35 Best Neutral Shower Curtains

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Are you looking for a shower curtain that can fit just about any style? Well, these 35 best neutral shower curtains are sure to have something to fit your design and budget!


As the modern coastal bathroom makeover only has one more major project left, shopping for decor items and finishes has begun.

Similar to a new light fixture, adding a shower curtain to a bathroom update is an affordable decor item that packs a big punch! Especially when you are in an apartment, rental home, or dorm!

best netural shower curtains shower head with clear water

Do you have a tub and shower combo, or maybe just a shower with ugly sliding doors that would appreciate being covered? Then a shower curtain is a household must!

Whether you are looking for something with lots of texture or tassels, a farmhouse or boho vibe, or simply just want a shower curtain with a special ‘twist’, these 35+ best neutral shower curtains are sure to fit your personal style (well, at least one should).

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So, let’s do some shopping! Simply click on your favorite shower curtain for a complete description and price.

Best Neutral Shower Curtains with LOTS of Texture

While shopping for a new shower curtain, I found myself drawn towards the shower curtains that had understated texture.

There are waffle shower curtains, fringed shower curtains, ‘split’ and tiered shower curtains, and so much more!

Here are a few that I fell in love with while I was perusing some of my favorite online stores.

Designer Tip: Be sure to measure what length you will need for your shower curtain to cover your shower/tub. Take into consideration the shower bar and hooks when you measure.

Neutral Shower Curtain with Tassels

Tasseled shower curtain are all the rage… or so it seems when you start looking for neutral shower curtains.

These pretty shower curtains with tassels sometimes have a boho look or even a coastal ‘feel’. I kinda like the little bit of fringe on the hem of these curtains. How ’bout you?

Designer Tip: If you need an extra long shower curtain, consider using a pretty window curtain panel!

Best Neutral Shower Curtains with a Coastal Flair

If you’ve been around My Wee Abode for any time, you know that it’s located in So Cal, just minutes from the beach.

Even though the beach is NOT my second home, I do love a touch of coastal style in my home.

Let’s take a look at some light and airy shower curtains that would look great in a bathroom with a bit of a coastal ‘feel’.

Designer Tip: If you DO use a window curtain in place of a shower curtain, the easy way to hang them is by using these curtain clips. (Be sure the diameter will fit around your curtain rod, and that you have enough to go across your shower width.)

Boho Style Shower Curtains

It seems that the boho style shower curtains are very popular, too!

These black and white/off white shower curtains are very tempting as the boho style seems to fit-the-bill for a farmhouse style shower curtain, too! And there’s just something about having a little modern farmhouse touch in a home. 😉

Designer Tip: When shopping for your shower curtain, be sure to check what material the curtain is made from whether it’s cotton, polyester, vinyl, etc.

Best Neutral Shower Curtains with a Twist

During my online shopping spree, there were quite a few neutral shower curtains that had a special little spin to them.

You know… some a bit of embroidery, design, or texture that was more traditional or even modern!

What do you think of these?

Are you in the market for a new shower curtain? There are about three or four that are in the running for my wee bathroom.

Which ones are your favorite?

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  1. You found so many pretty shower curtains to use in your updated coastl style bathroom. Looking forward to seeing which one is the winner!

    1. So much going on… I still need to choose one! And my niece just went to the hospital… looks like her baby will be brought into the world a bit early!

    1. Thanks, Janet… I had to apply FOUR times before I was accepted… and who knows why?! Love your door post!

    1. I still need to decide on the one I want! Too many things to take care of besides shopping! 😉

  2. My faves are in the neutral grouping. Actually, I would choose any of the shower curtains you have selected if they came with the clawfoot tubs!! One day, one day!!

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