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Simple Fall Decor You Can Add to Your Tiny Home

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Let’s take a look at simple fall decor you can add to your tiny home. We’re talkin’ dorm, tiny house, and apartment fall decor that you can easily use in any size home!


Today, I’m honored, thrilled, and humbled to be part of the Brilliant Colors of Fall Home Tour hosted by Kelly at The Tattered Pew and Mansa from This Is Simplicite.

apartment fall decor

This entire week, 30 bloggers (6 each day) are sharing their fall homes, tips, and tricks to get us inspired and ready for the autumn season. So, when you are finished here, be sure to visit each of the bloggers that are listed at end of this post! You’ll be blessed!

Welcome to all my MWA fam and friends, and if you’re here by way of Aratari at Home, a huge welcome to you, too! Lindsay’s fall porch with the lovely florals is perfect for this season, right?!

Now hold on because this is a long one, filled with ideas for your fall porch and kitchen!

Brilliant Colors of Fall

Adding Simple Fall Decor to A Tiny Porch

One of the reasons I’m so excited about being part of this HUGE home tour is because… I’m the only apartment home in the whole group! Seriously… my little place in the midst of all these full size homes… #BLESSED!

So, welcome to my small apartment porch, on a very overcast So Cal day!

tiny patio landing with fall plants flowers and decor elements

Not only is My Wee Abode an apartment… it’s a TINY apartment! How tiny? We’re talkin’ 400 square feet of well-used space! There are definite pros and cons to living in a tiny space, but I won’t go into those details here.

However, I WOULD love to show you how to add some lovely fall elements to a tiny apartment porch (and then the kitchen). It’s definitely one of the ways to add style and beauty to a rental space.

What Should I Put On My Tiny Front Porch

The first thing to add to a tiny front porch is natural elements.

apartment fall decor mum and plants on a tiny patio

We’re talking:

  • Flowers: mums (perfect flower for fall), dahlias, gerber daisies, aster
  • Pumpkins (real and faux)
  • Raffia
  • Succulents
  • Pinecones

I was VERY surprised to find mums already at Walmart! However, they were either fully bloomed, or just starting to bloom. So I picked up one of each!

The firey orange blooming mum was a bit large for my wee porch. Okay, it’s huge, people… we’re talking GINORMOUS! Like, it takes up a quarter of my patio!

apartment fall decor mum and plants on a tiny patio

But, it’s SO refreshing to see it outside my door when I leave and come home from work. Plus, when my front door is open (which is a lot these days) I can actually see my whole porch from my sofa while I’m relaxing (or blogging). πŸ˜‰

I also picked up a tiny purple mum that is still itchin’ to open. Pro tip: When you purchase mums, be sure to get plants that have lots of closed buds… this way you can dead-head old flowers and the new buds will open throughout the season!

purple mum with lots of buds on crate

These sweet little Asters are a first from me… the leaves look like a gerbera daisy and the flowers have a dainty mum look. They are so pretty in their terra cotta pots, resting on some raffia in my little window box.

apartment fall decor pink flowers in terra cotta pots in a window box
apartment fall decor pink flowers in terra cotta pots in a window box
I may like these even more than the mums… we’ll see if they thrive as well!

Add Some Pumpkins

There were actually mini pumpkins at my local grocery store! It seems that lots of my blogging buddies are having a hard time finding these since summer still seems to be going strong.

Adding some pumpkins to a crate with some more raffia added another natural element with some great texture!

And the little crate was topped off with the purple mum, giving another height dimension to this tiny patio. Remember, adding decor at different heights not only adds interest to a tiny porch, but it saves space!

apartment fall decor mum and plants on a tiny patio
My big white pumpkin in the background missed getting it’s own ‘glam’ shot.

Place a Fall Wreath on Your Door

Using a wreath on your front door is a lovely way to welcome guests and family members to your home. And a large wreath makes a grand statement on a tiny apartment porch, too!

apartment fall decor fall wreath on front door

This fall wreath is a quick ‘makeover’ from last year’s DIY 15-Minute Fall Wreath that hung above my media console. This year, the arrangement is a bit more whimsical and perfect for the front door!

