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How to Add Spring Time Florals to a Small Patio

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The season of fragrant flowers is just around the corner, so it seems to be the perfect time for a small patio spring refresh. Let’s take a look at how to add spring time florals to a small patio!


Today is a special day!

It’s the kick-off for the Celebrate Spring Blog Hop!

This week, 25 bloggers will be sharing their homes and projects for the spring season!

If you are here via Sand Dollar Lane, welcome!

small spring porch welcome sign with white flowers

Leen from Sand Dollar Lane and I both have a love for coastal style in our homes, and we so appreciate Leen putting this hop together for all of us! Be sure to pop on over to see Leen’s lovely spring pergola!

AND, make sure you visit each of the 5 bloggers today, and come back and visit each day this week to see what is being featured! (The links are at the bottom of this post!

small spring porch with galvanized hanging pots with plants

Small Patio Spring Refresh

Is the spring season calling your name? It sure is calling mine!

What about sprucing-up your patio or porch for the season? Refreshing my tiny outdoor space is almost always on my seasonal agenda.

And when I saw all the wonderful spring flowers showing up at the local hardware/nursery store, I just couldn’t pass them up!

So, today let’s take a look at how to add spring time florals to your tiny porch or patio by creating a container garden.

small spring porch with pots and flowers

And remember… these tips can easily translate to ANY size patio or porch!

Add Flowers with Color… or Not!

Many people enjoy LOTS of color in their container gardens. It’s a feast for the eyes!

Other’s like to do monochromatic gardens to give a soft, peaceful look to their outdoor space.

Both options are lovely. However, this year, I decided to use just a few colors in my spring time garden, keeping to pinks, whites, and yellows.

Use Lots of Greenery

If you’ve been around My Wee Abode for any time, you probably know how much I love using Lamb’s Ear in my home. The silvery green color is perfect for a cottage coastal look, and even looks great with cotton stems for a bit of farmhouse style!

When I saw these dusty millers (silver ragwort) at the nursery, I knew their fuzzy silvery leaves would be a great replacement for the pretty little asters that were in my fall patio garden.

how to add spring time flowers to a tiny patio terra cotta pots with dusty miller and spring time sign

Use Lots of White (and Add Some Fragrance)

Have you ever planted stock in your spring garden? This is my first time and, so far, they seem to love being in my big terra cotta pot! And, they smell amazing!!!

stock flowers in a terra cotta pot with petunias

(I have some stock in a vase sitting near me as I’m typing… it smells heavenly!)

Aren’t the little buds inside the stock so pretty? That silvery green gets me every time!

stock flowers in a terra cotta pot with petunias

Add a POP of Color!

These petunias are easy to grow, add a punch of color, and are quite robust!

how to add spring time flowers to a tiny patio terra cotta pots with pink petunias and spring time sign
Petunias come in all kinds of colors, so go crazy!

When my mom’s grandchildren started being born, she gave each of them a flower nickname. My oldest niece was the petunia in Grammy’s Garden. ๐Ÿ™‚

Surprise Flowers Are So Fun!

One of the flowers I was especially excited to find was ranunculus (ranunculi?)!

yellow ranuncula with greenery

Have y’all ever heard of The Flower Fields located here in So Cal? If you EVER visit the most southern area of California in the spring, be sure to visit The Flower Fields.

Though The Flower Fields have many different types of agriculture, they are best known for their acres and acres of ranunculus! One year, after taking my kids on a field trip there, I fell in love with the fluffy lacey flower!

how to add spring time flowers to a tiny patio pink bud with greenery

I planted yellow and pink ranunculus in my large terra cotta pot, and both plants had large blooms. But, we had some strong winds this past week and the smaller pink bloom didn’t make it! However, you can see that more blooms are on their way on both plants!

how to add spring time flowers to a tiny patio yellow ranunculus bloom and buds
Can’t wait to see these blooms “spring” to life! (See what I did there?!)

Coordinating Containers Are a Plus

When adding flowers, pots, and decor to a small patio, use coordinating containers to give a sense of consistency and flow.

