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Create a Fall Coffee Nook in a Small Space

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Create a fall coffee nook in a small space by using a few easy tips and tricks. You could even call it a fall coffee cubby!

fall coffee cubby with coffee items


Are you thinking about Christmas yet?

If you are, we are twins! 😉

BUT, before I start getting Christmas together, I thought I would share a quick post of my fall coffee cubby.

You know, the one I forgot to share at my fall apartment tour this year? Yeah, that one. Hehe!

fall coffee cubby apartment kitchen with open shelving and fall decor

See that cute little counter space on the right? When I moved into My Wee Abode I was like, “What the heck am I going to do with THAT dinky space?!”

Then, after a few mornings of picking up coffee at 7-Eleven (their dark roast is amazing), I had an epiphany! I NEEDED a coffee cubby!

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How Can I Add a Coffee Station to My Apartment?

It’s pretty easy to add a coffee bar to any small home, whether it be an apartment, tiny house, or even a dorm!

fall coffee cubby

All you need is a bit of space, or even a coffee cart in the corner of a room or kitchen!

And then you add some simple coffee ‘requirements’, a bit of fall decor, and you’re all set! Let me show you!

Essential Items for a Fall Coffee Cubby

You know you HAVE to have the essentials for creating a fall coffee station in a small space. Here are some of my ‘must haves’:

A Reliable Coffee Maker with a Small “Footprint”

With my apartment’s small counter space, a small ‘footprint’ means I look for something that is either long and narrow, or has a ‘diameter’ of 6 inches or less.

coffee station items on a small counter top

Though it’s hard to see here, my current coffee maker is a Sboly Single Serve Coffee Maker. And it really is a great little coffee maker.

The Sboly can be used with both K-cup pods or ground coffee. The plastic mesh filter that is included really does a great job of keeping grounds out of the coffee, and doesn’t leave any strange taste that some metal filters can. And I really like the 30 oz. water reservoir.

The only thing I don’t like… this machine can tend to splash coffee onto the counter (do all coffee makers do this?). But, for all the other options, I can overlook the one flaw.

Here are a couple more space saving coffee machines:

Some tips to consider when purchasing a small coffee maker:

  • Do you want to use K-cups or ground coffee, or both?
  • How much space do you have for the coffee maker? (Check the measurements of the coffee maker listed in the description)
  • How much coffee do you want to make at one time? Is a 12 ounce cup enough?
  • Is the cup tray removable (for larger cups), or does is adjust up for smaller cups?
  • Does it come in a variety of colors?
  • What do other buyers’ say about the machine?

Ground Coffee or Pod Containers

To keep your small coffee bar neat and tidy, opt for some space saving containers for your ground coffee and/or coffee pods.

fall coffee cubby with coffee containers in copper

Since I love using copper elements for fall (and every day on my coffee station), these copper colored glass containers are perfect for holding my fave dark roast leaded (caffeinated) and unleaded (decaf of course) ground coffees. They are stackable and the suctioned lids are great for keeping the coffee fresh.

My glass containers were a purchase from HomeGoods, but here are a few options that would work, too!

And, if you want some space-saving options to store pods:

Little Items for Creating a Small Space Coffee Bar

Don’t forget the little things, such as:

Adding Fall Decor Items to Your Small Coffee Cubby

Now, it wouldn’t be a FALL coffee nook if I didn’t share with you how to add some autumn decor items, would it?

If you are using a specific metal finish (copper, bronze, silver, black) in your kitchen (or whatever area your coffee station is in), adding those finishes to your coffee station can give a cohesive look to the area.

At My Wee Abode, copper is the color this fall! Though, truth be told, I always use copper in my coffee station.

Along with my coffee containers and coffee scoop, I added a shiny rose-gold acorn to the top of my mug holder.

coffee station items on a small counter top

These coffee art templates in a copper finish were a find at Target’s Hearth and Hand line. I don’t think these are available any longer, but here are some others from Amazon.

fall coffee cubby with coffee art coasters

And these cute little copper acorn jingle bells were a fun find at Hobby Lobby! Plus, you can never go wrong with adding a fabric pumpkin to your holiday decor!

metal acorns and fabric pumpkin on cake plate

You can even DIY velvet pumpkins just like the pros!

And for a finishing touch, you may want to add a little something to the ‘background’ of your space. In keeping with the acorn theme, I found this cute little wooden acorn set.

fall coffee cubby with coffee items

And of course, you can always paint your own Coffee Cubby sign for everyday decor, too!

coffee station items on a small counter top

What do you like to add to your seasonal coffee bar? Do you change up your coffee flavors each season? Or are you more of a tea or cocoa drinker? Let me know in the comments! They truly are a treat for me!

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  1. I’m not a coffee drinker although I was chatting with my sister yesterday and we decided I need to become a Bailey’s hot cocoa or Peppermint Schnapps drinker. LOL! I was like, goodness, are you trying to turn me into a drunk?! They both sounded yummy so besides the Dunkin Donuts Caramel Creamer, I’d add one of the above mentions. Might add an AA meeting schedule card as well. 😉 Love your coffee cubby. Have a great week!

    1. Oh my gosh, Cindy! I’m rolling (which is pretty easy with my Covid 20 (pounds)! You are such a kick! Maybe you can make a AA printable for your blog!

  2. Nice to have a dedicated space. My instant and decaf (hi test vs no lead around here) jars are housed in an old oak rolltop bread box with some spices. Sugar bowl of no-cal sugars. Spices on top, recipe card boxes–clutter! My Mr. Coffee just sits there for when I am ambitious or have company. I love a spoon of cocoa in my coffee about t2x a week -but I love the 80 calorie no sugar Swiss Miss cocoa added even more! A splash of fat-free half and half is so much nicer than 2% milk. Yep, I like coffee with my milk and sugar!!! Years ago I dropped my triglyceride #s about a hundred points when I started using low fat milk instead of coffeemate!

  3. Julie, I love your coffee station! We have one in our kitchen too and I keep some similar items stocked. The one thing I don’t have is glass coffee mugs and I am not sure why I don’t because I love drinking coffee from them too! Especially the tall Irish coffee mugs! Your spot is perfect and you made great use of what you have!! If I were closer, I would stop by for coffee! Blessings to you!

  4. A coffee cubby is the perfect use for this tiny space in My Wee Abode. I like how you keep your coffee handy in pretty copper canisters beside the coffee maker and I love the fall touches that you added to the area. Like you, I enjoy decorating my coffee station for the season.

  5. That’s the perfect spot for a coffee station Julie, what a genius way to use up a little nook in your kitchen. I love the copper accents of the kitchen cannisters and the magnetic storage containers on your fridge! It’s amazing how much storage you’ve fitted into that that small space.

    1. Thanks, Jayne… it’s one of the fave spots in my little place. Gotta love the spot that ‘wakes you up’ in the morning, right?

    1. I agree… gotta love HL! My grandkids think it’s an amusement park! My 2-year-old g’daughter asks to go almost every day!

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