Tuesday Turn About #162 Peachy Keen

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We are all warm (and cold) and fuzzy at today’s party! It’s Tuesday Turn About #162 Peachy Keen.


Last week was the end of July, so we celebrated Christmas in July!

Happy August, y’all!

It’s hot, I tell ya… hot, Hot, HOT!

Well, it’s actually not THAT hot here in So Cal… it more humid. (Do I sound like a southerner?)

Well, today’s features are both hot and cold…

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Did you get to peruse all the peach recipes from last Tuesday’s Pinterest Challenge? Well, if not, you just might want to go and see all the easy peach recipes that were shared! Seriously easy, and yummy!

But, if that’s not enough for you, today I’m featuring three peach recipes that you are going to love!

And remember…

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Weekly Household Tip

This past weekend, I cleaned my box fans. They are life-savers (not to mention electricity cost-savers) here in My Wee Abode.

Take a look at your fans and see if they are in need of a quick cleaning. Box fans are easy to clean. Simply unscrew the grates off both sides, place in the shower, spray them down with hot water, then spray them with cleaner, and give them a final rinse. Next, while you are letting the grates dry, take some paper towel and spray cleaner and clean the blades. Be sure to vacuum inside the fan, too!

Screw the grates back on, and you are all set until next summer!

Weekly Blogging Tip

At least week’s party, I suggested you do a brain-dump on your highest ranking post.

After you finish your brain-dump, take 2-5 of your favorite ideas and SEO those topics to death.

For starters, plug-in your topic to Pinterest and see if people are looking for that solution; type the subject into Google and see what auto populates (and don’t forget to scroll down a bit and look at the Google questions). Then use additional SEO tools that are available to you.


After you’ve done some research, take 1-3 of those topics and write posts for them. Remember to link to your original post in all your new ones, as well as link between all the new related subject posts.

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Easy Creamy Fresh Peach Tartlet // Free Fall Watercolor Printable Art

My Family Thyme

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How to Dry Hydrangeas for Fall Decorating //
Ten Helpful Back To School Organization Tips For Parents

Reinvented Delaware

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White Wax Dark Furniture // Washstand Makeover

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Super Easy Summer Dessert

This super yummy peach sherbet is sure to go over BIG with your family! And it’s so easy to make! Cindy from County Road 407 shares her “secret” TWO ingredients, along with some yummy topping ideas!

tuesday turn about peachy keen glass pedestal bowl with peach sherbet and nuts on top

Make the Best Peach Clafouti

My former TTA co-hostess and sweet friend Carol from BlueSky at Home is sharing her super easy and delicious French peach dessert! Take a look at what a clafouti is all about. I learned a lot!

cake dessert with nuts on top in white dish

Blueberry Peach Crisp

Now, I don’t know of one person that doesn’t like a ‘crisp’ dessert. You know… apple crisp is usually the fave. But Michelle is sharing her gorgeous blueberry peach crisp with us! It’s another easy recipe and sure to be a hit at your next BBQ get-together! Take a look at The Wooden Spoon Effect.

tuesday turn about peachy keen white bowls with peach and blueberry crisp dessert inside with spoon in bowl on peach towel

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Well, y’all… Fall is in the stores, online and in the emails we are getting from all the decor stores. We are still open to summer posts (I’m trying to get the supplies for a late summer door ‘wreath’), but let’s start bringing on the autumnal love! 😉

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  1. I’m so happy to know another person who uses box fans for cooling instead of air conditioning. We have them in almost every room of the house. We can use them to bring in the cool night and morning air…better than air conditioning. Thanks for the party.

    1. And SO much less expensive, right? This last week, I left the slider open to the balcony and kept the box fan on all night. I did it for a couple of night, but we are still having a rat issue on our balcony, and there were dropping RIGHT next to the screen… so poison has been ordered, and slider will stay shut until the dropping disappear. >.<

  2. I don’t know how y’all do it without a/c there. I’d be extremely grouchy and probably buy all the ice for a bath I could get my hands on.
    And I am honored to be among the peach recipes today! Thank you for featuring the yumminess. I’m about to make one with Strawberries!

    1. It’s actually comfortable. It’s kind of weird. But, we DO use it when we aren’t comfortable. LOL!

    1. You are so welcome! I had never heard of a clafoutis before, and then I saw one on a food show this week! LOL!(Did you know is was spelled with an ‘s’ on the end??? I just learned that now!)

  3. She’s been hot here too. Not southern USA hot, more SoCal hot but for she’s HOT. Thank goodness for our poor man’s air conditioning, a.k.a. ceiling fans, because every single one of them has been going 24/7. I hope the first week of August has been a good one, Julie!

    1. IT was much cooler this last week… like 77… but SO humid! The last couple days we are hitting the low 80s. Still so ‘cool’ for So Cal. And our fans are going all the time, as well! We only turn the AC on when it gets crazy because the fans usually are sufficient for me and my mom. Now my sister, she’s another story. She turns the AC on while she is here with Mom, but that doesn’t bother me. I want her to be comfortable while she is here. 🙂

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