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Today is a special Sunday post from My Wee Abode.  And I’m thrilled to have been asked to be a Welcome Home Sunday June Guest Host!


Today is special at My Wee Abode!

Having guest-hosted for Welcome Home Sunday in the past, I’m SUPER excited to be returning as one of the guest hosts for June!

If you are a My Wee Abode fam member, thanks for dropping in on a Sunday!  If you are new to My Wee Abode, welcome, and I hope yโ€™all will enjoy popping around my little space!

Each week the lovely bloggers from Welcome Home Sunday get together and share whatโ€™s been going on in their homes, whether it be decor, recipes, or a DIY project! So many wonderful inspirations, tips, and tricks that you will be blessed by… truly!

What My Sunday Is Looking Like

Today, I happen to be spending the weekend at my son’s home with his little family of four, plus my daughter and her fam are here, too!

Don’t you just love having your family around… and this weekend, it’s my WHOLE family! God is good! Nine of us in the same home… it’s been a wonderful time.

This morning, we’re headed to church, planning to sit in our little ‘family’ area, and obey the guidelines set-up by the CDC.  We’re thankful to actually be going to a live service for the first time in over 3 months! Again, God is good!

Why don’t we spend some time today visiting my friends?! 

So grab a favorite beverage, and enjoy this little round-up from my friends and me!

Welcome Home Sunday

Welcome Home Sunday featuring a weekly guest!

The Tattered Pew / Tips and Tricks for Planting Hostas in Pots

Hostas love a shady spot like your front porch.

White Arrows Home / Summer Porch Decor in Blue and White

Welcome Home Sunday: Summer Porch Decor

Noting Grace / Rejuvenate Wood Floor Restorer Review

Welcome Home Sunday: Rejuvenate wood floor restorer review

Seeking Lavender Lane / An Outdoor Tea Party

Welcome Home Sunday: Outdoor Tea Party

Sincerely, Marie Designs / How To Create A Summer Mantel With Character

Welcome Home Sunday: How to creat a summer mantel with character

My Wee Abode / Magnolia Clay Pocket Makeover

Welcome Home Sunday With Guest My Wee Abode!

I hope you click on over to each of my friend’s blogs and enjoy the wonderful-ness of their homes.  Have a blessed Sunday!

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    1. Yes… it was a little different to be at church for the first time at my son’s church, but I’m thankful just the same. We even had communion using prepackaged elements!

  1. Nice to see another party. Glad you are back to live church. I had trouble with Zoom this morning so we missed ours; so many people are elderly or with medical conditions, we haven’t been in a hurry to get back! Have a good, safe week!

    1. Yes, we need to be careful of the older folks in our church, too… including my mom. I believe our church had issues with Zoom this week, too!

  2. Congratulations on your feature! So happy you can spend time with your family. NJ is slowly opening non essential stores, finally.

    I miss my family and our best friends so much. Our best friends are part of our family and we miss them.

    Enjoy your family time and church service!


  3. Juie we are just thrilled you could join us this week! I am so glad you were able to be with your family and attend church. Our church opens next week but I’m not sure we will be going just yet. No Sunday school so that makes it tough. Have a wonderful with your family!

    1. Thank you for having me again, Kelly… I always love joining you all! Our church opens this coming Sunday… kids will be with us, but we are small enough to be able to work with it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Praying you will be able to go soon!

  4. So glad you got some family time and were able to go to live church! We are still on youtube church here for a while, I’m afraid. I’m blessed to have my family with me though.

    1. Yes, to have your fam there makes all the difference. Our own church starts ‘live’ this coming Sunday… we are looking forward to it! Usually, I sit with another friend of mine who attends by herself, but for now I will be sitting with my kids and grandkids. It will be good, no matter what. I just ‘feel’ for my friends who are there alone. Hugs, Janet… I’m enjoying the Diva Den transformation!

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