Terra cotta pots are my fave! Whether using green plants, florals, or even succulents… it seems any plant looks great in terra cotta.

stock flowers in a terra cotta pot with petunias
This large and shallow terra cotta pot is unique and classic!

Using succulents in a container garden is an easy way to add interest to your outdoor space. And these terra cotta pots have some pretty green accents that make them different, but still coordinates.

how to add spring time flowers to a tiny patio terra cotta pots with succulents on wood pilings

My succulents needed to be transplanted from the tiny mason jars they were originally planted in last year in my summer container garden.

Did you know that succulents have ‘babies’? LOL! this was a cut from the larger one above it.

tiny succulent in a terra cotta pot

This succulent was replanted in a ‘terrazzo’ pot with a bamboo stand, and then placed under the black stand that holds the large shallow terra cotta pot.

how to add spring time flowers to a tiny patio succulent in a terrazzo pot and stand

This pot is different, but has the colors of the terra cotta pot, along with the other neutral tones of the rest of the container garden.

Surprise Elements Are Your Friends

What do you think of galvanized metal? Me? I never get tired of it!

This sweet little galvanized window box (seen at the top right of this photo) is a great option for a small porch container garden. It’s one of the best purchases I’ve made for My Wee Abode…

small spring porch with pots and flowers

And that galvanized water can is the perfect size for a tiny outdoor space!

When I finished my little container garden, I had some little plants left over. My sweet friend, Cindy from County Road 407, suggested I try hanging some plants from the patio rail… so I did!

galvanized hanging pots with plants

These were super easy to make. I already had the pots in my stash, and just added some twine to hang them!

small spring porch with galvanized hanging pots with plants

Last Minute Decor Details for a Small Spring Patio Refresh

Remember to add a couple spring decor items to your tiny outdoor space.

Like a couple sweet little bird statues… (you may have seen these in my spring tours from past years!)

concrete birds on patio

And these inexpensive outdoor grapevine lights from the 99 Cent Store were a great buy…

small spring porch with greenery and outdoor light

And look how fun they look at night! It’s such a treat to enjoy the garden at night, too!

patio with flowers and twinkle lights at night

And don’t forget your outside door decor!

small spring porch tote wreath with spring flowers on door

Do you recognize this tote door wreath? Yep, this was my Valentine tote from last month’s Pinterest Challenge! I simply took out the heart picks and snipped off the Valentine ‘dangle’.

tote with spring flowers on door

The Final Result for How To Add Spring Time Florals to a Small Patio

This spring small patio refresh has a bit “more” than MWA usually has on the porch… but, I’m really enjoying it. And, I think my neighbors like it, too!

small spring porch with pots and flowers

Usually, an accent mat under the regular foot mat is a great idea. But this time, I decided to skip it! I thought it would be just a bit too much.

how to add spring time flowers to a tiny patio terra cotta pots with succulents on wood pilings
This succulent trio tends to be quite popular at MWA!
galvanized hanging pots with plants

This little pansy plant will be a surprise color when it finally blooms! Watch, it will end up being a bright blue or purple! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I hope you enjoyed the start of the Celebrate Spring Blog Hop! Now you get to visit Postcards from the Ridge! Angie’s decor is always gorgeous and inspiring!

small spring porch with pots and flowers

And remember to come by each day this week to get tips and tricks for each area of your spring home!

small spring porch collage of spring projects and celebrate spring blog hop banner
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  1. Julie, your spring patio looks so great. I love all the different colors and textures you’ve incorporated!
    Of all the gazillion (approximately!) plants I’ve had, I’ve never had stock! But you’ve sold me, I’m going today to find one!
    So glad you are part of this year’s Celebrate Spring Blog Hop ๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. Thank you for coordinating the hop, Leen… and you’re gonna LOVE stock! There are several different ‘breeds’ and colors, but they all smell lovely!

  2. Julie, you can never have too many flowers. It’s a little early for me but your tips and ideas have inspired me to start thinking about my own porch. If I ever get to Southern Cal I in the spring I definitely want to visit The Flower Fields. I think ranunculus flowers are so pretty. I little like cabbage roses.

