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How to Decorate Your Cozy Apartment with Fall Faux Florals

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How to Decorate Your Cozy Apartment with Fall Faux Florals. Just like me, you might not have the greenest of thumbs or the time to tend to real plants. Fret not, because I’ve got the perfect solution for you. Trust me; it’s a game-changer!

How to Decorate Your Cozy Apartment with Fall Faux Florals

Welcome My Wee Abode’s Fall home tour, part TWO!

This time, the tour is all about MWA’s living area and balcony… and fall faux foliage! (Say that three times real fast!)

So, hang on to your hats… today’s post is filled with tips, tricks, and LOTS of photos!

2023 Fall Home Tour

Today and throughout this whole week, join me and 27 of my home decorating cohorts for the 2023 Fall Home Tour hosted by my sweet friend Marty at A Stroll Thru Life.

This virtual home tour allows us to open our hearts and homes to y’all in hopes of inspiring you, and maybe even helping you solve some of your decorating dilemmas.

image of white house porch with fall decor

Did y’all get a chance to visit Yvonne’s Tanglewood home via StoneGable? Yvonne’s home is always filled with AMAZING inspiration, and she shares the BEST tips and tricks for decorating your home with your own style! Yvonne and I met at a blogging conference several years ago, and we have been ‘sisters’ ever since… both in the Lord in our hearts!

Fall Home Tour Part 1

Last week was all about the Bloggers’ Best Fall Home Tour! If you missed it, you can peruse My Wee Abode’s Entryway and Kitchen!

However, I wasn’t real thrilled with way my entryway…

So, here is a quick revisit of the entry to My Wee Abode that includes a couple tweaks.

The entryway coat hanger now holds my straw tote displaying some faux eucalyptus stems in autumnal hues, as well as some neutral-tone thistles and pampas grass.

how to decorate your cozy apartment with fall faux florals in tiny entryway with lantern bench and coat hanger with tote and mirror on wall

My favorite sage windbreaker is always on the coat rack, ready to grab as I face the crisp breeze of a fall day in So Cal (or even as I work in the cool temps of our clubhouse).

And, the pantry wall decor REALLY wasn’t my favorite…

When I went to Hobby Lobby to find some faux foliage for autumn, I decided I would try to save some money and create my own cabinet door decor, instead of using the pretty neutral fall wreaths that I really wanted. (Be sure to take a look at the before pictures.)

The more I looked at what I had done, the more I realized it wasn’t ‘me’. So, I went back and bought what I originally wanted:

how to decorate your cozy apartment with fall faux florals pantry cabinet doors with hanging wreaths

The subtle fall colors and autumnal style are perfect for dressing-up the wall pantry.

fall wreath with green ribbon on cabinet door
One reader asked if the landlord would let me paint the cabinets. Already asked, and declined. I’m looking into other options, though!

Money-Saving tip: Go with Your Gut

When you find a decor item you genuinely love and it’s available at a discounted price, it’s may be prudent to invest in it. Opting for a less preferred alternative in an attempt to save money could potentially lead to higher expenses down the line when you eventually decide to purchase the original item.

Decorating for Fall – Apartment Living “Room”

Now, let’s get to the real nuts-and-bolts of THIS tour, shall we?

This year, fall in our tiny home consists of lots of lifelike foliage, flowers, and even some natural elements, along with deep rusts and ambers, honey-toned hues, and a touch of rich greens.

how to decorate your cozy apartment with fall faux florals living area with fall decor

On this tour, you’ll also be privy to some never-before-seen views of My Wee Abode, as well as a new DIY added to the living area!

This post may contain affiliate links, at no additional cost to you. For more information, see my complete disclosure HERE.

