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Fresh Lemon Watercolor Printables for Summer

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Want to brighten up your home for the upcoming season! How ’bout some fresh lemon watercolor printables for summer (and for FREE)!


It’s that time again, my friends!

FREE printables time, that is!

And today, as a gift to you, I have three fresh lemon watercolor printables for summer in two different variations!

fresh summer lemon printables lemon branch print in gold frame with coffee cup

Want the artwork to make its own statement? Print-out the 8 x 10 digital wall art with the lovely watercolor lemons… and lemon blossoms!

Want something to add to your summer home that actually says ‘summer’? Choose the lemony printables that include words like “Fresh”, “Bright”, and, oh hey… how ’bout “Summer”? (Wow, who came up with that bright idea? 😉 )

UPDATE: Due to licensing issues, I’ve recently updated these printables in a more pastel and summer-like style! You’ll see the updates in the Printables Library.

Add these pretty, sun-shiny, and FREE summer printables to any corner of your home for an instant decor ‘lift’!

Remember, you can get these printables and more by becoming a My Wee Abode VIP! Just click on the button!

all the freebies!


Get instant access to the My Wee Abode FREE Printables Library!

Blossoming Fresh Lemon Watercolor Printables

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? Well, the beginning for amazing lemons, that is!

This lovely lemon blossom branch features three pretty flowers along with a stem of buds.

fresh summer lemon printables blossom print in black frame against brick wall

These citrus-y digital pieces of art come with or without a zesty summer expression.

lemon blossom branch collage

Oh, and if you want a refreshing drink to enjoy as you look at your lovely new printables, check out this yummy lavender lemonade recipe from my blogging bestie, Crissy at First Day of Home.

Fruity Fresh Lemon Watercolor Printables

Of course, after the blossoms come the pretty yellow fruits!

What do you think… are these Meyers, Eurekas, or ???

fresh summer lemon printables lemon branch print in gold frame with coffee cup

Each printable today also has a golden line drawing in the background to give the artwork a little extra pizzazz!

lemon branch with blossoms collage

These printables also look great popped into a frame and placed on a table.

How ’bout a fresh floral arrangement with lemons to place next to your watercolor printable? This lemon and daisy-like arrangement, from my dear friend Paula at Sweet Pea, would complete your breezy centerpiece!

Cut Fresh Lemon Watercolor Printables

Of course, what’s the point of growing lemons if you can’t use them, right?

The sliced lemon printable also has a little blossom tucked in, as well as some lovely and large green lemon leaves!

fresh summer lemon printables sliced lemon print in white frame against brick wall

I especially like the large golden lemon slice in the background! It makes such a statement!

Just like the other two, this third print in our little lemon ‘grove’ also comes with or without a pretty lettered word.

sliced lemon print collage

Fresh cut lemons always remind me of my favorite sweet-and-sour desserts, like our family’s favorite lemon cream cheese pie!

If you want to see these printables in some ‘real-life’ homes and living areas, take a look at my sweet friend Jen’s home at Midwest Life and Style.

Also, I used the prints on my baker’s cabinet, which you can see in my summer home tour.

Printables Library

To get instant access to all of these printables, simply click on the button below and fill out the form.  You will immediately receive an email containing the password to download the Free Summer Printables that will freshen up your home instantly, along with ALL the MWA printables!  You’ll also receive new post notifications, newsletters, and tips and tricks for living small sent right to your inbox!  To see all that’s available in the exclusive My Wee Abode library, click the button.

all the freebies!


Get instant access to the My Wee Abode FREE Printables Library!

(If you are already a subscriber to My Wee Abode, your password is at the bottom of each and every newsletter… just click on the “Free Printables” tab on the menu, and you will be redirected.)

What Is the Best Way to Print Digital Watercolor Printables?

  • In order to give you the best quality prints, these files are a little large. So, be patient… It may take a few minutes to download.
  • Adobe Reader is the best way to view and print all of the MWA printables (not in Chrome PDF viewer).
  • Use the high-quality setting on your printer, as this will give you the best detail for the printable.
  • Make sure to select ‘actual size’ on your printer options.
  • Bright white cardstock or heavy paper (28lb or higher) will give the best printing results. Using watercolor paper is even better!
  • When there is more than one page to a file, print the whole file, or one item at a time… it’s up to you!

Now It’s Your Turn

You can use these fresh lemon watercolor printables in all types of ways:

  • Print and pop into a white frame and give as a hostess gift
  • Add one (or three) to a gold frame and give as a bridal shower gift
  • These would be great for a housewarming gift this summer, too!
  • And, of course, print all three and hang as a collage in your home (I’m thinking over a coffee station with yellow and black decor would be so pretty!)

What will you do with your lemon-y printables this season?

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  1. I love your latest free printable collection! Lemons are such a pretty fruit and they just scream summer to me. I’m looking forward to printing these out to use in my summer decor. Thank you for linking to my summer flower arrangement with lemons!

  2. These are so “fresh” and lovely, my friend! I’ve been wanting to do a lemon theme somewhere in my home for summer, too! Pinned!

  3. These are so “fresh” and lovely, my friend! I’ve been wanting to do a lemon theme somewhere in my home for summer, too! Pinned! And THANK YOU for the sweet shout-out for my lavender lemonade recipe. So kind of you!

  4. Julie, these are just beautiful! Your printable library is such a great resource, but I think these may be my favorites. Maybe. . . it’s hard to choose!

    Anyway, thank you so much for joining the Grace at Home party at Imparting Grace. I’m featuring you this week!

    1. Oh, thank you so much, Richella. Yes, the artwork on these has a bit more of a ‘French’ feel, maybe? 😉 Hope you are doing well, my friend!

  5. Awesome printables, Julie! We will be featuring you this week on the Creative Crafts Linky Party starting on Wednesday! Have a great week! Creatively, Beth

  6. Julie, these lovely prints are so summery and versatile for decorating.
    Thank you for sharing them at Create, Bake Grow & Gather this week. I’m delighted to be featuring your lemon printables at the party tonight and pinning too.

  7. This is outstanding and awesome work, and truly artistic.
    I visited you via TEAM CREATIVE CRAFTS LINK PARTY #143
    If you are not already part of SSPS, this is a personal invite to hop over and come and share your posts with us at Senior Salon Pit Stop, every Monday to Saturday.
    See my entries: 11+12 and then navigate to the bottom of my page for the Senior Salon Pit Stop linkup, we hope to meet you there virtually.

  8. I printed some lemons last year and framed them . They are on a table in the family room. After Easter, I go right to summer because we live in S. FL

    1. Oh, that warms my heart (see what I did there?)! I’m so happy you have them on your table already, PC! Enjoy!

  9. LOVELY Lemon Printables, Julie! We will be featuring you starting Wednesday at the Creative Crafts Linky Party! Pinned and shared!
    Creatively, Beth

  10. These printables are delightful Julie!
    Thank you for sharing your summer lemon printables at Create, Bake, Grow and Gather this week. I’m delighted to be featuring them at tomorrow night’s party and pinning too.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

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