Thanks to a wonderful new lens I’m trying out, the whole front porch at My Wee Abode is being seen for the first time, including a picture of my door decor!

fall wreath on front door

So now that you’ve seen how to decorate a small apartment porch for the fall, shall we enter My Wee Abode and take a look at the fall kitchen decor?

How Can I Decorate My Small Kitchen for Fall?

Try as I might, I tried to have a lighter touch than last year with my fall kitchen decor. I’m not so sure I succeeded. πŸ˜‰

Adding neutral tones with just a touch of yellow, orange and copper seemed to be the perfect way to keep things on the less cluttered side of fall.

When adding decor to a tiny kitchen, use a limited color palette.

If you’ve been around MWA for any time, you may notice the views of my kitchen are a bit different, thanks to the new lens I mentioned earlier! I’m still learning HOW to use it, but I’m pretty amazed that these were taken at the edge of my kitchen!

And, we’re keeping it real here, friends. My little kitchen area is also home to my ‘mudroom’ as well as my heating unit!

apartment fall decor entrance to a tiny kitchen with wall heather and bench

Having to work with dark cabinets is a challenge for me. I’m still trying to muster the courage to ask my landlord if I can paint them white. She hasn’t seen my newly painted bathroom cabinets… yet. πŸ˜‰

tiny apartment kitchen with dark cabinets and white island with fall decor

The shaker cabinets are in VERY good condition, for which I am truly thankful, but the color. Sigh.

apartment fall decor kitchen with dark cabinets and white island with fall decor

When adding decor to a small kitchen, add large items with a few small ones.

Yvonne from StoneGable always says, “Go big or go home”. I’m still learning that using large statement items in a small home works better than cluttering it with lots of small “tchotchkes”.

Hobby Lobby had this large pedestal cutting board on sale for $20, and I grabbed it! Right now, it’s being used to hold my kitchen necessities… and a cute little pumpkin!

pedestal cutting board with soap dispenser cloths and pumpkin on top on white surface

And this copper soap dispenser is perfect for the fall!

copper soap dispenser on wood board

Using a large white pitcher with ivory hydrangeas sets the tone for the rest of the open shelving fall decor.

open shelf with fall decor
apartment fall decor with white pitcher and hydrangeas

These wire baskets were originally bronze. A nice white-wash and a bit of destressing and now they are the light neutral color that ties in with the pitcher.

wire basket with fall produce and raffia on shelf with cutting boards in background

Adding some raffia and some real and faux autumn produce makes for a great nod to the season. (And I love the cutting boards on either side of the top shelf for some different texture.)

My white dishes tie in with the white pitcher at on the top shelf.

white dishes on open shelf

This large sign reminds me to be grateful for my wee space!

apartment fall decor open shelf with grateful sign

And I’m loving these antiqued copper acorn ‘jingle bells’. Do you love using acorns for fall decor? I used some wood acorns in my fall cloche for last month’s Pinterest Challenge.

copper jingle bell acorns on wood shelf

A pretty wooden pear with a copper stem/leaf is a new fave of mine from last year.

wooden pear with copper leaf and stem on wooden shelf with bowl holding dish towels
Using a white ironstone bowl to hold pretty orange dish towels is a practical way to add fall decor.

Take the minimalist route where you can!

The shelf above my microwave and oven holds a new fall “garland” I created a couple of weeks ago… the tutorial is coming soon!

wood leaf garland that says fall on open shelf

I love that this shelf is definitely more on the minimalist side. πŸ™‚

wood leaf garland that says fall on open shelf

Though not decor, use double or triple-duty furniture in a small kitchen!

And last but not least, I’m sharing a part of my little kitchen that has never been seen on the blog before…

When my mom down-sized at the same time that I moved into My Wee Abode, she asked if I wanted her antique baker’s cabinet (also lovingly referred to as a “Hoosier”, which is a brand of baker’s cabinet).