Small Coffee Table Decor -Using Lifelike Blooms and Natural Elements

As you step into the living “room”, one of the first things that catches your eye is the the sweet little mirrored coffee table decor.

small round coffee table with fall decor in living area

Last month, via the Pinterest Challenge, you may have seen similar coffee table fall decor However, for this tour, I decided to change it up a bit, and I love it even more!

how to decorate your cozy apartment with fall faux florals small round coffee table with fall decor in living area

The faux bittersweet berry branches and the deep green vase remained, but the original candle was switched-out for this cute little frosted orange votive holder with a gold leaf charm. AND, the green velvet adds a bit of warm luxury to this fall vignette, don’t you think?

The jar is filled with faux acorns as well as some real mini pine cones. And everything is corralled on a pretty galvanized tray that is a staple item at MWA!


How do you know you have a good faux stem or branch?
Step back three feet… if you can’t tell whether it’s real or not,
you’ve got a good ‘fake’! πŸ˜‰

bittersweet branches in jar

You know what’s great about these dried gourds? They’re the real deal, but you don’t have to fuss over them like you would with living decor elements. They’re practically like fauxs in that regard! Aren’t they just so cute?

These were exchanged for the red leaf tray that was in the OG.

how to decorate your cozy apartment with fall faux florals dried gourds and orange candle holder on green velvet

Simple Fall Faux Florals on Living Room Surfaces

The IKEA cabinet is an apartment must-have. It does double-duty, storing plenty of DIY supplies behind those woven doors, and also makes for another surface to add fall decor.

 living area with fall decor sofa cabinet and coffee table

A new honey and white throw blanket that caught my eye at Hobby Lobby makes an appearance on the sofa!

Placing a heartfelt lettered sign at the top of the cabinet with a little lamp has been my “go-to decorative element” for achieving that a touch of coziness during the fall season. It’s the small things that make all the difference, don’t you think?

These burnt ivory and rust faux hydrangeas…

…have been used at my tiny apartment for the last three years! They can be arranged in just about any type of vessel, and you can even add additional stems and and natural elements, if you so desire!

how to decorate your cozy apartment with fall faux florals in a wooden bowl and wood chain


If you invest in quality faux stems, you can use them over and over through the years, creating a new ‘look’ each time!

living area with fall decor sofa cabinet and coffee table

The narrow side table between the sofa and Mom’s recliner gets a declutter for each photo shoot. It normally holds all of Mom’s activity books, Bible, devotionals, clock, etc.

But because this post is all about inspiring y’all, the table is cleared and some simple fall elements are added.

how to decorate your cozy apartment with fall faux florals pumpkin putkas in basket on table
Natural pumpkin putkas are added to an upcycled thrifted basket sitting on top of a faux maple leaf pick.
Aren’t those mini ‘pumpkins’ adorable?

The woven pumpkin I purchased last year sits atop a stack of books in autumnal hues of green, orange, and burgundy. The combination of the basket and pumpkin, with their natural textures, adds an inviting touch of warmth and interest to this year’s seasonal end table decor.

woven pumpkin sitting on top of a stack of books on table

Since last Christmas, I’ve started adding garland to the large lettered artwork above the sofa. This artwork never changes, as it shares one of my favorite Bible verses (and songs) with everyone visiting our home. And it reminds ME each day that the Lord is faithful, all the time!

how to decorate your cozy apartment with fall faux florals lettered sign with berry garland surround

And, I love my “Great is Thy Faithfulness” sign! I sang this song to my children each night before bed as they grew up.

How to Add Autumnal Faux Florals – Media Area

The console and TV fall decor make my heart especially happy this year… for two reasons.

First, the colors and simplicity just seem ‘right’ to me.

tv and console decorated for fall

See that lovely woven runner? It’s a new addition to this year’s decor. It brings a ton of texture to the space. It’s paired with the floor vase holding those beautiful neutral-toned maple leaf and blue pod branches from last year’s fall shopping trip. When you throw in the amber demi-john and those faux pumpkins, it’s like creating one big, cozy vignette in this area!

how to decorate your cozy apartment with fall faux florals tv and console decorated for fall


Faux branches are a great statement piece. Use them in a standing floor vase, or you can get creative with a large glass vase or urn for a stunning dining room centerpiece. They also look fantastic on a spacious kitchen island.

