5 Easy Hacks That Will Add Big Style to Your Apartment

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Adding personal design to a small rental space takes lots of creativity and a little bit of cash.  Let’s take a look at 5 easy apartment decor hacks that will add big style to your living space!


easy apartment decor hacks before and after photo of small living area


Do you look at your apartment or small home and wish you could add some ‘oomph’ to it?

Maybe a little design or decor that’s easy to change-up or remove?

Or perhaps even create something that makes a big impact and is practical AND pretty?

Yes? Me, too!

When I first moved into my tiny studio apartment, I wanted to do LOTS of projects to add my personal style to my space.

You know… “make it mine”.

So today, we’re going to look at a few apartment decor solutions that actually have been added to My Wee Abode, and a few that are still in the works.

What Makes These Easy Apartment Decor Hacks Special?

These apartment workarounds are unique for a few reasons:

  • First, and most importantly, these style solutions are removable or easily ‘changed-back’.  For a rental home situation, you want to make sure to keep your landlord happy, and these simple apartment decor hacks will do just that!
  • Adding these decor solutions is also practical! They ‘help’ to make your apartment, small home, or dorm easier and nicer to live in.
  • They are affordable solutions. Let’s face it, most of us living in rental homes or small spaces tend to follow a budget-friendly lifestyle. 😉
  • These tips for adding easy and practical style are translatable to any home, whether you own or rent, live in a big home or tiny house!

Let’s take a look… and take notes, there’s a quiz at the end (not really, but maybe you could leave a comment anyways!)

Creating a Closet with No Power Tools

Believe it or not, this is my favorite decor hack that I’ve used in my loft apartment. And, it’s SUPER practical.  This ‘closet’ is easy to create in just a few minutes (seriously), and hides a ‘multitude of sins’… or maybe just your vacuum!

easy apartment decor hacks free standing closet using a room divider basket with pillow and bed

You can add a stylish free-standing closet to any small space for way less than $100 with this simple tutorial.

Makeover a Dated Ceiling Fan

Have a ceiling fan that needs to be spruced up? This easy ceiling fan makeover with a bit of industrial-farmhouse-flair is affordable, too! (More updates for this fan coming soon!)

easy apartment decor hacks ceiling fan with cage shades

Remember to save the old shades for when/if you ever move out!

Faux Marble Countertops

Yes, they look like the real thing.  Yep, it is VERY durable. Of course, it is extremely affordable.  Yes, I would do it again… in a heartbeat!  And yes, you’ll be surprised by how my ugly decent-looking laminate countertops were transformed!easy apartment decor hacks faux marble counter on wooden cabinets

And, yes, it’s removable! (But WHY would a landlord want something so pretty and practical removed?)

Paint a Room… in Less Than an Hour

Did you know you can paint a room in a color you love on your lunch break? This apartment decor hack is fast, easy, and economical which makes changing it back oh-so-do-able!  Seriously… this was fun and simple!

apartment decor hacks paint roller steps and woman painting wall

In the Works – Easy Bathroom Floor Makeover

My sweet blogging buddy Lynne, from My Family Thyme, shares the amazing transformation of her bathroom floor.  Go take a look at how she did this in her own home, but will TOTALLY work as a rental hack, too!

apartment decor hacks bathroom floor

And of course, this is removable and quite affordable!

Hopefully in the Works – Wallpaper for the Win

You, too, can have wallpaper in your apartment!  Removable wallpaper is trending in a big way right now, and I don’t think it’s going out of style any time soon.  Affordable, pretty, and easy, this apartment decor workaround is great for adding your own style to your home!  Another sweet blogging buddy, Christene from Keys to Inspiration, shows you how to make this work in your home!

apartment decor hacks floral wallpaper on wall

The reason I’m ‘hopeful’ about this decorating hack is that I have sampled removable wallpaper in My Wee Abode during the hot humid summer months of So Cal, and it didn’t stick for longer than a couple of days.  So, I’m hoping to try it again with another type of hack.  You’ll be the first to know if it works!

More Hack Options for Rental Living

Many studio apartments and rental living areas have LARGE windows… just like My Wee Abode. You might find these long curtain rod ideas just the ticket for your home!

It’s Your Turn

So, there you have it!  Five different apartment decor hacks that can actually be used in any home!  Did you find anything that struck a chord with you?  How ’bout adding your own twist to these decor solutions?  Be sure to share in the comments below! I love hearing from you… It makes my day!


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    1. Thanks, Tiffany. I’m trying to figure out how I can share it on Pinterest better. Seems like it would appeal to a lot of people. Oh well.

    1. It really is easy… and I think I’m going to have to do it, again! The paint is just a wee bit dark for my taste! 😉

  1. Great ideas! My grandmother used screens just like you did. I had forgotten this tip until I saw yours. You are so smart to think of ways to update your space that can be removed when you move. Your countertops and fan both look great. I’ll bet that your landlord will keep all of your changes when you finally move.

    1. Oh, thanks, Paula! I would be so flattered if she kept the improvements. She has seen them and seems to like them. It’s fun, that’s for sure!

  2. I love all of these, Julie! I am obsessed with removable wall paper. So much bang for the buck. xx

    1. Thanks, Libby… Yes, I want to use the wallpaper somewhere. Still brainstorming! Thanks for joining us at Tuesday Turn About… love your bar top!

  3. Hi Julie!
    Nice hacks! I still can’t get over how different your countertops look after seeing the before and after pics. Although I love what I see out there, I’m still warming up to the idea of wallpaper again. I had it for years and swore I’d never do it again, but I’m slowly coming around to the thought of giving the removable version a try though – in a small area somewhere.
    >>> Kim

    1. Thanks, Kim… I’m surprised how many hacks I’ve done in the past two years. This was just a smattering!

  4. What a great roundup of hacks, Julie! You’re the master of big impact with small living. I wish your blog had been around all those years I lived in apartments. However, what I love is that a lot of these tricks can work in ANY size dwelling. I’ll be following to see if you find a good temporary wallpaper…

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Crissy! Yes, I think so many of these can be used in any size home! Love that they are ‘translatable’!

  5. These are great tips Julie! As a matter of fact, I’m going to hop over and check out the removable tile floor. My youngest will go off to college this fall and would LOVE this. Heck, I’d love it in my home too! Thanks for gathering these up.

    1. Aw, thanks so much, Nancy! I really enjoy living here, and have so much more I want to do! Hugs, friend!

  6. Great hacks. I’ve seen the contact paper on the countertop idea and would be interested in trying that for a quick and cheap makeover. Thanks for sharing your ideas on MM.

    1. Yes, that wallpaper is lovely! It’s actually not from my home, but if you click on the link to Keys To Inspiration’s blog, you can find out all the info for the wallpaper. I’m so thankful you asked, as I didn’t realize I had missed linking to my friend Christene’s blog! All fixed now!

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