I have always loved this vintage furniture piece, and even though I wasn’t sure how it would work in a tiny loft apartment, I wasn’t going to let it go to a stranger!

apartment fall decor bakers cabinet with vintage decor
Do you spot my DIY velvet pumpkins added to a milk glass compote bowl I snagged at the Goodwill?

Adding counter space (that enamel “counter” pulls out), cupboard space, and drawer space, this special piece of furniture also works as a room divider between the kitchen and living area. It can even be used as a table for two!

Why Such a Secret?

So why haven’t I shared this part of the kitchen before? Well, it needs some love. Truth be told… I want to paint it.

Now don’t go throwing tomatoes at me quite yet. This is NOT the original finish of this piece. My parents actually stripped the original paint off and stained it because they loved oak.

So, I just want to put it back to it’s original painted look… I’m doing a good thing! πŸ˜‰

This is the corner of my kitchen that has my vintage items, including an old wash board…

bakers cabinet with fall decor and washboard hung on wall

And my mom’s butter melter that also holds sweet memories of movie nights with buttered popcorn while growing up. The perfect color for a touch of fall!

And that little memory wraps up the tour of My Wee Abode’s fall porch and kitchen! Thank you so much for stopping in and sharing this time with me!

Next on the tour is my sweet friend Jen from Midwest Life and Style! Jen has a great cottage farmhouse style and she’s sharing three area of her home with us!!

And don’t forget to check out all of my blogging friends’ homes by clicking on the links below… and come back tomorrow to wrap up the tour with 7 more inspiring homes!

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  1. What a fabulous tour, Julie! I slowly scrolled through enjoying every single picture. Your new lens is amazing and I love that using it let you show us your entire porch as well as the door and a view of your kitchen that I’ve never seen. I love fall mums and yours look wonderful on your porch along with the variety of aster that I’ve never seen and your wooden box filled with pumpkins. Your kitchen shelves look great and I really like the wire baskets that you used turned on their sides. Looking forward to your fall banner tutorial! Wonderful job on your tour my friend!

  2. You do amazing decor I’m your small space, Julie. I love your fall touches on the open shelves. Your ”hoosier” cabinet is a wonderful piece both for storage and focal point. I agree with you about painting it. Your butter meter is so sweet and just the right color. Great job, my friend. Enjoy your pretty space.

  3. I love all the special touches you added to your porch and kitchen, Julie! The asters are so pretty! I always forget about the other fall flowers but think I might need some of them in my life this year. πŸ™‚ Really love how you styled your open shelving, and that pear with the copper leaf is gorgeous! Can’t wait to see what you end up doing with that hoosier cabinet. It’s such a useful piece of furniture and sentimental too. So glad to be touring with you today!

  4. This tour was a treat Julie, love your front porch with your muns and pumpkins.

    Your kitchen is pretty and I spotted your velvet pumpkins right away. Who doesn’t love copper for fall and winter months?

    I look forward to seeing tgat cabinet done, it’s a beautiful family piece. Thanks for sharing this piece.


  5. I absolutely love your fall tour Julie! Your “hoosier cabinet” is the perfect focal point. I spent so much time going through each of your lovely pictures. Loving your wreath, pumpkins, mums and asters! You have done such an amazing job with your adorable small space. Pinned!

  6. The big pot your huge mum plant is in is so so pretty!! And those ivory hydrangeas are stunning! (Might they be leftover from another project? {smile})

  7. Your home is beautiful, Julie. I love you how you make the most of the space you have. Your porch is so inviting and can we just talk about that gorgeous cabinet? I’m in love!

    1. Yes, the cabinet is a winner… Hopefully I can tackle that after the bathroom is done! Thanks for the kind words, Jen!

  8. Julie, you’ve created such a charming, cozy home. From your porch to your kitchen, you’ve made the most of each space beautifully! Happy Fall! Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  9. Julie I have never seen your porch so that was a fun surprise! So was your kitchen…so very pretty all the way around. I am impressed on what you do with 400 square feet! Seriously…you are amazing! I loved all of your fall touches and your mum tips! Thanks for joining me this week!

