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Top Ten Posts of 2020

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Now that 2020 has come to and end, it time for bloggers ‘around the world’ to check their analytics for the year and make some decisions for 2021. One of the fun pieces of analytic info to see is the top ten posts of 2020.

top ten posts of 2020 collage of projects and crafts

What exactly is/are analytics?

That a simple question with an EXTREMELY complicated answer (of which I’m still learning the answers)!

Suffice to say, we get lots of Google analytic info for our blogs, and one of VERY helpful tools is finding out how many visits we get to each post by YOU!

So, let’s take a look at the TOP TEN POSTS OF 2020!

Something I found VERY interesting, and you might be surprised by, too, is MOST of the My Wee Abode Top Ten Posts of 2020 were actually from 2018 and 2019!

Go figure!

Without further adieu, here are the top ten posts for 2020, counting down from ten!

10. Affordable Storage Solutions for Small Bathrooms

This post, that is originally from 2018, is a ‘constant’ at My Wee Abode. Partly due to the fact that I love sharing solutions for apartment and small home living and this definintely ‘fits the bill’, and largely due to the amazing feature I received from House Beautiful in 2018.

If you scroll through the slides on the HB feature, you’ll eventually see this photo.

top ten posts of 2020 pin of affordable storage for small bathrooms with baskets holding towels

House Beautiful continues to update their post, which continues to bring new MWA members to our ‘family’.

No complaints here! 😉

And the small bathroom storage solution post has LOTS of tips and tricks to making the most of your small bathroom.

9. How To Make a Patriotic Wood Bead Garland With Stars

In 2019, My Wee Abode had several summer posts that were great for July 4th, too!

This patriotic wood bead garland with stars was fun and easy to make… really easy! And it definitely has a bit of farmhouse style, too!

wood bead garland in bowl with red candle and grapevine stars

Those grapevine stars were used in 2020, too! They were a nice addition to an understated patriotic vignette that was used in the kitchen.

8. How To Paint Ugly Shower Tile with Amazing Results

Well, this is the ONE post that made the top ten posts of 2020 that was actually posted in 2020!

My ugly shower tile surround had bothered me from the moment I moved into my little loft apartment. And it FINALLY got a makeover this past year!

top ten posts of 2020 before and after pics of shower tile

The painted shower tile if part of my Modern Coastal Bathroom Makeover that is still in progress. I’m hoping to finish the update in the next couple months!

7. Ceiling Fan Makeover Farmhouse Style

Another ‘oldie-but-goodie’… this simple farmhouse ceiling fan makeover has been in the top ten posts for the last 2 years (almost 3 years)!

collage of farmhouse style ceiling fan makeover

My hope is to do a more complete makeover of the fan this year, or maybe even replace it? We’ll see!

6. DIY Velvet Pumpkins Just Like the Pros

One of my fave posts ever is a readers’ fave post, too!

These DIY velvet pumpkins really do look just like the designer pumpkins that cost a small fortune! You know how I know? The owner of one of those designer companies mistook my pumpkins for hers!

Talk about being flattered!

top ten posts of 2020 aqua velvet pumpkin with orange and white velvet pumpkins on wood surface

These pumpkins look great in warm tones, too!

Fun fact… This post was my very first post where I thought, “Wow, those are good photos!” (Confession… I still feel like this post contains some of my best photos ever! 😉 )

5. How to Install a Wireless Ceiling Light

Using the magical ‘formula’ I found on the Sarah Joy Blog, I was able to install a farmhouse wireless ceiling light in the tiny hallway of My Wee Abode.

collage of steps to install wireless ceiling light

It’s understandable why this wireless ceiling light would be a fave in 2020, as you can use this formula for just about any type of hard-wire lighting you would like to use, without the hardwiring!

This is a great solution for any home, but especially a great lighting solution for apartments, dorms, and rental homes!

4. How To Make a Coastal Farmhouse Wood Bead Garland

One of my very first DIYs at My Wee Abode was this Coastal Farmhouse Wood Bead Garland.