To the right of the console, rustic wooden pillar candle holders are topped with DIY candle rings and plaster ‘pine cones’.

wooden candle holder with gold and brown candle rings and white plaster pine cone

Adding another little dried spinner gourd to the base of the candle holders follows the “rule of three” for creating a fall vignette. Odd numbers in decorating are pleasing to the eye!

how to decorate your cozy apartment with fall faux florals dried gourd on woven mat
These cute little spinner gourds will be used over and over again for years to come!

The second reason I’m lovin’ my media area is…

This new DIY!

The wireless sconces have been added to each side of the television, and are a GREAT answer for any apartment or rental home! Heck, they are perfect for any type of home when you don’t have hardwire for lighting, or don’t have the desire to add it!

tv and console decorated for fall

The DIY tutorial is coming this Saturday (Lord-willing), and I’ll give you all the deets then. But for now, suffice to say, I’m in love! (And these are MUCH better than the wireless ceiling light I did in the loft apartment.)

how to decorate your cozy apartment with fall faux florals tv and console decorated for fall

The Dining Area – How to Decorate Your Cozy Apartment with Fall Faux Florals

My Wee Abode’s dining area includes a dining table that folds down on both sides and can be pushed up against the wall, creating more seating area when needed.

dining room table with fall centerpiece and chairs
The table does double duty with three drawers on either side,
creating great storage for work supplies and more!

The fall centerpiece on the dining room table makes my heart jump with joy… seriously.

I’m so thankful for a Creator that made us in His image. Thus, we can create and appreciate the beauty of decor and natural elements that He has given us! Just a teensy glimpse of Heaven.

how to decorate your cozy apartment with fall faux florals fall centerpiece with large gourd on white table

Y’all… I took WAYYYY too many photos of this large gourd! I’ve been wanting one of these for several years, and finally purchased one!

Draping gold and rust velvet across the table on a diagonal, I then added rust colored votives and nestled the jumbo dried gourd in a ‘wreath’ of faux bittersweet branches. Those bittersweet sprigs sure came in handy this year!

fall centerpiece with large gourd on white table

I won’t bore you with all the photos I took of the centerpiece…

Okay, maybe just one more!

how to decorate your cozy apartment with fall faux florals fall centerpiece with large gourd on white table
Do you think it looks like a huge fall pear? Yep, I do, too!


This is a different type of faux tip. Wanna “fake” a luxurious table runner?
Drape leftover velvet fabric across the table,
making sure to hide the unfinished edges.
For added interest, use two complimenting colors!
Oh, and you can use extra green velvet on a coffee table tray, too! πŸ˜‰

A ‘new view’…

Have you seen this view of the dining area before?

dining room table with fall centerpiece and chairs
The door on the left leads to my bedroom and en suite.

The large mirror is one of my prized possessions that I purchased at an estate sale before I moved into the original My Wee Abode. It does triple duty! It’s a decorating item, mirror, AND it covers the HUGE electrical box on that wall! LOL!

By the way, here’s a great tutorial on how you can label a home electrical panel!

The large berry wreath was an investment piece this fall season. When I saw it on Amazon, I fell in love!

how to decorate your cozy apartment with fall faux florals mirror with fall wreath
Normally, this wreath is hung on the outside of the front door. But, due to technical difficulties, my sister and I figured out another place to share it! It’s a little big, but it did the trick!

Usually I would try to DIY a wreath, like my 15-minute fall hydrangea wreath… but I couldn’t have made this for less than what I paid. It actually would have cost A LOT more to DIY!


Always consider the cost of a DIY project.
It might be more economical to just bite-the-bullet and purchase item already made!
Especially if you love it!

