Frosty Mint Christmas Decor Guide

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This year, My Wee Abode will be decked out in frosty, flocked mint for the Best Bloggers Holiday Home Tour coming on November 30! What better way to prepare than to share a frosty mint Christmas decor guide?

frosty mint christmas decor guide pine branches with christmas ornaments and gold scissors


In past years, My Wee Abode has shared tips on decorating a small tree, DIY coastal ornaments, and a holiday coffee station, among lots more Christmas posts!

Last year, I actually did a minty and white flocked Christmas tree, but I didn’t end up sharing about it.

BUT, I LOVED last year’s tree so much, it will be “cloned” this year! Plus, there will be all kinds of frosty and minty decor to make my tiny house a winter wonderland!

Did you know, I’ve never shared a Christmas home tour? Well, in preparation for the My Wee Abode Christmas tour on December 2, I’m sharing some Christmas decor inspiration that just may show up in my little loft apartment this season!

Can you tell I’m excited?

My Favorite Affordable Christmas Trees for a Small Home

Each of these trees are affordable and perfect for a small home, apartment, or even a dorm room.

Anything larger than 36″ diameter tends too be to wide at the bottom for a small space, so always check the width of your tree in the description.

You have some flocked and unflocked options here, as well as pre-lit or unlit. If you like the shape of an unflocked tree, but want the snowy look, you can always flock the tree after. It’s not hard at all!

Garlands for a Frosty Mint Christmas Decor Guide

These garlands are all super affordable… some as low as $3.99 at the time of this writing!

Remember, you can use the less expensive garland outside, or even combine it with another garland to give it a fuller look.

And, just like with the Christmas trees, you can always add flocking to these, or even a little more sparkle with some pretty glitter and adhesive spray!

White Silver and Mint Christmas Ornaments

Last year it was a bit easier to find mint colored Christmas ornaments. This year, I had to really go on the search!

So, here’s some lovely white, silver, and mint toned ornaments for this frosty mint Christmas decor guide!

Also, don’t forget, you can always paint clear ornaments or even add embellishments in the color YOU choose, just like I did with my DIY coastal ornaments.

Frosty Mint Christmas Decor Guide – Candle Holders

Candles and candleholders are a must in Christmas decor!

White candleholders are always lovely, but using mercury glass as an accent in a winter wonderland look for Christmas is even better. Here are both options.

And don’t forget the candles! The silver LED ones above are so pretty, but I lean more towards those snowflake ones (*wink, wink*)!

And don’t forget, a touch of black can ‘ground’ your decor, letting your eyes ‘rest’ from all the frostiness!

I hope you enjoyed this frosty mint Christmas decor guide! I’ll be doing some DIYs, as well, that I’m SUPER excited about! And those will be coming BEFORE the tour! Be on the lookout!

Tell me, what are your plans for your Christmas holiday home decor?

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  1. Such pretty choices, Julie! I love the mint and white combo, especially the ornament options. Those mint mercury glass candleholders are gorgeous! Pinning!

  2. Loving the look of the minty, frosty theme Julie! Our living area was narrow before we knocked out a couple of walls so I know what you mean about the need for a small diameter for the bottom of the tree. One year, we had a live tree that took up 1/3rd of the floor space in the living room! We could barely squeeze by it to watch a movieπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Blessing to you my friend!

    1. Yes… always have to think about space in my little place! King of Christmas wanted to give me a 48″ dia tree last year… Uh, sorry!

  3. Ooh, this is all so pretty and tempting, Julie! I love that frosty/minty look and have never thought to do that in my Christmas decor! You have so many pretty choices here. We always do our tree the same way every year (my family has a problem with change, haha!), but that frosty minty look would be gorgeous on our mantel! The addition of black is a great suggestion — nice contrast! I’m going to pin it! πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks for the pin, Pam! Yes, the mint and white just look so lovely against a flocked tree! Our family was the same for many years… the same every year. It wasn’t until I was an older adult that I started doing some colored themes… and then there’s the blogging life! LOL! (I already have next year’s color scheme started! LOL!)

  4. Great selection of Christmas decor. And I totally agree with you – I think black is the best color for grounding a room and think every room should have a touch like an accessory or a piece of furniture in it that’s black. Hope you have a great week Julie B!

    1. I ended up having to go and get more ornaments yesterday… not sure how they were enough last year, but not this year! LOL!

    1. Thanks, Leslie! The tree is up as well as a couple more items. I’ll be having more fun this weekend with the decor!

  5. Frosty mint! Haven’t noticed it before, but it’s a really beautiful collection! My favorite theme is Winter Wonderland, and this really gives me those vibes. It’s great! I hope mint Christmas decor picks up.

  6. I am really loving this Minty color, Julie! I would never have thought to choose mint, but it is so soft and snowing looking mixed with the white and silver! Very classy looking! You got me in the mood to start putting out my Christmas stuff now! Hope you have a very merry Christmas season!


    Tee @ Teediddlydee.com

    1. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas season, too! I’m so glad that HL had the mint last year, and the plan is to use it next year… but a different way!

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