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5 Easy Steps – How to Make Candle Rings

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One of the easiest crafts I made for this Christmas and winter season was a candle wreath… also known as a candle ring. Let’s take a look at 5 easy steps – how to make candle rings.

5 easy steps for how to make candle rings white green candle on pillar holder with silver seeded candle rings


Do you have a special set of candle holders that you love?

I do… several years ago a friend gifted them to me from Pier 1 (thanks, Peg!)… and I love them!

You know, they are one of those decor items that I just can’t find anything in the same category that I like more.

Can you relate?

However, there are definite times that I think, “I wish I could change those up a bit… give ’em a little sumpin’-sumpin’.”

So, I’m thinkin’ YOU might be thinkin’ the same thing!

Well, this Christmas I figured out an easy way to create candle rings in 5 easy steps! Problem solved!

And these aren’t just for Christmas!

Today’s mini candle wreaths are part of my frosty minty winter decor that are effortlessly transitioning from my frosty minty Christmas home.

Because, why fix somethin’ when it ain’t broke. Just tweak it a bit! Makes sense, right?

silver seeded candle ring on pillar holder with white green candle

And why stop at winter wreaths?

These can even be created as summer candle rings…

Can you say spring candle decor?! I sure can! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Well then, let’s get to the 5 easy steps for how to make a candle ring.

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What You Will Need

It doesn’t take very much at all to create these gorgeous seasonal candle rings.

5 easy steps for how to make candle rings supplies for diy

You will need:

And that’s it! So easy, but these floral candle wreaths really pack a punch.

5 Easy Steps – How to Make a Candle Ring

Mini Floral Wreath Base – Step 1

The first step to creating a seasonal candle ring is to form your floral wire base.

Simply take your floral wire and loosely wrap it around your candle. If your wire is thin, wrap it around twice.

wire rings with floral tape and stems

Using your wire cutters, snip the wire at this point, and then wrap your floral tape around it, creating a ring.

Floral tape is a bit ‘sticky’ and easy to tear, so if it tears off, just take your tape and place it where it tore off and start again. It’s super easy to use!

Choose Your Faux Florals and Cut Them Apart – Step 2

Choose your favorite faux florals and greenery. Think:

5 easy steps for how to make candle rings supplies for diy

Cut apart the faux florals, leaving enough ‘stem’ to attach to the wire ring base. Cut apart different lengths to make the mini candle wreath ‘interesting’.

Attach the Faux Florals to the Candle Ring Wire – Step 3

Here’s where the floral tape comes in again. ๐Ÿ™‚

Take one of your ‘stems’ and hold it against the wire ring and wrap floral tape around the end of the stem and ring, attaching them together.

wire rings with floral tape and stems

Then, going in the same direction, take another stem, lay the floral part on the last wrapped stem (to hide the floral taped area), and tape the stem.

This will look strange to begin with, but trust me, as you go around, it will take the form of a wreath.

5 easy steps for how to make candle rings wire with silver stems

Continue wrapping stems around the wire base until the wreath is formed.

Fluff and Adjust the Mini Candle Wreath – Step 4

Turn and bend your faux floral stem on your candle ring.

silver mini candle wreath on white surface

At this point, you can add more stems where necessary.

Display Your Seasonal Candle Rings – Step 5

Okay, this isn’t really a step, but I needed to make it an uneven number because… well, that’s just the way we DIY/decor bloggers work, okay? ๐Ÿ˜‰

5 easy steps for how to make candle rings white green candle on pillar holder with silver seeded candle rings

Have fun using your mini candle wreaths in all sort of ways.

silver seeded candle ring on pillar holder with white green candle

Add it to pillar candle holders you already have…

silver seeded candle ring on pillar holder with white green candle

Want a more dramatic look? Use ‘flimsy’ greenery/florals to create a ‘drape-y’ candle ring.

Think about adding them to taper candlesticks.

5 easy steps for how to make candle rings white green candle on pillar holder with silver seeded candle rings

You can even add them to a 3-wick candle jar to dress-things-up!

What about adding some ribbon and hanging these mini wreaths on your cabinet doors, or in front of a mirror?

So many ways to use these by just adjusting the size of the wire base!

How would YOU use these mini candle wreaths in your home?

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  1. Lovely clear tutorital. AND this is the perfect time of year to pick up wintery “greenery” with the Christmas clearances going on! Happy New Year!

    1. Great tip about the clearance sales, Kathy! Glad the post was clear… that always is a concern for me!

  2. Julie, your candle rings are so pretty! Your instructions are great!

    As we are on total lockdown here in our Province, there are no craft stores open. I’m sure that once all these restrictions ease up and allow the stores to open again, there will be lots of sales on Christmas items. I feel sorry for all these stores that have all their Christmas stock that they weren’t allowed to sell. So sad. Even our Walmart stores could only sell the “essential” items. It’s sure a different world here.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, JULIE! Hope it will be a wonderful year for you! God Bless!

    1. Thank you for the kinds words, Mary-Ann. It’s so sad how many businesses and restaurants are suffering. I’ve heard Canada is even stricter than here in So Cal. Praying the Lord’s mercy on and care of our country! I trust HE is in control!

  3. Man, I haven’t considered candle rings in years…I used to have a whole wardrobe of them! These are SUPER cute on your candlesticks and now I’ve been inspired ๐Ÿ™‚ I have some chunky candlesticks that could use a bit of dressing up!

    1. Thanks, Crissy! Yes… easy enough to make new ones all the time.. I think they’ll be more coming! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Thanks, Shawna… I was trying to find clearance stems today at Michael’s, but I just wasn’t feeling it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I love how these candle rings look! You did a great job of explaining exactly how to make them too. I’m thinking I need some drapey ones for my candles for this spring!

  5. Julie, congratulations, your candle rings were the most clicked on post at the Friday With Friends link party!
    The rings are an easy and pretty way to transition into winter – a topic that is high on people’s list right now.
    Thanks for linking up, and I hope you can join us again this week.

    P.S. How is your mom doing, I’ve been thinking, and praying for her this last week.

  6. These are super cute, Julie! I love how they transition so well for winter decor! Plus we all need a few candles and cozy things around right now. Happy January! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Yes, I agree… always love having candles in the winter. And it’s fun to update with these mini wreaths!

  7. This is a brilliant idea. I use candles to decorate for different seasons too. I’ve done something similar with some old Christmas twine but your tutorial is a much better method. I’ve pinned it for next year, or maybe valentines with some heart gems…

    1. Thanks so much, Bridie! I wanted to make some evergreen ones this year, but the Lord had different plans for me the last couple of months!

  8. Beautiful, gorgeous, pretty and so dainty. Love it
    I visited you via To Grandmaโ€™s House we go! (Wednesday Link Party #374
    I linked up this week with = 38+39. Hope you will join us M-S SeniorSalonPitStop and W-S #WordlessWednesday. You will find both under BLOGGING

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