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How to Make a Wood Leaf Garland for Fall

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Want to add some unique and handmade autumn decor to your home? Today, you can learn how to make a wood leaf garland for fall. What’s special about this fall wood leaf garland is that it’s free-standing!


Is your weather feeling like fall yet?

In So Cal, this morning’s temps were actually below 70 degrees. That’s cool around here… and is a tell-tale sign that fall is here (or at least on its way).

When the weather starts cooling in October, adding some decor for the autumn season seems the perfect way to celebrate. Something like a lovely hydrangea wreath, a fall cloche, or a luxurious velvet pumpkin for just $4!

Did you notice the standing wood leaf garland that was shared in my tiny apartment fall kitchen? Well, today we’re going to celebrate autumn and learn how to make that pretty fall decor for your home!

fall wood leaf garland on bread board with pumpkin in background

The No Place Like Home Blog Hop

And what’s more, I have TEN blogging buddies that are sharing their fall decor DIYs, too! Welcome to There’s No Place Like Home Blog Hop, hosted by Rachelle at My Hubbard Home!

fall wood leaf garland banner for blog hop

If you are visiting from Mantel and Table, so glad that you ‘hopped’ on over here! Adding a DIY wreath like Barbara shared is a great way to bring fall into your home!

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Confession… I’m a Snob

Before I share the supplies that you will need for this easy and lovely fall craft, let me make a confession…

I’m a snob!

A paint snob, that is!

I believe the snobbery comes from being an artist for many years. You see, my parents owned a business that created handpainted ceramic nursery lamps and accessories for the hottest selling baby bedding sets on the market. For many years, we sold to high-end baby stores across the country.

We were always on the lookout for the best paints that had great colors, great coverage, and a great price!

Let me introduce you to my new favorite acrylic craft paint by ColorShot! It fits-the-bill when it comes to all my ‘snobby’ criteria! 😉

fall wood leaf garland colorshot paint bottles with twine

ColorShot acrylic craft paint comes in over 35 colors in matte and metallic finishes. Only available at your local Home Depot, ColorShot paints have amazing colors, GREAT coverage (seriously… I am SO impressed), and come in an ample 2-ounce bottle for less than $2.50 each (buy in sets and save)!

Creating a Fall Wood Leaf Garland

What You’ll Need

materials needed for fall wood leaf garland

This fall wood leaf garland is a free-standing autumn decor piece and only takes a few items:

  • wood leaves (I picked mine up at Hobby Lobby, and they look like they are not longer available), you can also use these leaves (these Etsy shops have some lovely options other than leaves, too! For every season!) Just sayin’, I would use the leaves from these Etsy stores if I had known about them before. They are actually MADE to stand, where the ones from HL aren’t… really.
  • ColorShot acrylic paint in Designer Sunglasses (letters), Marshmallow with just a drop or two of Orange Slice (bead color), Cheers (shimmer on the beads), and Lucky Penny for the dots (but with over 35 colors to choose from, you can use any colors you want!)
  • Paintbrushes (these are my all-time faves and super affordable, and these have really high ratings)
  • Wood Beads (like these)
  • Jute Twine
  • Computer Printer
  • Stapler or Staple Gun
  • Ribbon of your choice

Paint Your Beads

Before you do anything, paint your wood beads either with a brush or using the stain/wash technique that was used on this wood bead charger. After the beads dry, use the dry-brush technique and add some ColorShot in Cheers to give the beads a bit of umph. 😉

fall wood leaf garland beads with brush and stick

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you! ColorShot comes in a spray paint, too! You just have to see the ‘bajillion’ colors in three different finishes (ok, ok… not quite a bajillion)! The can is super sleek, too… for added comfort!

Prepare Your Leaves

steps for creating a DIY fall wood leaf garland
  1. Using your favorite font, print your letters in the size you want. Turn them over and using a wax pencil or a regular pencil, color over the letter that is on the front.
  2. With the colored side down on the leaf, trace the outline of the letter onto the leaf. (See 2a)
  3. Using the amazing ColorShot Designer Sunglasses (it’s a wonderful metallic finish), paint the inside of the outline. Pro tip: Let your brush ‘follow’ where your eyes are looking. If you look ahead of your brush, your brush will naturally follow with a straight line. Trust me!
  4. Using the handle of a brush, create descending dots on the edges of your leaves with ColorShot Lucky Penny. Pro tip: Dip the brush handle once in the paint, and press 3-5 times on the surface to create descending dots.

Finishing Touches for Your Fall Wood Garland

fall wood leaf garland steps for creating a DIY fall wood leaf garland
  1. Create several strings of beads, two short ones for the ends and 3 longer ones for between the leaves so you can move them around.
  2. Staple the strings to the back of the leaves (I used a staple gun) and trim the ends off (but don’t trim off too much or they won’t stay anchored).
  3. Add some ribbon ‘knots’ in between the beads and at the ends.

