Fall Apartment Entryway Decor – Pinterest Challenge

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Today’s Pinterest Challenge involves a late autumn vignette, and I’m sharing some fall apartment entryway decor, too!


Welcome to another Pinterest Challenge!

Take a tiny little area in your home and turn it into an entryway! Then add some fall decor to create a cozy welcoming area for you and your guests. #myweeabode #entryway #falldecor #tinyspace

If you are new to the Pinterest Challenge, it’s all about one inspiration photo, a group of bloggers, and each of us putting our own twist on the inspo image!

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If you are visiting from Lora Bloomquist… welcome! And a special ‘hello’ to all my MWA family!

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BIG thanks goes to our hostess, Cindy from County Road 407 for putting our Pinterest Challenge together.

Inspiration Photo for Fall Apartment Entryway Decor

This month’s Pinterest Challenge inspiration photo comes from Sarah Joy.

fall apartment entryway decor inspiration photo

Sarah’s lovely little corner had these elements that popped-out to me:

  • Cute vintage chair
  • Straw tote with leafy branches
  • Comfy yellow throw blanket
  • A sweet little white pumpkin
  • Comfortable shoes waiting to be slipped on for a crisp fall walk
  • And a black lantern on the nearby hearth that may just light-the-way for the walk

Now, let’s take a look at how I took Sarah’s ideas and dressed up my little entryway.

Tiny Fall Apartment Entryway Decor – Pros and Cons

If you’re new to My Wee Abode, let me tell you a bit about my tiny home.

Lots of PROS: My Wee Abode is a 400 square foot (yep, that’s 4-0-0) loft apartment that includes a kitchenette (that I turned into a fully working kitchen), a living area, 1 bedroom, and a newly renovated bathroom (DIY’d by yours truly).

When you enter my little home, you immediately enter the kitchen with my tiny entryway ‘nook’.

fall apartment entryway decor

CON: As you can see… there is an eyesore that comes with my tiny rental. No forced air heating for me. Nope… I have an ugly-old wall heater.

So, please just ignore the “grated-monster” on the left, and enjoy my little ‘welcome-home’ area.

tiny entry area with fall decor

Adding Fall Touches to a Tiny Entry Nook

When I saw the inspiration photo for this month’s challenge, I immediately knew I already had everything I needed!

Let me show you what I used to put the twist on my interpretation of Sarah’s image.

Cute Vintage Chair

Now, this obviously isn’t a cute little vintage chair.

But my IKEA storage bench is a perfect ‘replacement’ for MWA, PLUS it holds all kinds of ‘stuff’ inside of it.

fall apartment entryway decor

Great for sitting down and slipping on my shoes, too!

Straw Tote with Leafy Branches

For the straw tote with the leafy branches, I simply used my smaller woven tote with some faux eucalyptus branches and other branches to add some texture.

fall apartment entryway decor straw tote with branches and pumpkin

Branches cut from a neighborhood tree would have been nice, but here in So Cal, they would have still been green!!! Not the look I was going for!

Oh, and you may recognize that tote from the Pinterest Challenge at the beginning of the year.

Comfy Yellow Throw Blanket

Well, the throw blanket was the only thing I didn’t have in My Wee Abode. At least not a fall colored one. But, it IS now on the ‘list’.

So instead of a throw, I just left my dark sage windbreaker hanging on the hook, along with a white linen apron draped on the bench.

tiny entry area with fall decor

Sweet Little White Pumpkin

Little white pumpkins are a fave of mine during the fall season. What about you?

So of course, I already had a couple tucked into other vignettes in MWA, so I just stole one and placed it on the bench, just like in Sarah’s photo.

tiny white pumpkin seen through fall branch

It’s the perfect size for my little white bench!

all apartment entryway decor straw tote with branches and pumpkin

Comfortable Shoes for a Fall Walk

No, the shoes pictured on the floor are not my normal walking shoes, but they matched the inspo photo! So on the floor they went!

fall apartment entryway decor

However, these shoes are some of the most comfortable shoes I have. I usually wear them when I need to look ‘nicer’, but still have to do a lot of walking (think the Haven Conference). But, most of the time this middle-aged woman keeps to her New Balance walking shoes!

The ‘Afterthought’ Black Lantern

At the last minute, I cleaned up my black lantern that normally sits on my porch, even though I originally purchased it for a faux summer mantel.

I simply placed it on the floor, next to the bench… can you see it peeking out in the photo above?

Some Extra Fall Decor for a Tiny Entryway

Here are a few close-up photos of my fall entryway decor.

I love these faux ‘seeded’ branches. Does anyone know what these are called?

fall apartment entryway decor faux branch

This cowbell is one of the entryway staples. It’s always hanging here.

cow bell decorated with faux fall florals

These eucalyptus branches have been used in MWA for several years now… first it was on my 15-minute fall wreath, and then I added them to an amber demijohn for this year’s fall tour.

fall apartment entryway decor faux branch with pumpkin in distance

fall apartment entryway decor faux branch
Can you tell I love these seeded branches?!
tiny white pumpkin seen through fall branch with straw tote
And gotta love those sweet little Baby Boo pumpkins!

My tiny little entry nook welcomes me home each day after work, and I’m thankful I have a place to hang my coat and sit to put my shoes on.

Now I’m off to figure out how to DIY a wall heater cover! πŸ˜‰

Before you leave, be sure to pop-on-over to Laura’s blog at Everyday Edits! And take a look at the fall inspiration from all my blogging friends below.

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  1. Your entryway looks beautiful, Julie. I would not have even noticed your wall heater if you hadn’t pointed it out. Your Ikea bench is perfect for this area sitting to put on your shoes and for storing hats, gloves, and umbrellas.

    1. Thank you, my dear friend! IKEA is having issues with stock these days, so I’m hoping readers will be able to find something like my bench!

  2. Hi Julie, I have some of the same branches! I love all of your uses with branches. Great entry! Happy Day! laura in Colorado PS Love the shoe review! I could not work in the shoes in my vignette! Ha!

  3. Julie, you brought such big style to your little entryway! I love all the details, and that rustic gold bell ties into all the warm fall colors so perfectly!

  4. You definitely decorated your small entry with big space style, Julie. Very pretty:) I wouldn’t have even noticed the heat vent; just leave it out…that’s the beauty of blogging!

    1. Thanks, Lora! You are so kind. Sometimes I think the ‘ugly’ is real life, and other apartment dwellers will appreciate, ya know? πŸ˜‰

  5. I am in love with your cowbell and the whole styled entryway decor! The photo with the tote bag and baby boo pumpkin is especially beautiful. I love a little bench that’s functional too, and I’m sure many apartment-dwellers and homeowners alike are taking notes on that one. Pinned!

    1. LOL!!! I think that cowbell is a hit with everyone! Who knew??? Guess I need to feature it more! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the love, dear friend!

  6. I love your cowbell – and all the fall touches around it! What a welcoming entry…and who doesn’t love the mini white pumpkins – I can’t get enough of those in the fall!

  7. You nailed the challenge and your entryway looks fantastic! Love that cow bell and your basket with the stems looks so inviting. I’d love walking into that each day. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the wall heater. Knowing you, it will be magnificent! Thanks for joining in. Pinned
    p.s. love your shoes!

    1. Thank you, Michelle! It’s a challenge to make things look pretty, but I’m thankful for my little space… wall heater and all!

  8. Such a pretty area in your entry. I love your basket and your leaves are amazing. Perfect spot to sit down and take your shoes off as you enter.

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