    1. Yes, Patti, I agree… depending on the breed of ranunculus, I can mistake them for a cabbage rose, or even a peony. They don’t have any fragrance, but they are a lovely So Cal flower. If you ever make it here, you be sure to contact me! We can make a day in San Diego!

  3. Your patio looks amazing, Julie! You maximized every inch of space and I know that every time you enter or exit My Wee Abode it brings you joy. Using the window box was a great idea. When I saw your first picture of it, I thought it was a chicken nest box. It looks great with the trio of dusty miller. I also love how you used twine to hang galvanized metal pots with succulents between your rails. The lights you added are the perfect finishing touch. Seeing blooming florals makes me so excited for spring.

    1. Thanks, Paula… I WISH I could see your gorgeous garden in the spring! I can’t wait to see photos this season! I’ll see you tomorrow for your spring mantel!

  4. I would love to walk up each day seeing this! I bet your neighbors love seeing it too! And I might have given you the idea but your pots hanging from the rails look better than I could have imagined! You are so clever! Enjoy. Pinned

    1. Thanks for the idea, Cindy… it seems to be the fave part of the patio. They tie for me with the yummy smelling stock and ranunculas!

  5. Julie, you have so many pretty ideas on your porch! I love the ranunculus and petunias with their pops of color. And the hanging buckets are genius. The window box is such a clever addition, and your hanging basket on the door is the perfect touch there! Thanks for all the great ideas!

  6. I love your spring showcase! I live in the Pacific Northwest, and took annual spring trips to visit my aunt in La Jolla and my mom in Santa Barbara. My aunt loved The Flower Fields!

    1. What a sweet memory, Lulu… I’m ready to visit them again. You have to reserve tickets now. Womp, womp.

    1. Thank you, Jen! It’s really nice to come home to each day! Can’t wait to visit your post this week!

  7. Julie, your small patio looks lovely all decked for spring What a great idea to add the hanging plants from the railings. And your basket door hanger is beautiufl! Happy hopping with you. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks, Leigh! Those hanging pots were super easy and adds a little whimsey! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Can’t wait to visit your post this week!

    1. Thank you so much, Sarabeth! I’m looking forward to the new blooms! Can’t wait to see your post!

  8. Hi Julie, Your porch is very pretty. Could you share where you got your galvanized window box? Really cute!

      1. OK, Julie, now you’re sounding like me. “Um,, you didn’t include the link,” says my daughter. ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Julie I just love how you make the most of your tiny outdoor sanctuary. The colors you used are so bright and beautiful and look amazing on your porch. Petunias are one of my favorites, I might have to use some this year for some added color.

    1. Thank you, dear friend. Petunias are so inexpensive… I kinda wish I could have found some in paler colors, but I don’t think they exist! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Julie, wow, what awesome ideas for any size patio or garden. Love all your beautiful pictures. This is definitely inspiration to get us busy planning and planting. I canโ€™t wait.

    1. Thanks, Carol. Always love when people like my photos! #bloggergoals Thanks for touring with me! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Your containers look beautiful, Julie! I love adding bright colors to my containers. Maybe because we spend so much time in winter mode, here in the Mitten. I also love the containers you hung from your railing. You did a great job on the whole porch! Thanks for sharing! It definitely gets me excited for planting season! ๐ŸŒธ

    1. Thank you so much for the kind comment, Kim! I love coming home and seeing it each day! And, when it’s warm enough, I leave the door open so I can see it from my living area!

  12. Your little pocket size patio looks so great, Julie. I love the idea of hanging pots from the railing. This makes me SOOOO anxious for warmer weather to arrive here…we still have snow on our deck! I planted some stock in my pots last year – it didn’t hold up very well for me here, but it smelled great while it lasted ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Isn’t the stock fragrance perfect?! Not too light and not too overpowering! Hope you see some spring soon!

  13. You have created such a beautiful secret garden! There is something cheerful about so many colors in one place. I love the hanging galvanized buckets. Such a clever touch!

  14. You have thought of everything, Julie! I ca use all of your ideas, tricks and tips. My small cottage apartment porch is ideal for using your beautiful suggestions. From the petunias to the pretty lights, it looks fabulous.