Stand your leaves up and admire your creation!

Fall Wood Leaf Garland Styled for Your Home

Here’s a reminder of the wood leaf garland in my fall kitchen.

wood leaf garland that says fall on open shelf

But I decided to do a little more styling on my media console.

fall wood leaf garland on bread board with pumpkin in background

It was fun to style the “F” and the final “L” on their sides. They are ‘fall’ing! 😉

wood leaf with f on the front on wood surface

My new bread board is already getting a lot of use!

wood leaf with A on the front on wood surface

The little dots were so easy to create using ColorShot from Home Depot!

fall wood leaf garland L on leaf on wood surface
fall wood leaf garland L on leaf on wood surface

And one last look!

fall wood leaf garland on bread board with pumpkin in background

Now, let’s take a look at MORE fall decor crafts! Be-bop on over to my sweet friend Lynne’s blog at My Family Thyme for more wreath inspiration! Gotta love a hoop wreath… and the apples… well, you’ll see!

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  1. What a fun, affordable and cute autumn craft, Julie! Your tutorial is easy to follow to make my owns fall wood garland. II didn’t know about the color shots at Home Depot so I will absolutely look for them next time I visit. I will also be on the lookout for those wood leaves at Hobby Lobby.
    Thanks for sharing your wood leaf craft in the blog hop 🙂

  2. This is really cute Julie, I love the “falling” leaves 🙂 I’m an artist too, and know the importance of using quality paints. I’ve not heard of Hot Shots, wow, I can’t wait to get some!! I love the way you put the beads and pretty ribbons in between the leaves, thank you for the tutorial!

  3. I love how you styled your Fall garland Julie and that colorshot paint looks gorgeous too. I’m glad you’re a paint snob, it just means that whatever you recommend is going to be great!

  4. Great tutorial, my friend! I love the little painted details on your sweet garland. Those are some steady hands you have to get those little dots on there! You always have such great detailed steps. I like ColorShot paint too, but I’m going to look up the colors you mentioned!

  5. Julie, your wood leaf garland is so pretty and just right for the season. Your step by step tutorial is so clear and easy to follow, just perfect for me to follow! I will take a look at those paints! Happy Fall!

  6. Oh that’s just darling Julie! You are so creative, and now I know your natural talent had a boost growing up in such an artistic household! Tell your teacup-collecting mother how impressed I am! 🙂 It’s always so fun doing a hop with you! Hope you have a lovely week my friend!

    1. Hehe, yes, our family has been in the creative world for a long time! My mom was amazing before her dementia started setting in. Now, she thinks the more sequins and glitter the better. It’s crazy, and we’re still shocked by her ‘change’ even though it’s been several years. 🙂

  7. Julie, this wood garland is wonderful! I love this idea for a fall garland! Your tutorial is so clear and I look forward to making one for my home. I have never tried those paints, but will definitely check them out. Happy Fall, my friend! xo

    1. Hey, Dorothy! So nice to see you drop in! Yes, Home Depot is stepping up their game… ColorShot is a sister brand of Duncan… their paint products and ceramics have been around for decades!

  8. Julie! It’s so good to meet you through this hop! I didn’t realize Home Depot has craft paint and I haven’t seen those leaves at Hobby Lobby but I’ll be looking now. Love the leaves, your paint tips, and your family story. Pinned!

    1. Ah, thanks so much, Debra… Yes, I can’t sing the praises of the ColorShot paints enough! I’m truly impressed! Glad to be hopping with you, too, and thanks for the pin!

  9. Julie,
    Your falling leave garland is so adorable! Can you tell me what font you used? It fits perfectly on your leaves. Although I could not find any wooden leaves near me, I did find some standing maple leaves that I’m going to adapt. They have lettering on one side and are paintable so I’m thinking of removing the lettering and spraying that side with a stone texture since that will be the back side of my leaves.
    Thank you for all the great creative ideas.

  10. Julie, this leaf garland is just darling. Thank you for the tutorial! And I do love the new look of your blog–well done!

    Thanks so much for joining the Grace at Home party. I’m featuring you this week!

  11. That’s such a sweet fall garland Julie and the perfect size to slot into almost any vignette.
    Thank you for sharing this DIY project at Create, Bake, Grow & Gather this week. I’m delighted to be featuring your fall wood leaf garland at tonight’s party and pinning too.

  12. I love this fall craft! So festive and easy to make. I have never heard of Color Shot before. Thanks for letting us know. I never knew what business your family was in. I learned a lot here today and an very inspired for fall. xo

    1. Thanks, Yvonne! I’ll have to fill you in on more details of the family business next time we talk! Glad you had a take-way this morning!

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