Tuesday Turn About #14 – Summer Recipes

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The party has started, and this week we’re sharing Tuesday Turn About Summer Recipes! tuesday turn about 1 books with olive branches and white candle with title


You can check out last week’s party here!

We hit another record this week, friends! It’s always exciting to see new blogs joining our party… and some returning bloggers that may have been gone for the summer!

This week, I’m doing something different! All my features will be recipes this week!  Specifically, eggless recipes!

You may be wondering, “Why eggless recipes?”

I’m glad you asked!

As y’all may know, I have three grandchildren (aka G’ma’s jellybeans) (if you follow me on Instagram, I post about them every once in awhile in my stories). Anyways, Jellybean #1 is HIGHLY allergic to eggs.  So, as you can guess, a new eggless recipe always catches my eye and I pass it on to my daughter for her fam.

Be sure to visit each hostess’ blog (links below), as we each feature 3 different posts that linked up last week!  That’s a total of NINE features at TTA!  If your post isn’t featured here, it just may be featured at Thistle Key Lane or First Day of Home!

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Now, let’s grab a cuppa sumpin’ and take a look at some fabulous eggless recipes, that your family might take a liking to, as well!

What exactly does ‘turn about’ mean? Take a look at Tuesday Turn About #1!

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Here’s what we’ve been up to…

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This Week’s Features:

When I saw these blueberry oatmeal breakfast bars from Delightful E Made I thought, “Eggless AND breakfast??? Can’t beat that!”  These are perfect for those with egg allergies, and those who just love blueberries and oatmeal (who doesn’t… and if you haven’t, you need to try it!)tuesday turn about summer recipes blueberry and oatmeal breakfast bars with basket of blueberries

My family loves pasta, and especially light dishes with fresh veggies! With egg allergies, you always have to check pastas for egg content.  Well, Orzo doesn’t have eggs (at least the ones I have looked at… be sure to check the labels for yourself)!  So, this Orzo Pasta Salad is a perfect dish for those with egg allergies! Thanks Mama of Many Blessings!tuesday turn about summer recipes orzo salad with tomatoes and broccoli

You thought this was just going to be about edible recipes, didn’t you? Well, Shauna from Satori Design for Living is indeed sharing some edible recipes, but she is also sharing ALL kinds of lavender recipes we can enjoy (the photos alone are worth clicking over to see!) 😉  Love this sugar scrub, which ALL my sweet jellybeans can benefit from!lavender sugar scrub with twine and craft tools

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As always, so much inspiration… wish we could feature all of them, but Michelle and Crissy ARE featuring 6 more, so be sure to go on over and check out their posts!


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  1. Thank you for hosting! This is what was served the of week 8-19- to 8-23 in my home. On Tuesday is Blueberry Lemon Cake Cheesecake. Wednesday is Blue Velvet Cupcakes. And ending Labor Day Treats week on Friday I am serving my American Flag Krispy Treats. Enjoy!

  2. Having an egg allergy must be tough. Eggs are probably in a lot of foods that I wouldn’t think that contain them. Glad you found some recipes that are eggless to pass along to your daughter.

    1. Yes, the egg and nut allergies are pretty tricky. Though, my daughter has learned to look for quality vegan items. They never have eggs. And Ryker has learned to always ask. Not because he is scared, but he’s just aware. Love that! He has actually saved me (and himself) from giving him eggs… TWICE!

    1. So glad to see you here, Jenn! Blessed to have you! Hope to see you often (each week would be presumptive, right? LOL!) Have a great weekend!

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