    1. Thanks, Kate… I was so inspired by everyone… I have some changes to make at MWA! πŸ˜‰ Glad to meet you, too!

  10. Such a wonderful job! Just loved the simplicity of your Fall touches along with the natural elements and different textures you used. Happy Fall!

  11. I just love your Hoosier cabinet. Can you show up the “innards” sometime? Does it have the flour bin and sifter? As my kitchen cabinets are still oak, if I had yours, I wouldn’t paint it, but I know how you feel. I look for one every time we go antiquin–they go for a fortune if they are in nice shape. Even though I don’t have a good place for one! My mother’s ONLY kitchen counter was an enamel table top like that closed int the make a cupboard! I smiled when I saw your washboard; when we cleaned out my mother’s house, my daughter called dibs on the washboard! Love your touches of fall and that GIANT mum!

    1. Hey, Kathy… I’m SO glad you enjoyed seeing the Hoosier. Of course I will show the innards… probably as soon as I get the makeover done. It will be next after my bathroom makeover. It does NOT have the flour bing or sifter anymore. My parents purchased it without those. They went to Missouri one year, on a picking excursion, and got this for… wait for it… $150! And for them, back then, that was a lot of money! πŸ˜‰ And, I’m loving my ginormous mum, too!

    1. That’s the first time I’ve noticed asters at the nursery… The leaves were what caught my eye! So fun to have a big garden on my little porch! πŸ˜‰

    1. Yes! I think so too… We’ll see how fast I can get the bathroom done! I think the flooring has me frozen a bit! (In fear!)

  12. Your tour is SO lovely, Julie! Your porch is absolutely stunning! I need a ginormous mum like that! I really like the dainty asters, too. I can imagine your porch is the most welcoming in the area with all those gorgeous flowers and pumpkins. I really appreciate all the special touches you have, like the copper accents and the sweet little acorns and pear…even the way you fold your towels by the sink! The special furniture piece is really beautiful and sentimental too. Pinning!

    1. Thank you so much, Crissy! I needed to read this tonight. πŸ™‚ The comparison trap is real, right, BBB? I need to catch up on your posts now!

    1. Thanks, Cindy… Yes… I ordered the lens, then realized it was the wrong one. Trying to find the best deal now.

  13. Everything looks perfect, Julie! I love the display outside and the wreath in your door is so pretty. My favorite part of your kitchen is the bakers cabinet! Such a perfect piece! Your space maybe β€œwee” but it is mighty in style!

    1. My mom had mums in the yard while I grew up, and I disliked them because they didn’t have a fragrance. Too funny how much I love them now!Thanks, Mansa!

  14. Ohh, I just love your Fall porch and kitchen! The various ways you’ve arranged the mums and succulents is so cute! Def. visually appealing! And, I love the F A L L leaves on your kitchen shelf!


  15. Such a pretty tour, Julie. I remember that fall wreath from last year and still love it so much! Hope your fall is going well and you’re surviving all the wildfire smoke!

  16. You have decorated your apartment so beautifully for fall! It’s amazing how much you’ve been able to do with a small space! I especially love how you mixed the succulents with the fall mums and flowers!

    1. Thanks, Jen… Decorating my tiny porch is always fun… challenging, but fun! The full, all-day sun does not permit easy growing. πŸ˜‰

  17. So many sweet fall touches for your home, Julie! I have to say my fave is that wreath on your front door!! I love a loose look for a wreath:) I also just noticed the new look of your blog!! Omgoodness, it is gorgeous! Love your new logo and the layout and everything about it!!

    1. Oh, thank you so much, Cindy! I’m loving my new logo, too… ain’t gonna lie. I think it’s pretty cool! Still needing some tweaks on the pages, but it will get there! Hugs!

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