It was a favorite 2 1/2 years ago, and it continues to be a favorite in 2020!

top ten posts of 2020 mound of blue beads with wood bead garland and starfish

This wood bead garland is still a ‘staple’ decor in my tiny loft apartment. Have you made one of these yet?

3. How to Cover Ugly Carpet

One of the main challenges in a rental home or apartment can be the carpet.

In My Wee Abode, the carpet is in wonderful condition, but the gold color just didn’t ‘fit’ my aesthetic. This post shares how I covered my ugly carpet, and how you can, too!

apartment living room with furniture and rug

It seems that apartment and small home solutions are popular at My Wee Abode! What do you think?

2. Five Easy Hacks That Add Big Style to Your Apartment

See what I mean? Another apartment solutions post!

This post on five easy decor hacks for an apartment was SUPER popular this year, making a comeback from 2019 to number two on the top ten posts of 2020.

top ten posts of 2020 before and after of apartment living room

It’s really is easy to add your own style to a rental home!

Which is your favorite out of the five hacks? Can you guess which mine is?

1. DIY Cheap Countertops with Contact Paper

And the most popular post of 2020… Da, da, da, daaaah!

Want to update your kitchen countertops for less than $50?

My kitchen countertop makeover can be done in one day, and really is gorgeous AND durable!

DIY countertops with tutorial pics

This post was BY FAR the most visited post this past year and, again, it was a post from 2018, but continues to be in the top ten the last 2 years!

I’ll be sharing a 2-year-update on my countertops very soon!

And that’s the top ten posts of 2020 for My Wee Abode.

My Favorite Post of the TOP TEN POSTS OF 2020

But wait, there’s more!

Would you like to know what my favorite post/project is from 2020?

Well… I loved sharing the bathroom color palettes for the bathroom update…

And I really enjoyed creating the velvet heart garland for Valentine’s Day.

But I think my favorite project of the year was…

DIY Perfectly Painted Bathroom Cabinets in a Day

Y’all… I’m just SO pleased with how lovely my painted bathroom cabinets came out!

The color, the finish, and the durability has been beyond my expectation!

And they came out EXACTLY how I wanted… and that doesn’t happen all the time in the DIY world!

top ten posts of 2020 before and after of bathroom cabinets

So, I hope you enjoyed going down memory lane with me!

Did you see your favorite post in the top ten posts of 2020? Did you see something you haven’t seen before? Let me know in the comments! Your comments make my day, and I answer each one! 😉

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  1. I live the Coastal Farmhouse Woodbead Garland…and your bathroom makeover is so impressive and the outcome is beautiful!!

  2. I love reading top ten posts from blogging friends. All of these are wonderful projects and it is no mystery why they are popular posts. Looking forward to what you share in 2021!

  3. Julie, you really have done some amazing things in your wee abode! You have so much creativity going on!

  4. It’s so fun to see what comes out as the top posts, isn’t it? Congratulations on all the HB referral traffic – that’s awesome! Small home and rental apartment solutions will ALWAYS be popular!

    1. Thanks, Janet… yes, I’ve learned I need to do more on apartment life and solutions. It just takes so much more time!

  5. So many great projects for 2020 Julie! I especially love the bathroom cabinet makeover and the bead projects! Last year I did some beading and now I’m hooked!! Congrats on a great year!!

    1. Thanks, Cindy! Yes, my fave is def the cabinets… and more to come in the bathroom! Hope to get a project done this weekend!

  6. I’m not surprised that your apartment living tips are popular, Julie. Your blog has definitely tapped into a niche market! Congrats on your success in 2020. I was so happy for you when you got into Mediavine. You really inspire me! Here’s to another great year of blogging success!

    1. Thank you, sweet friend! I hope we both have great success this year and point to the One Who deserves all the thanks and glory! 🙂

  7. Love your top posts Julie. Especially the coastal wooden bead garland and the affordable storage solutions for a small bathroom. You had quite a year my friend. Thank you for sharing at Charming Homes and Gardens.

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