Tuesday Turn About #88 Spring Begins

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The party is going on! It’s Tuesday Turn About #88 Spring Begins!

TUESDAY TURN ABOUT #88 Spring Begins

If you missed last week’s party, it was all about February Fun!

This week past week has been a whirlwind… I may have taken on a wee bit more than I should have.

My mom is doing quite well, and she is back at her assisted living community. Upon settling her back in, we were happy to find out that minimal social activities had started again. This is a good thing!

The weekend was very busy with some family ‘happenings’, and I just discovered that I can’t find my external hard drive. This is not good, as I have all my photos on the drive. Seriously… 3 years for photos! I *do* have it backed up, but I’m going to need to see when the last back-up happened. Prayers would be so appreciated!

UPDATE: Hard drive has been found! Praise God! My IT son-in-law says it’s time for another option. I think it’s his nice way of saying I’m getting old! LOL! 😉

Spring Begins

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With all the ‘weather happenings’ across the country and the world, it seems many of us are ready for spring. So this week, I’m sharing some spring fun, and maybe a tip or two!

And remember…

But first, some tips!

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Weekly Household Tip

When baking for gift-giving, I use disposable paper baking pans/trays. They are cute, easy to use, and make just the right size serving for a little gift! (Think hostess, teacher, or employee holiday gift.) You can pick them up at Target, too!

Weekly Blogging Tip

Have you thought about checking for broken links on your site?

My son (who is an SEO manager) suggests using Screaming Frog to check and fix broken links on your blog. Links that work make for happy readers and happy Google! Use it once a month or so to keep your site moving smoothly.

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Free Spring Watercolor Printables | Family Friendly DIY Spring Placecard Holders

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Early Spring Entry Table | Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe

Bluesky At Home

How to Stencil Books for Your Home| 5 Ways to Use Green in Your Home | Easy and Delicious 4~Ingredient One~Pot Soup

This Week’s Features:

Vintage Spring Birds

Amber from Follow the Yellow Brick Home is sharing how she uses nature-inspired vintage items to bring touches of spring to her home! I just love birds, and these prints are especially lovely!

framed bird prints in vignette with natural elements

Answers to a “Why”

Have you ever wondered why you have projects left ‘undone’ around your home? I have to admit… this is a big problem for me! Want to get some spring projects completed? This post from Serena at Thrift Diving explains 5 Reasons Why We Don’t Finish DIY Projects… and she has solutions, too!

tuesday turn about 88 spring begins woman working on upholstery

Wax On, Wax Off

You are not gonna believe what Cindy from Reinvented Delaware used to ‘paint’ this desk! Take a look, and while you’re at it, checkout her whole site! She has so many lovely makeovers and tutorials. Perfect for spring or any season!

black desk with vintage elements

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Spring is just around the corner… Don’t you just love decor for spring! And recipes… and DIYs. You get the picture. 😉 Looking forward to spring posts, both old and new!

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  1. eeeck, speaking of computer woes, I don’t know what I’d do if it wasn’t for my husband’s techy-abilities. He’s calm and knowledgeable unlike me. haha. Glad your mom is back to a normal place. Thanks so much for hosting, Julie!

  2. Great features! Good to hear your mom is doing better! Just FYI I am following you already but I am changing my email so I will be unscribing from one and joining with another. Hope that makes sense, love your blog!

  3. Whew – I’m glad you found your hard drive – and thanks for the tips. Also, thanks for hosting each week!

  4. This is what I featured the week of 2-13 to 2-15-2021. On Tuesday was White Bean Chicken Chili. Wednesday was Loaded Baked Potato Soup. Friday was Black Bean Soup. Enjoy!

  5. Julie I’m so glad your mom’s back home and doing well – that’s wonderful! And how great of your son in law to share his link checker! I’ve got it open in another window right now, and can’t wait to see what it does! Thanks so much for hosting, and Happy Tuesday!

  6. Julie, how wonderful that your Mom is back at her place. So nice that you were able to care for her when she really needed your help. How great that you found your hard drive! What a concern this was for you. Hope you have a great week! Also hope you can get some rest now that you are back home. Take care! Bless you!

    1. Thank you, Mary-Ann… I AM resting… it’s actually taking me a bit to reach my normal energy level! Hoping this weekend will help! Hugs, sweet friend!

  7. I love your bird prints. I did a little research and didn’t find out what the birds were, but at the bottom of your pics the “D.A.C.N.Y.C. stands for the Donald Art Company New York City.

    1. Oh, how fun that you found out that info! I’m sure Amber from Follow the Yellow Brick Home will appreciate that, as they are her prints! 😉

  8. I’ve never heard of Screaming Frog and will definitely be checking it out. Glad to hear your Mom is doing well and settled back home again. Enjoy the rest of the week, especially now that you’ve found your external hard drive. I would be in panic mode too!

    1. Yes… slight heart attack was had here, for sure! I’m having a bit of a hard time getting my mo-jo back after the surgery. Hoping to be back in full swing by the weekend!

  9. Hi Julie! I’m so glad your mom is doing better. Thanks for the tip about Screaming Frog. I really need that. And, the hard drive thing, yes, I have one around here somewhere, and now you’ve motivated me to find it! Have a great rest of your week!

    1. Thanks, Janet! Glad the tip was a helpful reminder! Next week’s tip is SUPER helpful (at least it was for me today!)

  10. Julie, thank you for the feature!! That desk was a labor of love and our client loves it! Thanks again, my friend!! So glad your mom is better and settled. I am sure that is good for both of you 🙂

    1. Thanks, Jenn! The Lord decided to give us another hard week! Learning to trust and rest… more!

  11. Hi Julie – thanks for hosting. Serena’s feature on 5 Reasons We Don’t Finished resonated with me! It matched up perfectly with a post I have about trying to tackle family-friendly house projects (such a challenge!), so it was a perfect link/compliment. Thank you! Jen (#35 and #36 this week)

    1. Awesome, Jennifer! It’s great to add external, authoritative links to our posts, right? So glad to have you here!

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