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The Best Paint and Tools for Updating Bathroom Cabinets

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Painting your bathroom cabinets can be an easy home improvement project! And when you use the best paint and tools for updating bathroom cabinets, the project is a breeze!

paint tools for bathroom cabinets


When you look at a finished home improvement project, do you ever wonder, “How did they do that, and what did they use?”

Yeah, I do, too!

And sometimes, I even think, “I could NEVER do that!”

Tell me I’m not alone!

Modern Coastal Bathroom Makeover Progress

If you’ve been around My Wee Abode for more than a week, you know that the Modern Coastal Bathroom Makeover in my little loft apartment is well underway! Be sure to take a look if you are new to the MWA fam. 😉

The first completed project is the perfectly painted bathroom cabinets! I love them and they came out amazing because I prepped the cabinets for a smooth finish and also made repairs to the MDF cabinets that were actually needed AFTER I painted them… but you be sure to do them first!

Since my cabinets came out exactly as I wanted them to look, I figured it would be helpful to share some of the best paint and tools to use in order to achieve a flawless finish on your bathroom or kitchen cabinets.

By the way, these products work great on MDF cabinets, laminate cabinets, and wood cabinetry alike!

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What is the Best Cabinet Paint?

So, let’s get started at looking at some of the top paint brands to use to get a professional finish on your bathroom cabinets. And, these paint options are great for kitchen and laundry room cabinets, as well!

My Secret Weapon – NUVO Cabinet Paint Kit

I’m a bit partial to this product, as this is the product I used on my gorgeous painted bathroom cabinets! 😉

The NUVO Cabinet Paint Kit comes in 11 different satin-finish colors (page with all colors linked here for your convenience), has a wonderfully thick “self-leveling” paint that covers in 2-3 coats, comes with ALMOST everything you need to complete a bathroom or small kitchen, and is super affordable.

paint tools for bathroom cabinets

One thing I WOULD do differently with this kit… I would use my fave Zibra paintbrushes instead of the kit brush. The kit brush was fine and my cabinets look great, but using my Zibra paintbrushes would have made the work go even faster and give an even smoother finish!

Majic Paints Interior/Exterior Satin

This product has great reviews on Amazon.com, and quite a few colors to choose from, as well!

Majic Paints Diamond Hard Interior/Exterior Satin Paint boasts as a self-leveling paint that requires no sanding or priming and adheres to almost any finish. Be sure to read the reviews!

paint tools for bathroom cabinets can of paint with paint color swatches

Rustoleum Cabinet Tranformations Kit

Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations 9-Piece Light Color Kit is a revolutionary do-it-yourself kitchen cabinet paint coating system that completely changes the dated or worn look of your cabinets for a fraction of the cost of purchasing new ones.”

This kit also come in a Dark Color Kit and both kits include: deglosser, bond coat, decorative glaze, protective top coat, decorative glazing cloths, scrub pads and stir sticks.

paint kit with tools and cans

One of the perks to this kit… You can tint it for a plethora of color choices! (And don’t forget those Zibra Paint brushes and paint rollers! They aren’t included!)

Beyond Paint All-In-One

Another paint that requires no sanding or priming is Beyond Paint All-In-One paint.

Beyond Paint comes is quite a few color options and has some very nice reviews on Amazon. However, this seems to be on the pricier side for only one quart of paint!

paint tools for bathroom cabinets can of paint with paint color swatches

KILZ Tribute Interior Paint and Primer In One

Did you know KILZ brand has a paint made to use on kitchen and bathroom cabinets? Me neither!

What’s really great about this paint is that it comes in FOUR different sheens and SO MANY COLORS! You actually need to click around the page to see all the different tones and options (tip… click on a black, and you’ll see all kinds of neutrals… click on the green, lots of greens, etc.)! Impressive!

paint tools for bathroom cabinets can of paint with paint color swatches

This color chart is just the beginning!

Behr Cabinet and Trim Paint

One of Behr’s newest paint products is their Cabinet and Trim Paint. This semi-gloss finish (only finish available at the time of this writing) is also self-leveling. So, if you want a semi-gloss finish, this is your product!

Prepping and priming is required with this paint, but you wanna know what the really cool part is? You can tint it to whatever color you want at your local Home Depot store! That’s a LOT of colors, people!

paint tools for bathroom cabinets

Be on the look-out… I AM currently using this paint… but not on any cabinets! And, I’m loving the result!

What Tools Do You Need to Paint Bathroom Cabinets?

Now, let’s see what tools you’ll need to update those perfectly painted cabinets!

Many of these links are to Home Depot because I know and trust their paint products. You can also order most items for curbside or at-home delivery!

Prep Products – Cleaning

Depending on the type of paint or paint kit you use for your bathroom cabinets, here are just a few cleaning products to consider:

prepare cabinets for paint items for painting and prepping

Prep Products – Tools/Materials

Some additional tools and items you will need:

What Should I Use To Paint Cabinets?

Several items mentioned above will be named again here, as well as some additonal items you will need to apply paint on cabinets for a professional finish!

Of course, number one, my ‘beloved’ Zibra paint brushes! (If you purchase three or more brushes directly from Zibra, you receive free shipping.)

paint brushes on wooden surface

I would suggest the following for a ‘foundation’ set:

Along with these amazing paintbrushes you will need some rollers and paint trays… like these:

Bonus Tool Tips

And just a couple of bonus tool tips:

  • Disposable sponge brushes. No, don’t use them to paint your cabinets! Use them to scoop your paint cans clean after pouring them, as well as your paint trays. Works great, and you just throw it away!
  • Paint can opener. You can use a screwdriver, too!
  • Paint brush cleaning tool. I have one of the these and it is amazing!
  • Rubbing alcohol (pick it up at your local drugstore). Pro-tip: Use this to remove traces of paint left on your brushes. Be sure to wash them with soap and warm water afterwards!

Now It’s Your Turn!

So there you have it… a nice not-so-little shopping guide to paint and tools for updating your bathroom cabinets with a perfect paint finish!

Do you have any cabinet-painting projects in your future? My hope is this list of paints and tools will help you achieve the flawless finish you desire!

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    1. Thanks, Jayne! I’m amazed at how strong and durable the paint is… I’ve had a couple big bumps (hammering anchors into the side for a TP holder), and the paint has stayed super strong!

  1. I have pinned this for future use. We plan to do our bathroom cabinets eventually and I want to remember what you used because they look fantastic! I especially am gong to love the bond/sealer/primer stuff! Anything to make painting easier! Thanks for linking up again on Farmhouse Friday too. Much appreciated!

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