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How to Make Velvet Christmas Ornaments Two Ways

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Ornaments, ornaments! Ornaments everywhere! My Wee Abode is on a bit of an ornament ‘kick’, y’all! Today, let’s learn how to make velvet Christmas ornaments TWO ways! This simple tutorial will show you how easy it is to DIY velvet Christmas ornaments!

diy velvet christmas ornaments burgundy colored ornament on tree


Welcome! Welcome to My Wee Abode!

Today is the November Pinterest Challenge and it’s all about DIY Christmas tree ornaments!

And we are in PLENTY of time for Christmas! Will wonders never cease?!

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Before we go on, I want to thank our lovely hostess, Cindy from County Road 407, for pulling this whole gaggle of bloggers together to share some wonderful DIY Christmas tree ornaments. We love you, Cindy!

If you are traveling from Decor To Adore’s site and knocking on My Wee Abode’s door for the first time, a special welcome to you! If you love Louisa May Alcott, I’m sure you loved Laura’s DIY!

And, if you are already a MWA family member, welcome back! I’m always so happy to “see” you!

What is the Pinterest Challenge?

If you are new to the Pinterest Challenge, it’s all about one inspiration photo, a group of bloggers, and each of us putting our own twist on the inspo image!

However this month, Cindy let us all get a little crazy! Crazy about Christmas, that is, and we’re sharing a bit of our craze with you!

This month, each of my sixteen blogging buddies is sharing a Christmas tree ornament DIY… in PLENTY of time for decorating YOUR tree!

DIY Velvet Christmas Ornaments

Did you know that I LOVE velvet DIYs?

Well, you do if you’ve been hanging around our little home for any amount of time!

And this is the short list!

I’ve been wanting to create velvet Christmas tree ornaments for several years, and FINALLY got them done!

Plus, I’m not just sharing just one way to make these! There are TWO ways you can make these soft, velvety ornaments!

So, let’s get to it, shall we?

Velvet Christmas Tree Ornaments – What You’ll Need

There are two short lists of supplies; one for each type of DIY velvet tree ornament!

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Velvet Christmas Tree Ornament from Velvet Yarn

The idea for a velvet yarn ornament came to me while thinking about another velvet Christmas decor item (coming soon!).

Here’s what you’ll need:

diy velvet christmas ornaments
  • Velvet yarn (aka chenille yarn). You can find this at your local craft store, or you can buy online on Amazon, Michael’s, or JoAnn’s. I used two different weights of velvet yarn from Hobby Lobby for these ornaments. One was a 5-bulky (for the rose and silver yarn) and the other was a 4-medium (for the mint). For this project, I preferred the 5-bulky, and would even try the 6 weight. Just be sure to check the weight when you buy.
  • Coordinating acrylic paint (not pictured, and optional)
  • Three to 4-inch clear ornaments. I prefer the glass. They just ‘feel’ nicer. However, plastic will work, too! You can find these at Michael’s… local pickup, but you can order online!
  • Quick Dry Tacky Glue, at Michael’s or Amazon.
  • Scissors
  • Wooden skewers (or something to poke and maneuver the yarn)

Velvet Christmas Tree Ornament from Stretch Velvet

Because there are so many stretch velvet DIYs here at My Wee Abode, I decided that a picture wasn’t really needed… and I forgot to take one (insert eye-roll). So, here’s the list:

And these items are optional for embellishments:

Now, let’s get to the tutorials, shall we?

How to make a Velvet Christmas Tree Ornament from Velvet Yarn

Let’s learn how to make this first Christmas ornament using velvet yarn!

step by step tutorial images for making a velvet yarn christmas ornament
  • First, remove the decorative hook/hanger from the ornament by simply pulling gently and firmly on the round hanger (Photo 1).
  • You can paint your ornament with a coordinating acrylic paint, if you like. I tried this on the silver/gray ornament, and it worked nicely. But, it only made a small difference with giving a more ‘solid’ look to the ornament. Just use one of the wooden skewers and place in a short vase while the ornament dries. I only did one coat of paint. (Photo 2)
  • Put a drop of glue on the center/bottom of the ornament. Be sure to get this as exact as possible, because this will be the starting point to a straight wind around the ornament. I found that placing the bottle of glue on its tip at the bottom, and then holding up and turning the ornament and adjusting the bottle to the center, worked the best. Then place the end of the yarn on the glue (Photo 3).
  • You can almost immediately start winding the yarn around the center point. I used a stream of glue (instead of sporadic dots) to ensure the yarn stayed in place (Photo 4).

More Winding…

At this point, I started taking pics of both the rose and silver ornaments, depending on when I remembered to take the photo! Just keepin’ it real, as always!

diy velvet christmas ornaments step by step tutorial images for making a velvet yarn christmas ornament
  • Let the rows dry in-between winding. Usually about two or three rows is a good time to wait about 15 minutes, as this glue dries fast! (Photo 5)
  • While winding the yarn, use the skewers to ‘push’ the yarn into the glue, as well as to maneuver the rows into place. Sometimes they might separate, so just push them closer together (Photos 6 and 7)
step by step tutorial images for making a velvet yarn christmas ornament
  • When you get to the top of the ornament, use the skewer to do more pushing and prodding (Photo 8). When you have it as close as possible to the base of the ‘stem’, clip the yarn and then push the end into and under the last row of yarn (Photo 11 and 12).

