the coffee grounds as much. 😉

  2. Congrats on your weight loss!! You will feel so much better…I have lost 50 pounds over the past year… It was not easy but it was well worth it…
    Thanks so much for hosting this wonderful party each and every week!! I really appreciate the time and effort that goes into it along with visiting all the links and choosing Features!!! Thank You!! I hope you are having a great week!!

    1. Thanks, Debbie… Yes, I’m shooting for 50 pounds, as well. I won’t be perfect, but I’ll be feeling good and content.

  3. Hi Julie! Thanks for hosting. I always love to stop by your TT link party. I am so impressed with your new diet and that you have been so resolute. I don’t think I could take all those pills. So, I truly admire you. As always, I hope your Mom is doing well.

    1. Thanks, Nicolle. I DO feel better. Less inflammation, and just overall ‘better’. I’m hoping to continue. This week has gone well, too!

  4. Thanks for the coffee tip for bad squirrels. I have a marauding band of rodents. I’ll give it a try! Tried the mint last year and I need to do that again too. Have a great week, Julie! Thanks for having us over.

    1. Let me know how it goes, Debra! So far, it’s still working here. I’ll be posting on Tuesday and showing my balcony and sharing more!

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