The photo-trio to the right of the wreath were super affordable at Hobby Lobby. To me, they are warm and cozy and simply shout fall.

paintings of pumpkins and apples on wall

And last, but not least in the living area, take a peek at the buffet cart and you’ll find a sweet little vignette.

buffet cart with fall vignette at the end

You can add natural touches to your home with pheasant feathers and cedar rose pine cones. Oh, and don’t forget to DIY a cozy velvet mushroom; it’s there, adding its own special touch!

how to decorate your cozy apartment with fall faux florals vase with pheasant feather velvet mushroom and bowl of cedar rose pine cones

Okay… let’s mosey on outside for a quick peek at how faux florals and foliage are being used on the balcony!

How to Decorate Your Cozy Apartment Balcony with Fall Faux Florals

Because the balcony here at My Wee Abode gets almost NO sun, I’m learning that growing most flowering plants is near impossible.

how to decorate your cozy apartment with fall faux florals balcony with fall plants and furniture
The Coleus in the corner had gotten huge, and then was attacked by pests!
It is now coming back from having a complete pruning!

So, this fall season, I’m trying out some faux seeded plants!

balcony rails with window boxes and faux florals

Several guests have seen the window box ‘plants’, and were surprised that they aren’t real!

how to decorate your cozy apartment with fall faux florals in window box

It’s easy to create these little potted plants:

  • Place a piece of floral foam at the bottom of a terra cotta pot.
  • Arrange branches of faux berry (seed) branches in the foam until full (I used three branches in each pot).
  • Cover the top of the pot with Spanish moss.

It’s as easy as that!

fall faux florals in window box

If you run out of fall branches, like I did, simply create another faux arrangement using different faux stems in your stash!

how to decorate your cozy apartment with fall faux florals in window box

Did you spot the daisy-like mum at the other end of the patio???

balcony with fall plants and furniture

Did you know there were mums that looked like daisies? This was new to me!

And, yes, these are real! I consider mum plants a long-lasting cut flower. If I keep this watered well, it should bloom for at least a couple months!

how to decorate your cozy apartment with fall faux florals daisy mum in pot

And don’t forget, faux boxwood plants are still a thing! Add one of these affordable IKEA plants to a mini olive bucket and you’ve got yourself fall decor perfect for an outdoor table!

boxwood in galvanized pot on mini stool

And don’t forget the faux pumpkins! You can never go wrong with these! Create some DIY velvet pumpkins, decoupage pumpkins, or buy a couple affordable ones you love at your local craft store!

One more thing, if you’ve got a bit of space on your balcony and the fall air is feeling all fresh and crisp, why not throw in a little healthy fun and give these quad exercises with dumbbells a shot?

how to decorate your cozy apartment with fall faux florals pumpkins in metal bucket

I hope you’ve learned some tips and tricks on how to decorate your apartment with fall faux florals! And remember, these ideas are great for any type of home, whether you own, have a rental home, or even a dorm!

how to decorate your cozy apartment with fall faux florals collage pin

Now, since this is a virtual home TOUR, be sure to hop on over to Thrifty and Chic! Alicia is sharing some subtle fall decor in her front living room that will inspire you!

And be sure to catch-up on Monday and Tuesday’s tours, as well as come back tomorrow and Friday to catch all the inspiring homes! There’s sure to be at least one home that will fit your style! The links are all listed below the shopping guide!

all the freebies!


Get instant access to the My Wee Abode FREE Printables Library!

Happy fall, y’all!

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  1. Everything looks so pretty. You have truly turned your apartment into a beautiful home filled with tons of inspiration and warmth. I love all your beautiful flower arrangements. Creating these beauties is a special talent. Thanks so much for joining the tour again this season, your home is always a favorite.

  2. Oh, I love those wreaths on your cabinets, Julie they look so pretty! By the way, if you don’t like them as they are, how about peel and stick wallpaper or something like that, I know you used that before in your last place and it was gorgeous! Your new home is looking so lovely, I love all of your faux floral vignettes and centerpieces and you’ve decorated your balcony so prettily too! Happy fall friend!