Now, if you like, you can add rhinestones or trim to your velvet yarn Christmas ornament. You can find the tutorial on how to add rhinestones on my custom color ornaments tutorial. To add trim, just drape or wrap and glue in place as you go!

How to make a Velvet Christmas Tree Ornament from Stretch Velvet

Now, I’m keepin’ it real again. I did NOT create photos for this stretch velvet ornament tutorial.

And it’s not because I forgot. LOL!

It’s simply because to make these velvet covered Christmas ornaments, you do just about the same thing as my DIY velvet mushrooms, pumpkins, and even my velvet acorns!

Here are the steps. To see the actual pictures of this, click on the velvet mushroom post for the best visual:

  • Turn your velvet face down and trace your “stencil”. This can be a bowl, plate, or ??? (Take the size of your ornament, and add about 1.5 inches to the velvet cut.) Pro tip: Using a felt tip pen is easy, and shows up on the darkest of fabrics.
  • Take a needle with a large eye and your upholstery thread (doubled over), and slip stitch around the circle about 1/4″ away from the edge.
  • Slightly pull the thread to begin forming the cover for your ornament. Pro tip: Be sure to leave your needle threaded to tie off your thread at the end.
  • Cover your ornament with the velvet and pull the string in gently and firmly around the ‘stem’. Arrange and rearrange to get the velvet centered. Then, tie-off the thread.

That’s it! Even easier than the velvet yarn tutorial, right?!!!

For a finished look, replace the cap and hanger, and then add some trim around the cap. This will hide any space or gathering you don’t want exposed.

Admire Your DIY Velvet Christmas Tree Ornaments

Now for the finished products!

The rose-colored velvet yarn ornament was in the 5-bulky weight yarn (as well as the silver/gray ornament).

diy velvet christmas ornaments rose colored ornament on tree
This rosey ornament compliments my muted red and mint Christmas palette I have this year!
No embellishments were needed for this luxurious color!

The silver/gray ornament needed a bit of sparkle, and y’all know how I love rhinestones on velvet!

silver gray velvet yarn ornament with rhinestones hanging in tree
This ornament is sparkling at me as I right this post! 😉

The minty yarn ornament was my first prototype, and I used the 4-medium weight yarn on this. To tell you the truth, I didn’t realize I had picked up two different yarn weights until I started the rose-colored yarn! But, it was fun to do both ‘sizes’.

diy velvet christmas ornaments mint colored ornament on tree
This ‘proto-type’ minty ornament received some trim, as the yarn was a bit wonky and it needed a distraction!
You can also see some ‘gaps’ in the rows. Some coordinating paint would have helped this!

And now for my one stretch velvet ornament!

This was so easy, and it came out so pretty!

burgundy velvet christmas ornament hanging in tree with lights and blurred ornament in foreground
Again, this color looks great with my Christmas color scheme!

You can see how the trim is glued at the base of the ‘stem’. This added just enough sparkle and covered a small ‘gap’ at the top, too!

So, which ornament is your fave? Do you think you will add this to your DIYs for this Christmas? The stretch velvet ornament would be an easy sewing project for a young person, and it would be a lovely gift for parents, grandparents or friends!

And for an extra ornament twist…

Make a personalized velvet ornament with your special someone’s initial using chenille yarn with these yarn wrapped clay letter ornaments.

Now, it’s time to hop on over to Lora Bloomquist’s blog to get the scoop on her pine cone ornaments! Don’t you just love pine cones for Christmas AND winter decor?

While you’re at it, remember to visit each and every blogger at the bottom of this post to get LOTS of Christmas ornament ideas and inspiration!

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Merry Christmas!

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  1. Oh I love these, so elegant and your soft colors are so pretty. Your tutorial is so easy to follow too and I love the way you’ve embellished them to add even more charm and sparkle.

  2. I’ve not even been to the side of the store that carries this velvety goodness but can hardly wait to go see it. Hoping I can find all the stuff I need to make some. I LOVE THESE!!! They are so elegant and beautiful. Thinking this would make a fun DIY party! Glad you got to join us this month and shared your fabulous creativity. Happy Thanksgiving. pinned
    BTW, thanks for the love. It made me smile. 🙂

  3. These are so pretty, Julie. They actually look very vintage to me with the coloring of the velvet. I’ve seen that stuff at Hobby Lobby and wondered what could be done with it; now I know! Great how to!

    1. Oh, I’m so glad you liked them, Lora. You’re right… they do look a bit vintage! Adding some vintage look lace or ribbon would really make them ‘shine’.

  4. I’m going to start calling you the queen of velvet! Everything you do with it turns out lovely! All of your ornaments are beautiful! Happy day!

  5. Julie!! Long time no see… I have my velvet pumpkins up on the mantel again and yes, I do remember how to stretch the velvet around to make one, so making your pretty rusty pink ornament would be fun!! I don’t think I could choose between any of them as they are all lovely!!! Enjoy yours! <3

    Happy Thanksgiving and big holiday hugs to you,
    Barb 🙂

  6. Julie, your ornaments are so gorgeous, elegant and yummy! I’m featuring this post on All About Home this evening. Thanks so much for coming by and joining in. We appreciate you so much!!

    1. Thank you so much for the kinds words AND the feature! Always blessed to be featured at your party, Debra! Hugs!

    1. Thanks, AnnMarie! Of course, and thank you for sharing! Y’all are always welcome to share… no permission necessary. 😉

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