  15. Julie, your spring porch is beautiful! I love the variety of colors and textures you added. I can almost smell the heavenly scent of the stock and those vibrant petunias just make me smile! I love ranunculus, but have never planted any…until now. You have inspired me to give them a try this year. Happy Spring, my friend!

    1. Thank you so much, Lynne… you’ll have to tell me how the ranunculus do for you! I have for blooms opening… so fun! And rain today!

  16. I’m a sucker for all those gorgeous flowers on your patio! Just stunning! Your close-up photos are especially beautiful. I love that you took Cindy’s advice to hang those little pots, too. They add such charm, as do your succulent pots. Pinned!

    1. Thanks, Crissy! I always admire your green thumb, so your kind words mean a lot! (And I must say… I DO love that shot of the succulent from the top! ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

    1. Thanks! I don’t think I would have thought about doing that without Cindy’s suggestion… now I’ll be hanging plants there all the time!

  17. Julie you always have the best ideas for your darling porch! I am in LOVE with your ranunculus! They are simply stunning…I wish I could grow them here in Colorado. I pinned this for inspiration and love your new hanging flower box!

    1. Thanks, Kelly! I was SO excited to find ranunculus! And four more are blooming now! Pink and yellow! The pansies in the one hanging pot are still not blooming yet… we’ll see! Thanks for the pin… you have LOTS in CO that we don’t have here! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. Julie,

    Love how you use every square inch of you small space. Yet, it never looks cluttered. Hanging the pots from the rail is genius and looks so pretty!

    Wishing for warmer days here.


    1. Oh, I’m so glad it doesn’t look cluttered… I was a bit worried it did! But, I loved it anyways. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Thank you, KariAnne! You know how much it blesses me to have you say good things about the photography! ๐Ÿ˜‰ So glad to be touring with you!

    1. Thanks, Dara… so nice to be working with you on this hop! I DO enjoy the space each day when I come home and through the evening!

  19. Julie, you always make such a big impact with your small spaces! Your porch looks so cheerful and inviting. I love the succulents and galvanized planters. The evening photo with the grapevine lights is beautiful! Pinned. It was fun hopping with you, my friend!

  20. Julie,

    Your plants are all so beautiful! It makes me long for Spring!!! Happy Hopping my friend!

  21. Looks great! I did just get a stock for my front patio. Do you know if it is an annual or perennial? I hope it comes back next year.

    1. Great minds, Peg… From gardeningknowhow.com “Stock flower info says the plant is an annual, grown from seed to fill those bare spots among other blooms in the spring to a summer garden. Other info says stock flowers can be biennial. In areas without freezing winters, stock flower info says it may even perform as a perennial.” I think we might be able to grow them as perennials!

  22. Love your repurposed door basket, Julie! I cannot WAIT for spring to get here…I suspect we have a solid couple months of winter left, but it’s been up to 60 every once in a while and it gives me hope (I know that’s freezing where you are, but around here it’s practically beach weather LOL)

  23. Julie, you have quite the knack for adding the right amount of decor that doesn’t overpower. The porch looks so pretty – I haven’t heard of stock flowers but I will be on the lookout for them this year! Pinned ๐Ÿ˜Š

  24. It’s so cute! I love all the little details that you have added to your patio without it looking like ‘too much’. I LOVE Ranaculus…they are one of my favorite flowers!! Thanks for sharing this simple and pretty ideas!

  25. Julie, I admire how you make your small porch stand out. I love all your potted flowers, and the ranunculus are one of my favorite flowers!
    Thanks for sharing at the FWF party.

  26. Love your awesome ideas for a small space – that’s what I need for sure.
    Visited you via FARMHOUSE FRIDAY 295
    If interested, please hop over and come and share your posts with us at Senior Salon Pit Stop. See my entries: #26+27.. and navigate to the bottom of my page for SSPS linkup, we hope to virtually meet you there.

    1. Thank you so much, Christie! Feel free to link up at our Tuesday Turn About, as well! We are having a giveaway this week!

  27. Such good ideas here, Julie! I love the way you make the most of even a tiny space.

    Thanks so much for joining the Grace at Home party at Imparting Grace. I’m featuring you this week!

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