    1. Thanks, Jayne, for all the kind words. I’ve tried using the peel and stick vinyl in a hidden area, and it didn’t remove too well. HOWEVER, I’m going to try it again, considering the finish is not all that great anyways! πŸ˜‰

  3. Julie, I always love sneaking a peek into your beautiful home and being inspired by how you make the most of the space you have. The fall touches you’ve added are perfect for the season.

    So happy to be touring with you this week! Pinned!

  4. So gorgeous, Julie! I love the idea of using faux this time of year. The fall season basically lasts from now until Thanksgiving so it just makes sense. I love all your ideas. Thanks for the beautiful tour!

  5. Oh goodness Julie, I love all the beautiful Fall touches! They’re not too busy for your small space, but add just the right amount of interest and pops of color! The gourds, bittersweet, pops of yellow, and the new sconces all look beautiful! Happy Fall to you friend, great is his faithfulness!

    1. Thank you so much, Cindy! I was a bit anxious that I might have too much, but I’m glad you think it’s ‘just right’… that helps ease my concern. πŸ˜‰ Happy fall! He is good, all the time!

  6. Oh Julie – everything thing is so, so pretty! You have done such a wonderful job of making your wee abode cozy for the fall. That wreath is to die for – gorgeous! I hope you are very proud of your sweet home. I just love it. BTW – love the reminder above your couch. Great Is Thy Faithfulness is my favorite hymn. Pinned!

    1. I cry often when I sing that hymn. Also, “The Steadfast Love of the Lord”, is one of my faves, as well. I used to sing it each night to the kids before leaving their room after saying goodnight. Thank you for the encouraging words, Suzy… it means a lot! Can’t wait for December!

  7. Julie, you did a fabulous job using faux florals throughout your living areas. I have to say your beautiful fall patio was my favorite. It’s so welcoming and full of fall color. What a wonderful place to spend time outdoors this lovely time of year. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Oh, so glad you liked the balcony, Carol! I was not impressed with my table decor, so that will get an update. πŸ™‚

  8. Julie, everything looks so beautiful! I want to steal that gourd on your table. It’s so stunning with the velvet around it. The console also looks awesome! You’ve done an amazing job decorating all of your spaces. Pinned!

  9. Yep, that green velvet adds a lot and makes your golds and reds really pop! And I love the new runner on the console. That really warms it up in there. Your home looks fabulous this year (always does) and I love all the faux stems. I think my fave accessory is the spinner gourds. Oh my gourd, they’re so cute! Cheers to autumn!

    1. Thanks, Cindy… I’m lovin’ the gourds, too! And the velvet was a fun idea that popped into my head. God is good! Even in the silly decorating small things! πŸ˜‰

  10. I HAD to smile every time you used the term “faux branches.” As we are suffering up to 50 mph gusts from post-Tropical storm Lee here in Maine, I expect to be able to go outside and get ALL of the REAL branches I need! Not looking forward to THAT yardwork! I love how you used your velvet; I finally found some to make pumpkins with–a nice rosy mauve. Gotta get on the ball! Really enjoyed this post!

    1. I WISH we had live branches that would work inside here in So Cal. I’m thankful we have maintenance here at the complex so I don’t have to worry about that! I’m so glad you got some velvet! Send me pictures when you finish! So glad you enjoyed the tour, too, Kathy!

  11. Hi Julie, being technologically challenged, I still don’t know how to post pictures. Need more lessons from my IT son! I don’t currently even have a cell phone so I am stuck in the dark ages!!!

  12. Julie your home looks amaZing! You have done a wonderful job. I don’t blame you for coveting that gorgeous gourd 🀩 and thanks for the link. πŸ˜‰ The faux florals on then patio looks fantastic. Too many details to name everything here but it was a pleasure to read your post. Happy fall friend. XO- MaryJo

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